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This morning, I rolled out of bed, went to go get my every-other-weekly pedicure (because my feet get nasty without much provocation and I'd rather pay someone for them than do it myself), and found that it was much colder in the house than outside. My toenails are relatively subtle this time, if one can consider fluorescent pink to ever be subtle. (We're moving into sandal weather, so I have to look normal for a while. I don't favor shy and muted colors.)

Then I went to go get my ears pierced. (This is going to be the last hole in my lobes; I'm going to gradually move on to other stuff after this.) This is my third lobe piercing (for both ears), so I know the drill by now; the pain wasn't as bad as when they try to draw blood at the doctor's office, but now we've moved on to the HOLY SHIT MY EARS ARE ITCHY AND THERE ISN'T ANYTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT stage.

And THEN I went to the library downtown, where they were having a small book sale, and since I cannot help myself if I see books, I immediately relieved them of a stack from the history and biography sections and they relieved me of $13. I got A Delusion of Satan (about the Salem Witch Trials), which I'd only been wanting forever, and Chrysanthemums and Thorns (which I seem to recall [livejournal.com profile] duokinneas read a while back but that was about 5 years ago so I don't even know). I got other stuff, but that's what springs immediately to mind.

Anticlimactically, I then came home and made dinner. We had smoked turkey sausage on the grill pan (I'd wanted to grill outside, but the sky kept making noises like it was going to rain), cheesy biscuits, and coleslaw. The coleslaw was a little on the Cajun side, so I halved the cayenne pepper to avoid cruelty to lolmom, whose delicate system cannot tolerate the spicy food.

Lolmom has finally had the porch roof fixed, after lo these many years; one of the parishioners at her church is in construction and does roofing, and they're friendly, so when he hit a slow patch, they came over earlier this week to fix the roof. No more need we worry about it caving in and killing the next person who steps foot on the roof! Lolmom is very excited about this, as it means that once the porch is hosed off, she can go outside and enjoy the weather. She's especially looking forward to this on Mother's Day (for the British and Australians on the flist, our Mother's Day is in May), when X-chan will come up again to help her clean out the garage and we'll have tea for dinner. (I told lolmom I could either spend the day in the garage or the kitchen and to pick what she wanted. She chose the kitchen. I have no idea what the tea menu is going to be, aside from turkey and avocado sandwiches.)

I am looking at the beginnings of a draft and I have given one of the main characters a tail and I do not for the life of me remember why this is. I assume it will be important at some point.

Also: [livejournal.com profile] arisha, I owe you a response to your lengthy comment on Troy, Achilles' character arc, &c. Will get to that but probably not tonight; still have things to do that aren't done. (Go me.)


Feb. 11th, 2012 09:22 pm
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On the bright side, while I am freaking the fuck out about ye olde labwork (still not in) -

1.) I would like to call your attention to the magnificent silver vehicle parked in my driveway. As of last week, I own it free and clear. No more car payments for another 5-10 years, I hope!

2.) Speaking of that self-same magnificent vehicle, I took it to get an oil change and the brakes checked this morning. (It's been a couple of years since the brakes were looked at, but brake failure isn't something I want to play around with.) The mechanic came out while I was waiting and said to me, "Miss H*****, that is a fine vehicle!"

Since these words are not usually used to describe nondescript Toyota sedans, I wasn't sure if he was being sarcastic, and he went on to say, "No, seriously, it's fine. The brakes are working fine, the filters are fine [they should be, they're not six months old], the battery is fine [it should be, it's not two years old], everything is in really good shape, but we just found a little corrosion around the battery terminals..." I figured an extra $35 that might prolong the life of my battery was a small price to pay, so end result: I walked out having dropped about $75 instead of the $460 I had anticipated paying for new pads and rotors. Either someone up there likes me or someone up there has a black sense of humor that I haven't found out about yet.

3.) I went to G.D. Ritzy's with Lauren this evening, largely a spur of the moment thing. I hadn't previously been, and while it was greasy and delicious, I don't think it's going to be somewhere I frequent on a regular basis - way too much fat and carbs! (Speaking of, I get back on the wagon tomorrow, because I would like to knock another 20 pounds off my frame.)

