Feb. 11th, 2012 09:22 pm
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On the bright side, while I am freaking the fuck out about ye olde labwork (still not in) -

1.) I would like to call your attention to the magnificent silver vehicle parked in my driveway. As of last week, I own it free and clear. No more car payments for another 5-10 years, I hope!

2.) Speaking of that self-same magnificent vehicle, I took it to get an oil change and the brakes checked this morning. (It's been a couple of years since the brakes were looked at, but brake failure isn't something I want to play around with.) The mechanic came out while I was waiting and said to me, "Miss H*****, that is a fine vehicle!"

Since these words are not usually used to describe nondescript Toyota sedans, I wasn't sure if he was being sarcastic, and he went on to say, "No, seriously, it's fine. The brakes are working fine, the filters are fine [they should be, they're not six months old], the battery is fine [it should be, it's not two years old], everything is in really good shape, but we just found a little corrosion around the battery terminals..." I figured an extra $35 that might prolong the life of my battery was a small price to pay, so end result: I walked out having dropped about $75 instead of the $460 I had anticipated paying for new pads and rotors. Either someone up there likes me or someone up there has a black sense of humor that I haven't found out about yet.

3.) I went to G.D. Ritzy's with Lauren this evening, largely a spur of the moment thing. I hadn't previously been, and while it was greasy and delicious, I don't think it's going to be somewhere I frequent on a regular basis - way too much fat and carbs! (Speaking of, I get back on the wagon tomorrow, because I would like to knock another 20 pounds off my frame.)

4.) I have knocked out 4 hours and 29 files in the office today, so have done all the overtime I am required to do this weekend and am at leisure to decide whether I want to get up at ass o'clock in the morning tomorrow and put in some more hours. (Since up to 12 hours are approved, I was really tempted, but I still have to do laundry, pack a lunch, generally get ready for my week, and do some other things.)
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+ I've received a second debit card in the mail. Basically: I didn't know the bank would automatically renew mine (this varies from bank to bank), so was sure to order a new one just before the old one expired. Today, I ripped open a letter from the bank only to find a shiny new debit card therein. I don't need two, so I expect to waste my first break tomorrow morning getting this sorted.

+ My physical was yesterday. Results are not in yet, which is typical (it takes the lab longer to look at a Pap than it does to look at blood), but I will spaz left to my own devices. I'm actually more stressed about the Pap than I am about the bloodwork, despite having no reason to feel that way; I have no history of abnormal Pap in lo these many years of having them done. It's just that this year I'm planning to finally break my ladybits, and I want to make sure that there are no underlying ladybits issues that need to be addressed first. The waiting is always a wrench. They'll call the house, so I expect to waste my second break tomorrow afternoon getting this sorted.

+ I was going to go to Bloomington this weekend. I am going to go get my brakes fixed instead. (They're probably not broken, but it's been a couple of years and I'd like to get them looked at and taken care of before reaching the point where I can't stop. Silly of me, but we all have our little idiosyncrasies.) I may only be able to get one set fixed this weekend, depending on what needs to be done and how much it's going to run me.

+ Next week at work, we go to a new time tracking system, meaning that we'll all have to be at work by 7:55 to clock in so that, after the startup dialogue takes 20 years to do its thing, the system will register the first punch of the day at 8:03. EFFICIENCY!

+ SO MANY FEELINGS. WHY ARE FEELINGS ALL BAD. ALSO WHY DID I QUIT SMOKING. The main thing I am feeling is how much my shoulders hurt and I don't like this very much, so it's probably time to fire up the bag-o-rice and go to bed.
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Also, while I'm griping about things, it would really be nice if blowing my nose didn't cause me to feel like I'm blowing my eardrums inside out at the same time. (I'm not, but it feels like that, and I wish the pressure in my ears would get itself sorted out.) The temptation to go out and chug a two-liter of Diet Coke in the hopes of fixing this with window-rattling belches is really overwhelming, if simultaneously uncouth. I hate residual symptoms from sick I had a week ago.

Oliver says Hi from under the phone table.

I joined the rest of the century and bought a Kindle, mainly because a lot of classic works are cheaper to own on Kindle (or outright free) and I can't go through life firing up Project Gutenberg every time I want to read something. I've got Letters to a Young Poet all cued up. I also have a stack of hard copies sitting around. (I was going through my Giant Big McLargeHuge List Of Ways To Blow Through My Disposable Income and realized I've already acquired several of the books thereon, in a very unintentional way. I am ridiculous. However, I did finally get my hands on 1493 and George, Nicholas, and Wilhelm thanks to my father's Christmas gift, thus proving that my father is occasionally good for something.)

