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So at least I've had one good year, even if it all goes pear-shaped in 2012. (I don't know why we use "pear-shaped" to refer to things getting fucked up, anyway. I love pears.)

Notable events of 2011 )

Now, on to Xtremely Srs Bsns that should be taken Vry Srsly: [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity, your package came today! Thank you ♥ I hope we can hang out more on e-mail and LJ and the like too. It's been a long time since we've talked properly! Also did you make the chocolates yourself?

Life proceeds apace. Lolmom took some wing chairs of my grandmother's up to my aunt Paula in Lafayette (these wing chairs had been sitting around the house for a couple of weeks). There is some familial drama but I don't want to talk about that in a public post.

Those of you who have me friended at Dreamwidth will be seeing a lot of things twice from now on, I'm afraid.

And that's all, folks!
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To whom it may concern: I am wearing a pair of jeans I dug out of my closet this morning. I hadn't worn them in years because I couldn't fit into them. I kind of like this because it means I might possibly not have to buy new pants :D

Life in general )

And that's all, folks!
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+ I don't even know how I'm going to manage this weekend. I have arranged to change the oil in my car and have the power steering flushed (my car needs an awful lot of work, but this is the last of the "expensive" repairs. Well, until it's time to replace the tires in another few thousand miles, anyway). Also, it is likely that I will have to work again.

+ X-chan and I were talking about wisdom tooth removal (...in a couple of weeks, zomg how did this happen), and she was surprised that I'm not going to be put under. I said people die under that shit. X-chan said people die under nitrous, too. X-chan is a notorious hypochondriac and I shouldn't have listened to her, but due to having never had any kind of surgery, I freaked right out and hopped on Google. Most of the people who have died as a result of nitrous? Were stupid idiots who were ABUSING IT. I'm sorry, but if you open a can of pure nitrous in a small, enclosed space and start huffing away, you're pretty much asking for it. At least the dentist mixes it with oxygen first so you can breathe! (Also, I don't have contraindications--i.e., I don't smoke, I don't have long-term respiratory problems other than seasonal allergies, and I breathe through my nose unless I've been exercising or am in the throes of said allergies.)

+ I have lost about 6-7 pounds total in the past 3 weeks and now my smaller jeans are starting to be loose, which is just ridiculous. I am, of course, a notorious cheapskate who will not get smaller pants until she's out of viable options, so there we have it.

+ Guess who has Cosi fan tutte tix at the will-call window in Bloomington? MEMEMEMEMEMEME~

+ If any of you remember the heartwarming kitten story, there's a heartwarming update! Lolmom gave Rob and Lisa (the terribly sweet people who had the nursing cat) a call, only to initially get their eight- or nine-year-old daughter. Cue the following:
Lolmom: lol hi. i r teh lady who brot teh kitten? :D
Eight-year-old daughter: OMG MY KITTEN!!!!!!!111!!1!kitten!!!! :DDDDD

Well, at that point we knew the kitten wasn't coming back to live with us. I mean, there's no way you can take a kitten from an eight-year-old without ensuring a special place in Hell when you die. In conversation with Lisa, it was revealed that the momcat was something of an indifferent foster mother; she would occasionally get tired of nursing before the kitten was done, so they started supplementing with formula. The little girl would give the kitten its bottle and started calling it her baby, and although they hadn't been planning to get another cat, there really wasn't much choice once she became attached. Lisa said the kitten has a good personality and gets along with everyone (including the dog and the other two cats). The main thing is that it will have a loving home, so I'm not upset that it's not with us.

And that's all I've got, d00d.

An Update

Aug. 31st, 2011 10:19 pm
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So tired. Will have to work this weekend. Had the second of my cavities filled this morning and it feels weird because I'm not used to it. (I'm not used to fillings period--I never had any before this year.) Fell off the wagon yesterday, hard, and am now getting back on, which is going to be very interesting because they're giving us pizza for lunch tomorrow. I'm planning to bring my own lunch and resist the siren song if at all possible. Also I stocked up on more trail mix, which is hilarious and pathetic at once.