4.) I have knocked out 4 hours and 29 files in the office today, so have done all the overtime I am required to do this weekend and am at leisure to decide whether I want to get up at ass o'clock in the morning tomorrow and put in some more hours. (Since up to 12 hours are approved, I was really tempted, but I still have to do laundry, pack a lunch, generally get ready for my week, and do some other things.)
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I just haven't had a lot to report lately, to be honest, though I've been cooking most of this week (I did a rainbow vegetable stir-fry on Tuesday, and tonight I made turkey kielbasa with sweet cooked purple cabbage. Tomorrow, we dine on chicken enchiladas. (For those of you who might be interested, there's a food blog, though I'll continue to talk about things I cook here.)

Finally finished The Great Sea by David Abulafia. I will almost always buy history sight unseen, on the grounds that it's history and therefore must be good, but this was really interesting; it's a history of the Mediterranean and the cultural, politial, and economic interactions that took place around it. The ancient world stuff wasn't unfamiliar to me, though I admit Magna Graecia hasn't been my study, but a lot of the later chapters were eye-opening - I knew Russia really, really wanted a warm-water port (sometimes with disastrous results), but I didn't know there had been shenanigans as far south as the Mediterranean. Anyway, I'm glad I bought it and plan to mine the bibliography indefinitely.

Also, somebody stop me before I obsess again. The good news is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of source material in English.

Somehow, I managed to churn out a bit of story before I fell asleep last night. This is on The Project I Don't Like, Why Am I Writing It, but I figure if I plow ahead I could turn it into a project I like better.

And, you know, that's really it, other than the we've-stopped-the-overtime-for-now thing. (I'm not holding my breath, though!)
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So at least I've had one good year, even if it all goes pear-shaped in 2012. (I don't know why we use "pear-shaped" to refer to things getting fucked up, anyway. I love pears.)

Notable events of 2011 )

Now, on to Xtremely Srs Bsns that should be taken Vry Srsly: [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity, your package came today! Thank you ♥ I hope we can hang out more on e-mail and LJ and the like too. It's been a long time since we've talked properly! Also did you make the chocolates yourself?

Life proceeds apace. Lolmom took some wing chairs of my grandmother's up to my aunt Paula in Lafayette (these wing chairs had been sitting around the house for a couple of weeks). There is some familial drama but I don't want to talk about that in a public post.

Those of you who have me friended at Dreamwidth will be seeing a lot of things twice from now on, I'm afraid.

And that's all, folks!
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To whom it may concern: I am wearing a pair of jeans I dug out of my closet this morning. I hadn't worn them in years because I couldn't fit into them. I kind of like this because it means I might possibly not have to buy new pants :D

Life in general )

And that's all, folks!
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TEETH update: Behind a cut because I realize this shit is getting kind of tedious and you've heard a lot of it before )

X-chan is here! She came up yesterday and we went out to Iwataya for dinner last night, where I had the sushi and sashimi platter. Omg raw fish so goooooooood. :9 (Lolmom does not care for raw fish, which I love, and I don't like to go to decent restaurants by myself. IHOP or Denny's is one thing, as are lunch spots and fast food, but if it's the kind of place where I'm actually going for the food, I like to have someone with me. I'm just odd that way.)


[livejournal.com profile] duokinneas, I heard there might be pr0n this weekend!
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Did you get stuff done at work, l33? Yes. Actually it was a very slow day on the updates folder, so much so that I kept having intermittent concerns that Outlook wasn't working.

Whiny missive from my father: No. I am amazed, because I thought surely he would send one (for the new additions to the flist who might need to be told this: my father and I are estranged and I will never love him again or allow him back into my life after the way he's treated me. He doesn't understand that this is final and not negotiable and keeps sending me whiny missives on my birthday and at Christmas).

New sandals: No, but they did ship! :D As of today, they are somewhere in Mississippi.

State Farm acting the fool up in here: No. They finally cashed my insurance check, so I can stop worrying about whether lolmom ditzed out and thought she dropped it off but didn't actually.

