Jul. 2nd, 2006

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*blows off dust* Hopefully, there will be time and interest enough to keep up with this stuff, now that I actually can call my soul my own again. So: word of the day is "anemic". Anna. Not too much to object to, other than death and mild cursing.

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Not much to say here. I've got copy accounts set up in Evansville and Jasper, and I'm probably going to need one here before long. It's been great to see everyone again; it doesn't seem like two years since I last did mortgage title. I've got proofs in for my business cards, and the title and payment book for the car came. We were initially somewhat worried because the payment book had my mother's name on it to the exclusion of mine, although my name is on the title. Turns out that the bank's policy is that all loans must be matched to an account number, and since Mom banks there and I don't, she was the natural choice. So we're good.

Jean told me that BHKM is looking to hire someone to fill Jennifer's place, since she's leaving on the 14th. (It sounds so weird to talk to you all about people I know in real life; not that some of y'all aren't also people I know in real life, but I keep forgetting that only [livejournal.com profile] anjala and I are in the same profession, and even then, Anj works up north in Indy, so our intrigues down here aren't things she hears about.) I'm sorely tempted, especially because I know I stand a good chance, and I'd be really glad just to have some visible means of income during the winter months, but I'm not hard up yet.

Oh, and I also returned my library books and reinstated my Y membership and went grocery shopping because now that I can cook decently and exercise, I should. And I've been banging away on site-building and RPG-building and a bunch of other stuff. It's a good weekend.

Not much else to report. Tomorrow, I've got to call around about getting another fax line and about getting my E&O. I got my credit card statement for the Best Buy card, and since the dishwasher is paid off I've got $300 worth of credit on it, which should be more than enough to pick up a new fax machine. We'll see.

Also, the Fourth is coming! *squeebounce*


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