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May. 17th, 2006 12:55 am
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First, a public service announcement: If you're here from [livejournal.com profile] galhea's journal, everything here sucks and no one may read it because it causes retinal melting. Also your liver will eject itself from your ass. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

The word of the day was "trees". Anna, het, not much to object to.

They stumped along together in the park: a tall man and a young, limping woman, dragging her right foot as he slowed his strides to allow her to keep up. There was a resemblance of sorts between them; one of the comrades had joked, not so long ago, that if they were going to produce children, their offspring would have coal-black hair, myopia, and be a new race of god-socialists.

Then, they had laughed; now, he spoke quietly and her responses were so loud that passers-by turned and stared at her. Her hands gestured, and when he looked at the stubs of half-fingers on her right hand, he felt a pang: this was something he could not share with her, something she must bear alone. Nonetheless, he offered to type for her, saying in his quiet way that he supposed she had other things to worry about, and he'd be glad of the diversion in the evenings. He couldn't bring himself to shame her.

Under the canopy of black trees in the bleak midwinter, Anna leaned against one of the older trunks, scratching her back idly; Lev wanted to offer to do it for her, but forbore, picking up the loose thread of conversation again. She closed her eyes and lost herself in his voice, thinking how glad she was that they were friends.

When he heard that Anna was engaged to someone else, Lev thought his heart would burst. He tried to keep his distance; the more he sought to elude her, pretending that it was out of respect for her fiancé, the more she sought him out. One evening, she surprised him by coming up to his apartment, her small white hands shaking like a pair of frightened doves, and promptly bursting into tears the moment she sat down on the couch.

That winter, Inna Koltova died; knowing that they had been close, Lev came by to check on her and Inna's daughters, and received only a cryptic note. Andrei and I are over. Can't talk now. Will tell you all when I see you.

She left his side only to deliver a eulogy, and when she returned, he murmured, "Are you still mine?"

"I've always been yours," Anna said, and once more, he thought his heart would burst.

Next up: more [livejournal.com profile] daily15 stuffs. Poss. also more Trojan War fic, depending on if I get it done.
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