More lemon pavlova: There was. Then I ate it and now it's gone. :9

What kind of produce we got, l33? A cabbage. (Mmm, delicious coleslaw!) Some beets (slated to be turned into salad). MORE GODDAMN KALE (seriously, I like kale, but we already have like three or four bunches). Some tiny green onions, a cucumber, and some garlic. A bunch of Swiss chard.

Teeth update: The oral surgeon wants to do a Panorex. Fine. I am slated to go in at 7:30 on Friday morning and take care of this. They want me to pay $92, which is what I would pay if I were uninsured; while this is not chump change, I can handle it and am told my insurance carrier will reimburse me. However, if they expect me to plunk down $2000-$3000 when I have it done, I'm firing this oral surgeon. I will gladly pay the 20% for which I am responsible under my plan. I will NOT gladly pay the entire amount, in part because I really don't have $2K for this stupid shit. ($2K for serious business like moving back to Bloomington is another matter.) In part, also, the entire reason I have insurance is because a sudden payment of $2-$3K would be financially ruinous for me, as it is for a lot of people, and that. Is. The. PURPOSE. Of. Having. Insurance. ARGH.

And that's it, I gots e-mail to answer. Probably won't get to LJ comments right now.
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(The subject line was a favorite tag of my grandfather's.)

Today, I am old. Or older. Whichever. The weekend was nothing special; lolmom bought me shoes and clothes, as she promised to do, and I was injudicious at Sephora and bought myself a pair of sandals off Amazon (because the brand's official website, of course, had already moved on). Yesterday we had salade niçoise for dinner, which was not my birthday dinner but was still pretty good, and lemon pavlova for dessert, which was my birthday dessert and was reeeeeeeeeeeeally good. Damn, I love lemon.

Today, I accomplished exciting and amazing things such as shaving my legs (a godsend, since I went swimming after work and somehow managed to kill most of an hour doing laps, even though I didn't do that many and kind of pussed out), not eating crap for breakfast, and...dun dun DUN DUN...calling the oral surgeon for an appointment, during the course of which I learned the following things:

+ Most people have their wisdom teeth out in their teens or twenties. (Well, mine didn't start erupting until I was already out of my teens, and it was not medically necessary to remove them until they started decaying a year and change ago. See, there's this novel little concept where if things don't bother you and aren't going to go on to bigger and better trouble, you leave them alone.)
+ They usually offer IV sedation. (Over my cold dead body is anyone going to put me under for something as badger-sputumly inconsequential as yanking a couple of teeth, with apologies to the late great Douglas Adams. They're not impacted--both erupted fully. I don't have epilepsy, convulsions, or other problems that would render me unable to control my limbs. I said, nicely, that I didn't feel comfortable allowing them to anaesthetize me just for a couple of extractions, and also that in any case my insurance won't pay for it, which is true. I HAVE PROOF, in the form of the explanation of benefits I printed off the HR website.)
+ They'll need to see my X-rays. They may need to take a Panorex. My dentist and I were going to do this in December, since it would be easier to get the insurance to cough up for that. Y so complicated insurance. (Also y u no let me print card.)
+ I am Not Enthused. The temptation to call lolmom and beg her to come to the appointment with me is overwhelming, but so far I have resisted.
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1.) Laundry.
2.) Made a squash-bacon-and-mozzarella quiche for dinner. It is quite tasty. :9 (Actually, I just made the filling; lolmom offered to make the crust, so I took her up on it.) We are curing salmon in the basement right now, and there is leftover potato salad that I made the other night, and we actually have menu plans. WIN.
3.) Watched King Arthur. Again. I think I prefer T.H. White's quasi-medieval treatment to the gritty Romano-British version, but, hey, Clive Owen. Also Romans.
4.) Cranked out a page each on two fics I'm writing (hopefully to arise for [livejournal.com profile] arisha's pleasure in the near future). Finally figured out how to rearrange the second of these fics so it doesn't suck as much. :D
5.) Caught up on LJ comments.