I am a little steamed with the cleaning people at work. I do not like having my desk toys knocked over, though I can live with that. (Though, you know, if you're going to pretend to dust, you might actually remove dust from the desk.) I really do not like having my toys broken, and was mightily annoyed when I came in on Monday to find the samurai that [ profile] dethorats gave me broken. Not badly broken - the kuwagata on his helmet had been knocked off, and thanks to the slings and arrows of the USPS, that was inevitable - but "where is the glue gun?" broken. The only reason I'm not complaining is that the kuwagata was already loose.


Tomorrow, I dine wherever is reasonably priced in Bloomington. (I'm thinking Finch's, though I'm torn because I think their only low-carb options are salads and when it's this cold outside, I don't want salad.)

The monitor is behaving now (obv), but although I have things I want to write up and share, I'm afraid to do so lest the Green, Blurry Plague comes back. I may make a manful stab at it anyway.


Jan. 24th, 2012 08:14 pm
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Hey guys. My monitor, which is elderly, is slowly dying and I can only take so much of it at one time (everything is green and blurry and I have to read text in 20 pt. bold font in a Word doc if I want to read it at all, also forget writing anything). I don't get paid until next week, so this is unfortunately a back-burner issue now; I'm trying to keep part of this paycheck back in case I need to have my brake pads and rotors replaced and not just adjusted like I'm expecting. (It may be later than next week; I do still have a car payment to make out of that check, though I'm hoping the 8 hours of overtime I'm putting in this week will help.) The library is not out of the question, but I dunno - I'm busy.

It's lolmom's computer, so I guess I could make her buy it, but since I use it more than she does, that just seems really shitty. There is also the part where Best Buy makes her disoriented and confused.

Anyway, nobody be too upset by radio silence plz. I'll be back as soon as I can see things on a screen again.
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+ This morning, I called my boss to tell her I was going to be late to work because it was snowing and the standard Tri-State response to snow is THEY IZ FLAKES FALLING FROM THA SKAIZ, WUT DUZ I DO???. For people who yap about how they's bo'n and bred here, like that's something to be proud of, they seem to magically forget that OH HEY, IT USUALLY SNOWS DURING THE WINTER HERE. Jesus I hate Evansville so fucking much. Resuming to the main thread of our narrative here, my boss didn't get my voicemail until after she came in, because she too was made late.
+ I was going to do some overtime BUT SNOW TOOK IT AWAY FROM ME. Basically, it was still snowing when quitting time rolled around, and I am leery of driving in snow especially when it is dark and I can't see the snow I'm driving in. I did make it home safely, thanks to the grace of the gods alone.
+ Immortal snippets of dialogue:
They might even be kind of funny without you seeing us in action! )
+ If you think the Army of Darkness deserves pie, or if you just have an irrational prejudice against the Army of Darkness and would like to keep them from getting pie, don't forget to vote!
+ I'm home, I'm safe, I'm warm, I'm comfortable, and that's what really matters.
+ ♥
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I've finally settled on a collective name for the co-workers who sit near me and with whom I'm friendly: the Army of Darkness. (My other option was the Mole People, but I think the Army of Darkness sounds a little more chaotic and one caffeine high away from unrestrained mayhem, much like us). I see them 40 hours a week (more often during peak periods), and for no apparent reason Jessica took the liberty of showing up in my dream last night. I was at church, but then got bored and went to go smoke in the stairwell at work, and Jess joined me, whereupon we talked about pie and I was telling her about coconut cream pie. (Except in my dream, "pie" didn't refer to real pie at all but a piecrust that had the shape of a soufflé, like a giant shell, that was then filled with filling.) So I mentioned this dream today, whereupon Jess was all MMMMMMMMMM PIE for the rest of the day.

And then towards the end of the day, this happened:
Rocksan: Are we getting pie?
l33: I don't know. Why?
Rocksan: You mentioned it when you sent me that update. [I have no memory of this, but let's be honest, I probably did. I send the proofers all kinds of stupid jokes along with their updates; I figure if they're going to be faced with a heinous stinkbomb of a revision, they may as well have a laugh with it. Also, it's part of my cunning ploy to get them to like me and do their updates.]
l33: Oh, yeah. I had this dream last night that Jessica and I were smoking in the stairwell and talking about pie.
Rocksan: So we should get pie. --Hey, wait, do you smoke in real life?
l33: Not anymore.
l33: Uh, we'll see.

