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Hi. I'm l33. I'm figuring some shit out. The basic stuff, for now, is that I am old, choleric, and live in the American Midwest where I work two jobs. I like books and history. I am queer and have a girlfriend, who is referred to as R here.

More to follow.
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I've deleted all the old entries, because a.) they're all on LJ anyway, and b.) I don't think I want to use this space for the same things I use LJ for. So we'll see what comes up.

I suspect there's going to be a lot of Fun With Words, as fair warning.
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So it's like this:

I have had zero trouble getting into LJ. I probably wouldn't know there were outages if I hadn't heard people twittering and facebooking and the like about them.

I don't have any intention of leaving. I've been here nearly 9 years. I am told that I'm hurting fandom's feelings by not moving. Frankly, I don't care, because while I enjoy my personal fandoms I also have a job and other things to worry about besides ZOMG SOMEONE GOT BANNED FOR HARRY POTTER SLASHFIC.

However: in the event that the site goes down and never comes back up, there are other ways to get ahold of me. Some of you haven't known me that long, so I won't be emotionally devastated if you'd rather not keep in touch, but there's a list of places I am here. Feel free to stalk as you will. :D
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1.) There's a Super Sekrit postdated post just before this one, so if it's screwing up anybody's flist, I apologize. But I'm not sorry enough to remove the post because I need my project list up to shame me at all times.

2.) Stock rant about internal reproductive organs I'm going to cut out and eat, except with my luck they wouldn't even taste good no matter how much olive oil and garlic I dumped on them.

Day Off

Apr. 6th, 2010 11:41 am
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FTR, deleted my last entry (if you could see it) because I refuse to give this shit any more time or energy. Also, it was just so much whinging about how I hate my job and the people I have to deal with. The End. :D

Today, it is my day off and I'm going to look for work and read and watch chanbara films. :DDDD Also, it is a beautiful day and the sun is shining!

I really wish my body would quit bleeding, though. :\
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THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT SO YOU NEED TO READ IT. My domain registration and hosting have expired. The domain is an expensive toy, and unfortunately I do not have the wherewithal to maintain it for the time being. Consequently, XFN will no longer be accessible, and I will no longer be reachable at the XFN e-mail address. My other e-mail address, likely to be my permanent one, is theninthbeauty@gmail.com. (You can also use gyaszdal@graffiti.net, but it's harder to spell.) Plz update your records.

If you know my Yahoo! e-mail, be aware that it is now rarely checked and you should only e-mail me there if you're okay with my possibly taking months to look at your message. I have an "official" Yahoo! e-mail address which I use for job-hunt stuff, but as it contains my full real name in the address, I'm not giving it out here.

Also, here is a brief rundown of the past week or so:
Unexciting nonadventures )

Also: I went to Bloomington today. Consequently, have had some very important things reaffirmed for me, so I'm sharing them here, openly.

1.) Fuck this Lol-Mart shit. I need to find a better place to work. Based on what it cost me to go to the doctor when I was sick a couple of weeks ago, have come to the conclusion that health insurance is not negotiable.
2.) Fuck this living in the Tri-State shit. I need to go back home, where I don't have to pay attention to the societal attitudes &c. that bother me, where I am happier even when things aren't going so well, and where there's stuff to do. (A lot of the stuff that entertains me is even free or low-cost, so being poor in Bloomington isn't the Death By Boredom that it is in Evansville.) But I cannot stay here. It is killing me, and I want to live. Right now, I'd even settle for moving north and east to be CLOSER to Bloomington.

Once more into the breach, I suppose.
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MICE update: Initially, we heard a snap and checked the traps, which contained no mice. Subsequently, the lolmom checked and found a single front paw (either the mouse left something behind or gnawed off his foot). She feels tremendously guilty. I do not. Either way, we're reasonably sure the mice are probably not going to stick around--animals aren't stupid.

Speaking of animals not being stupid, Callice knows damn well that there is no cat shit on the living room floor. Or rather, she knows damn well that there should be no cat shit on the living room floor.

GARDEN update: We have lavender. If I learn to make soap or whatever, I know what some of you are going to get for every occasion for the rest of your lives. Mom and I got the regular-sized tomatoes and the eggplant potted a couple of days ago, and we've got the beans, zucchini, and cucumbers started. I went out and potted the peppers yesterday. The herbs and flowers and the spinach still need a new home, but we'll figure that out somehow. (Or I will, since Mom's away for the weekend.)

Went out to dinner with Mom and Connie. Got my hair figured out, finally. I think I can cross "do something about the hair" off my New Year's resolution list. Turns out the bangs just needed some evening-up. Hurrah!