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Things That Have Happened Since Last I Wrote:

+ Lolmom's claim has been turned over to the Total Loss Center. Very not-good. We have yet to hear back from them; I assume they are going to call us as it seems to be a dick move not to do so.
+ Remember when I said our first CSA pickup was on Saturday? I lied! It was actually tonight! :D Lolmom and I had been going to hash out who was picking up what when, but we forgot so I went out tonight. We have a bunch of lettuce, a bunch of kale, a head of pacchoi, some shallots, some green onions, and some dried hot peppers left over from last year (which sounds delightful to me and abhorrent to lolmom). There is also a pick-your-own herb garden on the farm, so I need to remember to bring some shears or a knife next time so that we may have delicious herbs. I think the pacchoi is destined to be turned into chicken chow mein (it is related to bok choi, so would probably work) and the kale will probably become our perennial favorite, balsamic kale salad with strawberries and hard-boiled eggs. We have good strawberries and farm-fresh eggs, too! Shallots will keep a while, and so will the peppers since they're dried. I have no idea what to do with the green onions. Salad, maybe. (I'm also not sure about the lettuce; it is fresh and tasty but I like salad to be more composed and less "here's some vegetables we need to use up".)
+ Also, I think we're going to have a delicious spinach salad with apples and oranges and red onion because that just sounds good to me. Actually, I should probably be making it now, but what the hell.
+ J sent me two boxes (large boxes, mind you) of chocolate orange slices, possibly because he is crazy. There is something to be said for having an ex who is still your really good friend and still inexplicably feels something for you. :D (Also: chocolate orange slices.)
+ I ran into Raina (one of my former supervisors) at the store when I swung by to pick up spinach and other things, and she noticed that I'd lost weight. (I actually gained 5 pounds back as of Sunday, and so I'm now in OH NO WE'RE NOT DOING THIS AGAIN, BODY mode. The chocolate orange slices aren't helping, but I've done okay in terms of avoiding other crap.)
+ Next up: some EXCITING pictures of our shower fixtures! (Lolmom wants new fixtures for the upstairs shower, so she was all "lol i n33d u 2 take pix ov this & print out plz". She didn't say anything about uploading to the Internet, so that's what she gets.)
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Good things!

+ Lolmom is much more chipper than she was earlier this week, so hurrah. I know she kind of has to cycle through the beating-herself-up-about-all-this deal, but it is unpleasant to watch people do that and be unable to help in any concrete way, so I'm glad she's reached the point where she's like, "lol k, cans not undu. wat i du nau?".

+ So the space-time continuum doubled up on itself, and apparently there's an alternate universe somewhere where April 2011 was a really AWESOME, HIGH-VOLUME month and alternate universe l33 was pretty busy. Unfortunately for alternate universe l33, her incentive pay wound up on my paycheck. (...okay, the truth is that we all got an adjustment for volume because that wasn't our fault, but the alternate-universe thing is more entertaining than the truth.)

+ YOU GUYS OUR FIRST CSA PICKUP IS THIS WEEKEND~ Based on last year, I'm thinking we'll probably get some tatsoi and kale, but I can't think what else. I just remember the tatsoi, because there was a lot of it, and kale, because that was how I discovered that I actually LIKE kale, after previously believing that I did not. Oh, maybe we'll get some collard greens and mustard greens too.

+ HOKAI WE GOT THE MEDS SETTLED. I am taking 1500 mg for the next week and then going to 2000 mg, and then I'm supposed to ring them up and tell them how I'm doing, so this will apparently determine what my dosage is going to be in the next three months.

+ Hello, new LJ friends! Cookies now :D (Or, you know, something else if you're not that into cookies.) Feel free to ask me what the hell I'm talking about if you're confused/intrigued by the content here.

+ Hopefully tomorrow night will see THE MUMMY STORY. :D (If you already know what I'm talking about, you can help by keeping your mouth shut and waiting for the story.)
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A life miscellany:

+ We went to the Tin Fish on Friday night. Om nom nom. :9
+ Lolmom made shepherd's pie on Sunday, and I made a shrimp Cobb salad on Monday night. Also om nom nom. :9
+ I think I've Arrived, financially speaking, because I got the doctor's bill for the bloodwork she ordered when I had my physical, and I just sat down and paid it without a moment's thought. No panic, no mental moaning, no "oh, fuck, I'm gonna have to wait this until my next paycheck". (Of course, it helps that it was only like $15.) I still owe money, obv, but if I can hold on to my job long enough, I anticipate paying both my credit card and my car loan off early next year.
+ The sun has started shining again. Hurrah!
+ Lolmom made the mistake of letting Oliver sleep in the bed with her the other night. Imagine something hyperactive and furry going "I'M A KITTEN! I'M A KITTEN! I'M A KITTEN!" whilst it plays with your glasses at 1:30 in the morning. This is why Oliver spends his nights in the bathroom (that, and we're NOT letting him have the run of the house until we're SURE he's toilet-trained).
+ On the minus side, the annual sport of southwestern Indiana, road construction, has also started up again, which led to a huge pile-up on IN-66 this morning that made me 15 minutes late to work. Seriously, not even Bloomington's infrastructure is that bad, and our city joke is the Men At Work sign.
+ Have a new RP character gnawing at my brainmeats, and nowhere to play him. I should probably advertise, but I'm not on a whole lot these days, in part because I work a normal schedule.

Also, beneath the cut, a to-do list. Feel free to ignore.

Things that probably need to get done this week )
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THERE WAS HAIL YOU GUYS. It was kind of horrifying, since I was in the shitter and I didn't see what it was at first and the emergency siren went off and all I could hear was things knocking against the windows, so here I am trying to hurry things along and conclude my business (the meds were all "lololol @ l33") and thinking "ofux limbs are down on the house IT'S A GODDAMN TORNADO I need to be in the basement now we are probably going to die". No limbs appear to be down, but the hail was certainly having a grand old time. Now, of course, it's 75 and sunny. WELCOME TO SOUTHERN INDIANA~

The Easter report: X-chan came up from Tennessee on Saturday, and we mostly hung out and shot the shit. We had pizza and watched The Ten Commandments, which ate our entire evening, but we always have fun yelling advice to the characters. X-chan was hoping that The Robe would be canceled and Ben-Hur shown in its place, so that we could have a Charlton Heston double feature, but no luck there. Instead, she tortured Oliver by scooping him up and telling him she loved him; Oliver has forgotten her already, so responded by going "WHAT IS THIS HORRIBLE THING IT EATS ME!!!" and scrabbling to be let down. Oh, and we dyed eggs and did the traditional Army-green egg.

We had lamb, gnocchi with herbs, and green beans almandine for dinner. Lolmom was delighted with her Easter surprises (X-chan got her a bunny-themed oven mitt and hotpad, which she thought were too cute to use, and a tea caddy filled with Twining's; I got her a springform pan, which we needed after the church jacked hers, some spring-themed cookie cutters, and a Chocolate Bunny Of Unusual Size, which I picked up in St. Louis and hid from her for about a month. (Victory!)

And then Monday crapped all over me with a series of minor annoyances, including the inability of the entire Evansville area to pull its head out of its collective ass on the driving front, being locked out of my work computer account for an hour and being on hold with IT for most of that hour, and dropping lunch on my shirt. The rest of the week will, hopefully, shape up.
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Good things:

+ My performance was rly good last month, so I actually got to have incentive pay on this check :D I am forcing myself to put the extra money into savings, on top of what I usually put in there anyway, but hey. My boss says I've shown quite a bit of improvement (I was struggling with a few things earlier, so I'm glad my efforts are paying off, literally and figuratively).

+ My federal and state tax returns have been accepted (I e-filed). I don't know if this just means they went through okay, or if it's more along the lines of "okay you were poor in 2010, plz accept refund". If e-file is correct, I can expect a refund. I am torn between putting that in savings vs. putting it towards my MasterCard (it wouldn't knock out the ENTIRE balance, but it would leave me with a much smaller debt there, and I would really like to get this monkey off my back). I tend to be pretty conservative so it's probably going into savings.

+ We have delicious leftovers. I made asparagus-and-salmon spring rolls over the weekend, and last night lolmom was home early (she went to some job thing in Louisville) so we made chickpea-and-avocado tacos. Tomorrow night, I definitely see some reverse-engineered asparagus salad in our future. Also, the new Cooking Light came and there is a picture of shrimp Cobb salad on the cover and I need to eat that nau plz.