So for all that is right and just in life, flist, I turn to you:

Vote! )

Godspeed, and choose wisely.
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I just haven't had a lot to report lately, to be honest, though I've been cooking most of this week (I did a rainbow vegetable stir-fry on Tuesday, and tonight I made turkey kielbasa with sweet cooked purple cabbage. Tomorrow, we dine on chicken enchiladas. (For those of you who might be interested, there's a food blog, though I'll continue to talk about things I cook here.)

Finally finished The Great Sea by David Abulafia. I will almost always buy history sight unseen, on the grounds that it's history and therefore must be good, but this was really interesting; it's a history of the Mediterranean and the cultural, politial, and economic interactions that took place around it. The ancient world stuff wasn't unfamiliar to me, though I admit Magna Graecia hasn't been my study, but a lot of the later chapters were eye-opening - I knew Russia really, really wanted a warm-water port (sometimes with disastrous results), but I didn't know there had been shenanigans as far south as the Mediterranean. Anyway, I'm glad I bought it and plan to mine the bibliography indefinitely.

Also, somebody stop me before I obsess again. The good news is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of source material in English.

Somehow, I managed to churn out a bit of story before I fell asleep last night. This is on The Project I Don't Like, Why Am I Writing It, but I figure if I plow ahead I could turn it into a project I like better.

And, you know, that's really it, other than the we've-stopped-the-overtime-for-now thing. (I'm not holding my breath, though!)
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So at least I've had one good year, even if it all goes pear-shaped in 2012. (I don't know why we use "pear-shaped" to refer to things getting fucked up, anyway. I love pears.)

Notable events of 2011 )

Now, on to Xtremely Srs Bsns that should be taken Vry Srsly: [ profile] forgottensanity, your package came today! Thank you ♥ I hope we can hang out more on e-mail and LJ and the like too. It's been a long time since we've talked properly! Also did you make the chocolates yourself?

Life proceeds apace. Lolmom took some wing chairs of my grandmother's up to my aunt Paula in Lafayette (these wing chairs had been sitting around the house for a couple of weeks). There is some familial drama but I don't want to talk about that in a public post.

Those of you who have me friended at Dreamwidth will be seeing a lot of things twice from now on, I'm afraid.

And that's all, folks!
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+ I'm going to try to start posting my food & exercise logs in here, because I took a flying leap off the wagon yesterday (poor food choices) and today (which I will not go into details about other than to say that it could be aptly named the Donut Ballocaust of 2011).

+ I have worked 120 hours in the last pay period. Actually, I think it was slightly over that.

+ Then most of it got sucked away because savings and I had a car payment I wanted to take care of sooner rather than later, and, oh, I went to the car dealership this morning to get the oil changed and have the power steering flushed and somehow I let myself be talked into getting all the filters replaced. (They told me I needed my windshield wipers replaced, too, and while I've never found the service to be anything but good there, I'm not giving them $26 for something that costs me $19 for parts and 15 minutes for labor and that I can do myself at home). I also finally got an estimate on the busted taillight casing (we don't know how that happened; I came out to the car one morning and found bits of red plastic in the bushes).

+ My day basically looked like this: Get up. Get in the shower, get dressed, go to dealership. Go to work for 4 hours. Get pedicure. Come back to work for 3 hours. BUT! I made my quota for the whole weekend today, so I can be off tomorrow :D

+ I think I'd like a hot bath, assuming the drain in the tub is working properly.

+ ♥
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I spent ~23 hours at work this weekend, by which I mean I did 8 hours on Saturday, 9 on Sunday, and 6 today. But! My quota for the weekend is made, and I am done. At least until tomorrow.

Cosi Fan Tutte tix go on sale to the general public tomorrow. Why yes, I will be going to the opera this year. I haven't gone in years mainly due to lack of money, and dude that is changing. I'd like to take lolmom to see Carmen in Louisville, but the dates are problematic, viz.:
23 September is the day I'm having my wisdom teeth out, and I definitely won't be up to much of anything.
25 September is doable, but just; we're probably going to have to leave right after lolmom gets back from Religious Ed. (For those of you just joining us, lolmom teaches the confirmation class at her church.) I don't know how long mandatory overtime is going to continue, so I might need to have a day free, or else a lot of wangling.
30 September is doable for me, but it means not bringing lolmom because she has to work, and now I don't feel like I can do that

Randomly: I admit that this is my fault for using such a vague search term, but while punching "samurai" into Amazon will bring up some hugely entertaining stuff, it also brings up a lot of crap. Including some lolarious romance novels, which I may need to purchase for future snarking...