But! MONEY, because avarice is the besetting sin of all my race. :D
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Things That Have Happened Since Last I Wrote:

+ Lolmom's claim has been turned over to the Total Loss Center. Very not-good. We have yet to hear back from them; I assume they are going to call us as it seems to be a dick move not to do so.
+ Remember when I said our first CSA pickup was on Saturday? I lied! It was actually tonight! :D Lolmom and I had been going to hash out who was picking up what when, but we forgot so I went out tonight. We have a bunch of lettuce, a bunch of kale, a head of pacchoi, some shallots, some green onions, and some dried hot peppers left over from last year (which sounds delightful to me and abhorrent to lolmom). There is also a pick-your-own herb garden on the farm, so I need to remember to bring some shears or a knife next time so that we may have delicious herbs. I think the pacchoi is destined to be turned into chicken chow mein (it is related to bok choi, so would probably work) and the kale will probably become our perennial favorite, balsamic kale salad with strawberries and hard-boiled eggs. We have good strawberries and farm-fresh eggs, too! Shallots will keep a while, and so will the peppers since they're dried. I have no idea what to do with the green onions. Salad, maybe. (I'm also not sure about the lettuce; it is fresh and tasty but I like salad to be more composed and less "here's some vegetables we need to use up".)
+ Also, I think we're going to have a delicious spinach salad with apples and oranges and red onion because that just sounds good to me. Actually, I should probably be making it now, but what the hell.
+ J sent me two boxes (large boxes, mind you) of chocolate orange slices, possibly because he is crazy. There is something to be said for having an ex who is still your really good friend and still inexplicably feels something for you. :D (Also: chocolate orange slices.)
+ I ran into Raina (one of my former supervisors) at the store when I swung by to pick up spinach and other things, and she noticed that I'd lost weight. (I actually gained 5 pounds back as of Sunday, and so I'm now in OH NO WE'RE NOT DOING THIS AGAIN, BODY mode. The chocolate orange slices aren't helping, but I've done okay in terms of avoiding other crap.)
+ Next up: some EXCITING pictures of our shower fixtures! (Lolmom wants new fixtures for the upstairs shower, so she was all "lol i n33d u 2 take pix ov this & print out plz". She didn't say anything about uploading to the Internet, so that's what she gets.)
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A tedious body miscellany )

That's all, folks.
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+ I had lost 16 pounds by the beginning of August. Despite making the worst possible food choices and never exercising, I have managed to not gain any of it back. I'm trying to see if regular exercising and at least taking my meds will help me drop a couple more. (Okay, so I have a ways to go before we're going to see a significant difference, but hey.)

+ Lolmom and I went out to El Maguey for her birthday yesterday. X-chan had said she might come up, but was tired from the long drive between Arizona and Tennessee, where she's beginning her new job, so didn't. X-chan did, however, come today; I had to leave to be at work by 3, so I missed lolmom's second birthday dinner (they went to Los Bravos). I did get to hang out with her for about an hour, hour and a half, during which time the conversation took the following tangents:
I Want My Dinosaur Book Back You Bastard
Kenny Rogers (and men who look like Kenny Rogers; fuckin' thank you, X-chan, now I have "The Gambler" stuck in my head)
Hey, X, Remember That Time You Asked Me To Help You Get Silly Putty Off The Hotel Ceiling?

+ Amazing things accomplished today (or not): Didn't oversleep, took my meds, exercised, paid my therapy bill, e-mailed resumés and wrote cover letters for printing tomorrow, worked on That Shitty Writing Project I Hate, did laundry, and hacked through the thicket of hair on my legs. (Some of you may be wondering why you are unfamiliar with this shitty writing project. I won't let anybody see it. It's that bad, seriously.) Also, replenished our butter and sugar coffers, as lolmom's birthday cake, a pumpkin pound cake, pretty much knocked out what we had. Also also, lolmom and I tried and failed to replace the lightbulbs in the basement (the long, tube-shaped incandescent kind), and have come to the conclusion that we may have to start buying only one brand since they seem to be the kind that work.

+ I have been really AIM-avoidant lately and not for any good reason. This only affects like two people, but srry gaiz anyway.

+ I only have to work tomorrow and then I am going to Bl♥♥mingt♥n on Tuesday when I am off next. :DDDDD
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So I'm back now. Actually, I was back yesterday when AT&T came out to fix the Internets while I was at work, but didn't feel like LJing then due to the throes of irrational paranoia et al and would likely have bitten someone's head off. (Irrational paranoia isn't ended, but has been greatly reduced; I am unlikely to bite anyone's head off unless they piss me off. Then all bets are off.)