+ X-chan is coming to visit for Easter! She wants us to color and hide eggs for her. (This was one of her favorite things about Easter as a kid, and lolmom had to get more and more savvy as we aged.) The bitch of this is that we have to plan a real meal, though, for various reasons; Mom wants a cake, which I am all in favor of, but we kind of need to see what X-chan wants. Worst-case scenario? OH NOES, DELICIOUS FRUIT SALAD!

+ I don't think I remembered how much I love classics--I mean, I know I do, obviously, but sometimes it kind of gets pushed to the back--and I just finished the Iliad (again, I re-read it every year, IT NEVER GETS OLD U GAIZ) and I might be talking about Homer in here because Greek epic poetry makes me happy and so do Homer and the Trojan War. Oh my God you guys this is so vital to me, for fuckin' srs.

+ My package full of jewelry came. (This sounds really extravagant until you consider that it was more at costume jewelry, but hey.) Pictures to follow, eventually.

+ Hot guy is profile-stalking me on OKStupid. Possibly he's just laughing at my venomous harpyness, which is fine by me, but hey! Something pleasant to look at! (Unfortunately a lot of the women who profile-stalk me are looking for threesomes and I have a rather snippy note in there to the effect that Madame Lee don't play that. Tragically, no lesbian couples have ever approached me about their threesome fantasy. Also as a parenthetical aside I think I might be a happier person if I would just, you know, stop being so repressed about my queerness. And maybe say Hi to girls once in a while.)

+ Mmm. Talenti Gelato's pistachio ice cream, so good. (They also make the only chocolate ice cream I actually like.)

Minor-league annoyances:
After the jump so you can ignore them, because seriously if these are my worst problems I'm doing pretty well )

All in all: l33 up, circumstances down. Peace.
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Things that happened over the weekend: I have yellow toenails now, I have filed my income taxes (my federal return has, at least, been accepted), lolmom signed us up for the CSA again, we saw Tangled at the cheap seats, and I made a simnel cake (for Mothering Sunday, which was last Sunday but we do Mothering Sunday our OWN way around here, because we are just rebels like that) and salmon-and-asparagus spring rolls for dinner. Oh, and I talked to J and think I might try to reverse-engineer Deluxe's grilled asparagus salad (scroll down).

Things that are going to happen in the near future: Catch up on my e-mail, do laundry, and figure out what to do with myself.

That's all. :D
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No photos here, because I didn't take any. Ah well.

Around the time I was born, my folks lived in the metro St. Louis area (which is how I came to be born in St. Louis), and lolmom still has a friend from those days, so we went to visit her this weekend. We had been going to go to an Irish pub near where she lives to hear live music, but we got in pretty late on Friday night and on Saturday, it snowed (...) so that was not a go. Alas.

Despite the snow, on Saturday morning we went to the Missouri History Museum, because I really, really wanted to see the Treasures of Napoléon exhibit and basically whined and cried until I was taken along on this particular trip. The website is pretty good for what it is, but really doesn't do the exhibit justice; it was gorgeous, and I was not disappointed at all. We got free tickets for the Splendid Heritage exhibit as well, but I was the only one who actually went to that; lolmom and Marla (her friend) were museum'd out by the time we were done with Napoleon. (I did pick up a biography and a coffee mug, being extraordinarily susceptible to coffee mugs with dictators on them. IS THERE A LENIN COFFEE MUG BRB LOOKING FOR ONE RYT NAU*~)

Afterwards, we went to Penzey's Spices, which is seriously just awesome; we found things we didn't know existed as well as things that we hadn't been able to find anywhere. (Mace, for instance. Nobody sells mace anymore.) I did nag lolmom into buying cardamom, though.

This morning, we went to brunch at a little mom-and-pop greasy spoon called The Happy Cow, where I had FRIED POTATOES OMG (among other things) for breakfast, and then to the World Market, whose website totally does not do it justice; they have an awesome selection of specialty foods and baking implements (we found dirt-cheap ramekins, and I picked up a six of San Pellegrino Limonata, because San Pellegrino is my favorite drink which I have to go to Bloomington for). I also found chocolate-covered marzipan bars, but I judged [livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar and [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity to be unworthy of them. (No, seriously, I am running low on cash and payday isn't until Friday, so I decided that lolmom's chocolate bunny was a higher priority. Next time I go back, gaiz. ♥)

And then we headed back. All in all, a pleasant diversion.