An Update

Aug. 31st, 2011 10:19 pm
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So tired. Will have to work this weekend. Had the second of my cavities filled this morning and it feels weird because I'm not used to it. (I'm not used to fillings period--I never had any before this year.) Fell off the wagon yesterday, hard, and am now getting back on, which is going to be very interesting because they're giving us pizza for lunch tomorrow. I'm planning to bring my own lunch and resist the siren song if at all possible. Also I stocked up on more trail mix, which is hilarious and pathetic at once.

But! MONEY, because avarice is the besetting sin of all my race. :D
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Shit, I could have SWORN I hit "restore from saved draft".

First off: Sorry I haven't been around much. We have mandatory overtime at work and I basically worked the equivalent of 6 days instead of my usual 5, plus 4 and a half hours today before I ran out of work. (NOT COOL GAIZ.) I've been too tired to feel like being fun on the Internet. :\ I am reading along at home, though. I had a couple of episodes where I was dizzy and had serious concerns about fainting at the wheel after an 11-12 hour day, so had to jump off the wagon a couple of nights last week; I've started packing extra food in case I need something to eat, and trail mix is my new best friend. (It's pretty much the only thing I can eat from the vending machines, and if I go to the Fresh Market and get some, there's a little less sugar in the dried fruit, so all the better.)

Oh, and despite being told when I called the main security office that my employee badge should get me into the building, IT DIDN'T. I had to get a security guard to let me in; fortunately, the guards at our building are pretty nice, and it helps that we all see each other every day, so they know me and know that I work there. I sent an e-mail to request access, though, so hopefully we won't have this problem next week.

Anyway, after work today, I came home and slept for five hours and that was the best thing ever.

Also, I had the much-dreaded consultation with the oral surgeon on Thursday. Behind a cut because some of it is gross. )

And that's it, I'm going to bed.
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Did you get stuff done at work, l33? Yes. Actually it was a very slow day on the updates folder, so much so that I kept having intermittent concerns that Outlook wasn't working.

Whiny missive from my father: No. I am amazed, because I thought surely he would send one (for the new additions to the flist who might need to be told this: my father and I are estranged and I will never love him again or allow him back into my life after the way he's treated me. He doesn't understand that this is final and not negotiable and keeps sending me whiny missives on my birthday and at Christmas).

New sandals: No, but they did ship! :D As of today, they are somewhere in Mississippi.

State Farm acting the fool up in here: No. They finally cashed my insurance check, so I can stop worrying about whether lolmom ditzed out and thought she dropped it off but didn't actually.

More lemon pavlova: There was. Then I ate it and now it's gone. :9

What kind of produce we got, l33? A cabbage. (Mmm, delicious coleslaw!) Some beets (slated to be turned into salad). MORE GODDAMN KALE (seriously, I like kale, but we already have like three or four bunches). Some tiny green onions, a cucumber, and some garlic. A bunch of Swiss chard.

Teeth update: The oral surgeon wants to do a Panorex. Fine. I am slated to go in at 7:30 on Friday morning and take care of this. They want me to pay $92, which is what I would pay if I were uninsured; while this is not chump change, I can handle it and am told my insurance carrier will reimburse me. However, if they expect me to plunk down $2000-$3000 when I have it done, I'm firing this oral surgeon. I will gladly pay the 20% for which I am responsible under my plan. I will NOT gladly pay the entire amount, in part because I really don't have $2K for this stupid shit. ($2K for serious business like moving back to Bloomington is another matter.) In part, also, the entire reason I have insurance is because a sudden payment of $2-$3K would be financially ruinous for me, as it is for a lot of people, and that. Is. The. PURPOSE. Of. Having. Insurance. ARGH.

And that's it, I gots e-mail to answer. Probably won't get to LJ comments right now.
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LOLMOM update: Lolmom had been going to take the money from the insurance company and repair the car herself. The body shop estimated that the repairs would run around $4300, with the caveat that they hadn't actually looked at some of the interior damage yet and it might be more or less. After they actually did take a look at the damage, it turned out to be about $6500, so lolmom decided to take the car to the salvage yard and buy a new car (she'd already talked to the bank and knew she could get a loan, which is not a surprise since her credit is really good). So she went out on Thursday and bought a Chevy Equinox.