Things that have happened (exciting and not):
+ I am attempting to fix my life. Again.
+ At some point between the last time I weighed myself (sometime in the spring) and last Sunday, I apparently dropped ten pounds. Experts speculate that I may have done nothing whatsoever to deserve this, but hey, I'm not complaining.
+ I have started to clean my room on the grounds that since I'm likely stuck in this shitpit for a while, my room might as well look like someplace where a teenaged girl with ADHD a grown-ass woman lives. I haven't been at it very long but it is already a vast improvement.
+ In the process thereof, I found that Callice apparently let herself into my bedroom on a regular basis and peed on a huge amount of things. I knew that she occasionally got in there, and that because I often didn't know she was there, I occasionally shut her in there and she occasionally peed on things as a result. Apparently, she was in there and peeing on things a lot more often than I thought. I now have huge piles of laundry that may or may not be completely ruined. My cat keeps on giving. (On the off chance you're just tuning in to the long-running, if not terribly popular, Wang Xi-feng Show, as I know a couple of you are: Callice was my last cat. She died in September.)
+ I found my Russian dictionary (the good one, not the Langenshit one) and was pleased, as I had been wondering what the Russian word for "seahorse" was. It's morskoi konyok, which unfortunately does not lend itself well to adorable nicknames for the adorable [livejournal.com profile] duokinneas, who will have to remain a plain old regular Angloglot seahorse.
+ I failed to find my elementary Russian textbooks, which I assume are somewhere in the bowels of my room. I know I did not sell them, because foreign language books are unsaleable at IU. AWESOME JOB l33.
+ Our tomatoes are turning red and yellow. (Yeah, we grow yellow tomatoes.)
+ I fucked up my federal income taxes, apparently. I received a refund check last week, and (true to form) a couple of days later a letter followed which informed me that I was too entitled to a refund because I miscalculated my tax burden. No complaints.
+ [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity! I received your package the day before yesterday! You will be pleased to know that I have not yet opened the present. (O HAI WUT IZ TIHS THING CALLD RESTRAINT.)
+ On the off chance you wanted to talk to me on AIM, which means this next is mostly for [livejournal.com profile] galhea, work schedules and pavement-pounding unfortunately mean I am not going to be on too often in the next few days. I'll try but no promises, k?
+ So glad to be back.
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You know how you have this thing going on where you're up late at night/early in the morning and you know you should be in bed but you don't feel tired and you can't be arsed? Yeah. I have to at least drop off for a couple of hours or so, since Camille and I have tentative plans for later today and I don't want to be a complete bitch while we're hanging out.

I seem to have dropped a couple of pounds in the last week. Insh'allah, this trend will continue. Which is now helped by the fact that we are out of frozen bagel snacks, since I ate them all. OH THE IRONY.

I have had serious "career" angst, and have pretty much decided that, if the opportunity arises, I will sell out, the better to effect my triumphant return to Bloomington. Truly, I am a master of cunning persiflages. Or not. Anyway, my mantra for this year is "no complaining" (lololol), so we'll see how this goes. In any case, I may not be afforded the opportunity to sell out. We Shall See. (In tandem with not complaining, I am also trying not to be horribly self-loathing, but this is also one of those things which We Shall See.)

Also I am trying very hard not to think about some other things, which I generally have been doing okay at and then it hits me like a brickbat to the gut. This is how and why I have become addicted to Xwap and online mahjongg; I use it as a thought-stopping mechanism.

I apologize to everybody who looks at the next post, but I'm trying to keep myself relatively accountable. Public shame is a strong motivator for me, so there 'tis.

♥ for [livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar, because. ♥

l33 Lives

Sep. 4th, 2009 12:40 am
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O hai thar Delilah. I'm back.

I don't know that I'm doing 100% better. The job situation still hasn't improved (though I've gotten two raises, one cost-of-living and one performance-based), and, consequently, neither has the financial situation (though I'm not doing as badly as I could be, given the circumstances). I'm still in therapy (big surprise, I obviously have some issues to work through). Mom still hasn't got a job, and that weighs on us. (She was up for a job, made it to the second-interview round, and was in the hiring company's top three candidates…and they picked someone else. Well, I wish them joy of their vastly inferior employee.)

On the other hand: I've lost some weight (part one in a bazillion-part series), am generally eating better most of the time (I really fell off the wagon this week, though), and am exercising more regularly. I'm less socially isolated than I had been. (I am so bad at meeting people in real life. SO BAD. Trufax.) I'm still getting interviews, so obviously I'm doing something right. And damn it, I miss my friends.