*There is a Lenin coffee mug. There are a bazillion on Zazzle, though obv I'm going to have to weed out all the anti-Communist crap. Yeah, apparently you can never take the Party out of the girl.


Feb. 22nd, 2011 09:03 pm
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After a series of mishaps, I somehow managed to get dinner made and eat about an hour ago. This seems to have sapped most of my energy and now all I want to do is go lie down, which is not on because it's not bedtime yet and I still have to pen Oliver up for the night. The mishaps aren't all that big, just not fortuitously timed, although the car is exhibiting some worrisome behavior. (I just want to keep it together long enough to get it to the dealer on Saturday. That's all I ask.)

Lolmom and I went to see the MEGAHeart on Saturday, which was pretty neat though it was smaller than I thought it would be. There is a paltry selection of pictures (my batteries went dead when I was trying to take pictures of the outside of the heart, and of course I didn't have fresh ones with me), which will come at a later date when I am not so fucking tired. It's my own damn fault, I was up too late last night.

Brb penning up the cat and lying down ryt nau.
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(TL;DR: I ordered some stuff online. The seller only uses UPS. UPS says they delivered a package to our back door yesterday. There is no package there, at the front door, or at the porch door we never use. Lolmom did not find a package when she left for work, and according to UPS' delivery confirmation, it should have been there by the time she left. I was at work when the package was delivered. It wasn't something that needed to be signed for. It's possible that it was stolen, but unlikely; we don't exactly live in a high-crime neighborhood, and the contents of the package aren't something that normal people would want to steal. I think it was delivered to another address in error, which wouldn't be the first time this has happened in our neighborhood, speaking as someone who was once given a package meant for THREE STREETS OVER. I hate to drag the seller into this, because it's not their fault at all, but UPS won't advise the receiver of claim status, so I pretty much have to ask the seller to plz file a claim. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT I AM SO MAD SOME OF MY OUTFIT FOR EVILLECON WAS IN THERE I JUST WANT MY FUCKING STUFF.)

But! On the plus side, lolmom and I went to the Edgewater Grille on Sunday and I STILL have some delicious grilled veggie pizza left over. (I fell off the wagon pretty hard today, though. Nothing for it but to get back on.) Also: the MEGAHeart is coming to Evansville this Saturday and I am way more excited than I should be about walking through a GIANT INFLATABLE HEART (assuming I can get there early and walk through the heart before lunch, since I have another obligation at 11:30). It kind of reminds me of being 6 or 7 when we lived in Chicago and my father would take us to the Museum of Science and Industry all the time; there was a giant heart that you could walk through, though it wasn't inflatable. (The new Giant Heart is pretty cool, but I'm kind of saddened that the old one isn't there anymore.)

I must, alas, stop my wacky Facebook hijinks with [livejournal.com profile] pixelation and get some sleep. PERHAPS I CAN GET THE UPS ISSUES SORTED TOMORROW.

[Edit: Holy crap, my incoherent RAEG caused me to break my font tags. I win the Golden Derp Award!]
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Good things:
+ The snow melted.
+ There was cold pizza for dinner.
+ The computer is fixed and now I am going to be on the Int0rbuttz for the rest of my goddamn LIFE, though it has turned against some of the peripherals and I can't plug the speakers in.
+ My teeth are feeling better and I didn't have to take any Tylenol today. I also didn't stop at Lic's, which is as well because while their smoothies are delicious, that is nothing I need to be living on. Also: I can chew the shrimp and spinach in our delicious soup.
+ Work is work and there's stuff to do :D
+ It's almost the weekend. :DDDD
+ I actually went ahead and registered for Evillecon.

Not-so-good things:
+ The downstairs shower breathed its last on Tuesday.
+ My teeth started acting up a few minutes ago, necessitating Tylenol.
+ I am up past my bedtime.

Things are pretty good right now. :D


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