LIFE IN GENERAL update: I have been learning to work the update folder at work (where loan officers and title companies send things like updates or ohai-can-you-change-the-loan-amount or ohai-can-you-change-the-effective-date or ohai-when-can-we-expect-this-commitment), and have found that this inexplicably has not caused me to die. The main reason I've been learning to work the update folder is because one of my co-workers who usually handles that is going to be on vacation next week, but hey, it's a new job skill.

Also: I am trying to get my life into some semblance of order. HURRAH. Today, I have accomplished absolutely nothing other than remembering to pick up my meds (which I called in last night), reading a bit, and doing the laundry. (Of course, it doesn't help that the goddamn POWER was out for four hours today. FUCK YOU VECTREN ENERGY DELIVERY. YOU FUCKING SUCK. WHEN I LIVED IN BLOOMINGTON, WHERE EVERYTHING IS BETTER, WE DIDN'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM because we had underground lines.)

Oh, and I wrote a page of The Piece I Kind Of Like Okay and hacked out a few lines on The Piece I Don't Like Why Am I Writing It. Basically, I have adopted this new agenda of making myself write for things I want. We'll see if it works out, but at the moment I at least got something written today, so hurrah.
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Good things!

+ Lolmom is much more chipper than she was earlier this week, so hurrah. I know she kind of has to cycle through the beating-herself-up-about-all-this deal, but it is unpleasant to watch people do that and be unable to help in any concrete way, so I'm glad she's reached the point where she's like, "lol k, cans not undu. wat i du nau?".

+ So the space-time continuum doubled up on itself, and apparently there's an alternate universe somewhere where April 2011 was a really AWESOME, HIGH-VOLUME month and alternate universe l33 was pretty busy. Unfortunately for alternate universe l33, her incentive pay wound up on my paycheck. (...okay, the truth is that we all got an adjustment for volume because that wasn't our fault, but the alternate-universe thing is more entertaining than the truth.)

+ YOU GUYS OUR FIRST CSA PICKUP IS THIS WEEKEND~ Based on last year, I'm thinking we'll probably get some tatsoi and kale, but I can't think what else. I just remember the tatsoi, because there was a lot of it, and kale, because that was how I discovered that I actually LIKE kale, after previously believing that I did not. Oh, maybe we'll get some collard greens and mustard greens too.

+ HOKAI WE GOT THE MEDS SETTLED. I am taking 1500 mg for the next week and then going to 2000 mg, and then I'm supposed to ring them up and tell them how I'm doing, so this will apparently determine what my dosage is going to be in the next three months.

+ Hello, new LJ friends! Cookies now :D (Or, you know, something else if you're not that into cookies.) Feel free to ask me what the hell I'm talking about if you're confused/intrigued by the content here.

+ Hopefully tomorrow night will see THE MUMMY STORY. :D (If you already know what I'm talking about, you can help by keeping your mouth shut and waiting for the story.)
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Good things:

+ My performance was rly good last month, so I actually got to have incentive pay on this check :D I am forcing myself to put the extra money into savings, on top of what I usually put in there anyway, but hey. My boss says I've shown quite a bit of improvement (I was struggling with a few things earlier, so I'm glad my efforts are paying off, literally and figuratively).

+ My federal and state tax returns have been accepted (I e-filed). I don't know if this just means they went through okay, or if it's more along the lines of "okay you were poor in 2010, plz accept refund". If e-file is correct, I can expect a refund. I am torn between putting that in savings vs. putting it towards my MasterCard (it wouldn't knock out the ENTIRE balance, but it would leave me with a much smaller debt there, and I would really like to get this monkey off my back). I tend to be pretty conservative so it's probably going into savings.

+ We have delicious leftovers. I made asparagus-and-salmon spring rolls over the weekend, and last night lolmom was home early (she went to some job thing in Louisville) so we made chickpea-and-avocado tacos. Tomorrow night, I definitely see some reverse-engineered asparagus salad in our future. Also, the new Cooking Light came and there is a picture of shrimp Cobb salad on the cover and I need to eat that nau plz.

+ X-chan is coming to visit for Easter! She wants us to color and hide eggs for her. (This was one of her favorite things about Easter as a kid, and lolmom had to get more and more savvy as we aged.) The bitch of this is that we have to plan a real meal, though, for various reasons; Mom wants a cake, which I am all in favor of, but we kind of need to see what X-chan wants. Worst-case scenario? OH NOES, DELICIOUS FRUIT SALAD!

+ I don't think I remembered how much I love classics--I mean, I know I do, obviously, but sometimes it kind of gets pushed to the back--and I just finished the Iliad (again, I re-read it every year, IT NEVER GETS OLD U GAIZ) and I might be talking about Homer in here because Greek epic poetry makes me happy and so do Homer and the Trojan War. Oh my God you guys this is so vital to me, for fuckin' srs.