Randomly, I really liked my outfit yesterday.

[livejournal.com profile] imperfectkatoru, I'm weeding out all the communities I'm not into anymore, and as it happens [livejournal.com profile] male_colors never really took off. Would you be heartbroken if I bahleeted it, or do you want it up for old times' sake?

[livejournal.com profile] briarlaboheme, I've defriended your former LJ abode, just because my tiny brain gets confused too easily. Just FYI.

Also, a happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] uigenna. Dude, this is the problem with having a flist of any size; I keep forgetting. I'm not sure if people take it personally or not--depends on the person, I suspect--but I'm bothered by it.

Hiatus Fail

Aug. 7th, 2008 12:10 am
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Order of business: Dear Portuguese anon, I saw your comment, which was summarily deleted because you did not sign it, as is my policy. Also, should there be any other lurkers without LJ accounts: I DON'T LIKE ANONYMOUS COWARDS. NO UNSIGNED COMMENTS. EVER. If you don't have an LJ account, I'm not going to make you get one, but I delete comments when people don't leave their names.

I'm in this place where I really like being not-online all the time, and being free of pressure to Respond To This Immediately, but miss you people. I don't know what I propose to do about this. To forestall having to make an actual decision, I give you yet another example of how it is my mind works.

I'm reading vol. 1 of the collected works of Edward Sapir (this delightful little offering is called General Linguistics. I think you would be a lot happier if you didn't know how I pick what to read, so I'll spare you my selection process and why I chose this). For the most part, it's yawn city (and I like linguistics mind you), but part of Sapir's essay "The Grammarian and His Language" stands out to me, so I'll share it with you.

But when Achilles has bewailed the death of his beloved Patroclus and Clytaemnestra has done her worst, what are we to do with the Greek aorists that are left on our hands?
At university, I used to obsessively visit the 9th floor (where the classical language-and-literature material is kept) and work my way through the many Festschriften to be found there. (I still do this, actually.) I started on the Festschriften about a year or two before I actually started learning Greek, so I read a lot about the aorist in this fashion. When I actually got to learn the aorist tense, I was pathetically excited because I'd read so much about the aorist and the uses thereof that it was kind of like getting to hang out with a celebrity.

I used the word "aorist" three times in the above paragraph, not counting where I was quoting Sapir. God damn me.

Anyway, Sapir then goes on to say:
There is a traditional mode of procedure which arranges [the Greek aorists] into patterns. It is called grammar. The man who is in charge of grammar and is called a grammarian is regarded by all plain men as a frigid and dehumanized pedant.

LOL PWNT. The little joys of scholarly monographs are without number.

Totally unrelated to the above, I grilled pork chops outside tonight and did not overcook them. WIN. We had grilled balsamic pork and peaches for dinner, except we had no peaches and no ready cash to go get any, so I used nectarines. It wasn't bad, but the nectarines weren't ripe enough for emotional satisfaction and peaches are higher in sugar so would have caramelized more satisfactorily. Still, not bad. Also, I'm not sure what my position on "gourmet herbal salad mix" is.
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Happy birthday, X-chan! (even though you don't read this) Also, happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] hatefulsandwich!

Not to make a birthday post be All About Me(tm), but thought I'd mention a.) I will get to remaining comments later and b.) I'm going to Bloomington tomorrow because interview, but since my interview is later in the day I'm going to make a day of it and apply in person to a few places. Wish me luck.
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Dear anon, hailing from Haskovo, Bulgaria (or environs):

You're more than welcome to comment here, but please sign your comments (whatever alias you use on the Internet is fine). It's my policy to delete unsigned comments; I don't make exceptions. Bluntly put, if you are going to comment here, that's fine, but I am going to know who you are.

Thank you!

--The Management

In totally unrelated news: eeiii!
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I have returned from Florida! I will not, however, return to work until Tuesday, because I have to go to Bloomington tomorrow, which suits me just fine.

There will be an enormous blurb later, but I've got to write it first (it'll probably be a slightly modified version of whatever I write to H with "Hi H" struck off and some links added in), and there's a bunch of other things I need to take care of also. Also, FYI, I've skimmed back entries but won't be replying to them; if there is something of Vital Importance (tm) that I must see, link me.

Also, some other things will happen. But at the moment, I need to do some other stuff.
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Persons who signed up for t3h n0v3l should receive the first installment shortly.

To that end: [livejournal.com profile] dethorats, I'm sending the MS to the e-mail address you have on your userinfo, because I can't remember the other one. XD Let me know if I need to be sending it elsewhere or if the Hotmail acct isn't being used anymore. ♥ Kthx!


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