+ My package full of jewelry came. (This sounds really extravagant until you consider that it was more at costume jewelry, but hey.) Pictures to follow, eventually.

+ Hot guy is profile-stalking me on OKStupid. Possibly he's just laughing at my venomous harpyness, which is fine by me, but hey! Something pleasant to look at! (Unfortunately a lot of the women who profile-stalk me are looking for threesomes and I have a rather snippy note in there to the effect that Madame Lee don't play that. Tragically, no lesbian couples have ever approached me about their threesome fantasy. Also as a parenthetical aside I think I might be a happier person if I would just, you know, stop being so repressed about my queerness. And maybe say Hi to girls once in a while.)

+ Mmm. Talenti Gelato's pistachio ice cream, so good. (They also make the only chocolate ice cream I actually like.)

Minor-league annoyances:
After the jump so you can ignore them, because seriously if these are my worst problems I'm doing pretty well )

All in all: l33 up, circumstances down. Peace.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] pleasureblossom!

Good things:
+ This week is halfway over. Also, Friday is payday :D
+ The Mystery of the Missing Cell Phone is solved - I left it in the break room, and the cleaning lady found it and is turning it in to the security office.
+ Potluck at work tomorrow.
+ I don't have to go anywhere this weekend.
+ I've cooked enough leftovers to avoid cooking for a while.
+ I got [ profile] duokinneas to laugh.
+ Imminent moral dilemma may not be imminent. Yay!
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+ Still no working computer at home. God DAMN it. I have asked the lolmom to call several times (I would do it myself, but that's when I'm at work), but she falls asleep and I feel bad about bugging her.

+ I now have a phone at work, which means I may be getting calls. This is all very exciting.

+ Have more or less decided to go to EvilleCon, but think I'll pay at the door as I don't think the site is trustworthy as far as security issues go. (Actually the site looks a total hatchet job, but hey, a local con. w00t.)

+ Apparently, I have rogue wisdom teeth on my left side. I am pretty sure that this is not tooth decay, which I think would be gradual pain that got worse over time. Usually I've had more trouble on my left side. This is being-perfectly-fine until BAM my wisdom teeth decided to bother me on Friday night, and I could not sleep thanks to the pain so I had to go out and buy Tylenol. (And yes, for me, it does have to be acetaminophen. I don't even know why they're allowed to market ibuprofen as a pain reliever. It doesn't do dick even at prescription levels. I might as well leave my teeth alone and suffer loudly and bitchily.) I am okay right now (the last time I had any was 10:30 last night before I went to bed), but if this doesn't abate in a week I guess I'm going to the dentist. I hope to God this isn't a case of teeth-impacted-in-bone, because that is the last thing I want to dick with.

+ Watched The Wind and the Lion with lolmom last night; also, made muffins with coconut milk and dried cranberries. Another nutritionally complete meal turned out by yours truly!
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Good things:

+ Still employed. I am elbow-deep in a project for my boss. Apparently legal descriptions are being ballsed-up. Also, due to having to keep secure information secure, I cannot share something that made me giggle.

+ I have insurance as of today. (I do not, however, have my dental and health cards yet.)

+ The Social Security deductions went down, so I get to keep more of my money. EAT THAT OLD PEOPLE.

+ I got my vacation pay from Lol-Mart. I am tempted to immediately run right out and spend it all on an iPod, but figure I will instead put it in my savings account. Because I'm, like, a responsible adult or some shit.

...I really want that iPod.

+ We've been having real food for dinner. There was coq au vin, which was repurposed the other night into chicken and croutes; and there's ham and beans; and I made a veggie tamale pie which we froze and will have sometime. I need to swing by the store and grab some coconut milk so we can make soup with the rest of that pepper, and cabbage rolls are slated for later this week.

+ Lolmom's plant hired additional help, and eventually lolmom will work from 8 in the evening to 5 in the morning and we can have dinner together. HOORAY.

+ My therapist thinks I'll be ready to move on after another couple-three sessions.

+ Nobody seems terribly put out by my absence. I'm actually not minding it much myself, aside from the relative isolation.

Bad things:
+ The computer still does not turn on.

+ My body apparently decided to not even try to digest the spinach in my delicious sandwich. Seriously, system? Seriously?

+ I'm having a moral dilemma, but it's not something I want to share here and it's probably not serious business.

Yeah. All things considered, things are okay.


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