Events of the past two months behind the jump, if anybody cares. Shit no one cares about! )

In conclusion: back now. Hi.
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+ Dinner was sweet and delicious. I'm kind of glad I didn't order a full portion of the ahi tuna sashimi and just have that as my meal, although from the weight-loss standpoint I probably should have. (I went over my limit by 400 calories. Yeek.) It was tasty, but it wasn't authentic; I think I vastly prefer honest-to-God Japanese-style sashimi.
+ This weight-loss stuff is hard.
+ This not-cussing stuff is hard. I already owe me $1.50.
+ Our kitchen smells like SWEET, DELICIOUS CARAMEL. This is going to be the best birthday cake EVER. (Until next year.)
+ Mom got me some coasters! Hurrah!
+ I now have "Tarzan Boy" by Baltimora on MP3. This makes me unreasonably happy. If t3h n0v3l ever gets made into a movie, I want "Tarzan Boy" to figure in the soundtrack somehow. This is because I have bad taste. (It doesn't have to be, like, the main theme or anything; the soundtrack people could make a subtle reference to it or just use the chorus and I'd be happy. Actually, the lyrics don't really fit with the story, so sampling the chorus may work best.)
+ The neighbors are setting off fireworks. Callice does not like loud banging noises, probably due to her Angsty Past. (Callice was a year and a half old when she came home with me. She was a feral kitten who was turned in to the shelter; she had been living in a bus engine, and when the bus operator unwittingly started the bus, she was burnt over her back half. You can't tell where the burns were now, but the fact that she was living in a bus engine, combined with some of her other idiosyncrasies, makes me think that she lost her mother early.)
+ Callice would also like the sun turned off.
+ [livejournal.com profile] strawberryjulia, I was just kind of idly wondering if there is, to your knowledge, any Maori-language children's TV programming. I don't watch TV, but I might make an exception for that.
+ I was trying to grind some coffee earlier today and accidentally spilled some of my coffee beans on the floor. The only good thing about this is that our kitchen smelled like coffee for about five minutes, until I swept it up.
+ I seem to have given the lolmom a summer reading program. We were at the bookstore last night and she said something about wanting to read The Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follett), which I have, so I lent it to her, along with The $64 Tomato (William Alexander), which I thought she might like. I've stacked a bunch of other stuff I have that she might like.
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1.) I think LJ is on the fritz again, because it says my last update was 7 days ago. Actually, it was 11. Or thereabouts.

2.) My appearances will likely be sporadic for some time to come because I have a lot of things to do in preparation for the upcoming move, which God willing will be at the beginning of March or so. However, there will be posts in which I attempt to fob off crap that I don't want or can't take with me onto other people.

3.) H is back from Kobe. HURRAH. He has still not succeeded in his attempt to quit smoking, but the year is young and he has managed to cut back, so also HURRAH. All the same, I expect I'll have to pick up an ashtray when he's here in the fall.
3a.) I wish I were still smoking, because it was a lot easier to keep my weight under control back then. Of course, it could have had to do with the fact that I was in college and walking all over campus (even when I had a car and an apartment), and it could also have had to do with the fact that I pretty much lived on coffee. On the other hand, at least my weight is remaining stable, but that doesn't mean I want to be this number for the rest of my life.

4.) Most of my entertainment for the past couple of weeks has revolved around movies; we went to see Atonement on Saturday (I liked it, and it played with perception in some interesting ways, but it was rather a downer). Also, [livejournal.com profile] jurhael, if you haven't seen Notes on a Scandal yet, you should really try to get ahold of it; one of the themes has to do with a kind of narcissism.

5.) Also I finished The Warlord by Malcolm Bosse (a relic of my father's). I was pleasantly surprised, as I had expected it to be stupendous crap, but it was actually quite good.

6.) Went up to Bloomington last week to look at an apartment. I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to get a 1-bedroom, because it's easier for me to think in terms of what I can afford/what I'm likely to get rather than in terms of what I want. (I suppose someday I will be able to afford a 2-bedroom. Alas.) In terms of location and what the landlord pays, it's perfectly okay; in terms of space, I could make it work, but it would be a stretch, and I'd have to leave my upstairs table at home. I might apply for it anyway, after I've looked at some other places, though I need to clarify their pet policy first (leasing agent said the cat would be okay; application says no pets).

(I already looked at apartments where I used to live. There's a lovely 2-bedroom available, but I have severe misgivings about throwing money down on it when I don't know that I can afford it. Unlike the last time I did this, I have a car and credit cards now.)

Was indescribably sad to leave.
6a.) Maybe because I've already told H about all this, and because to me it's old news, I just feel kind of brusque and short about rehashing it here. But I figure at least 2.5 of you might like to know how it's all turning out.

7.) Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] imperfectkatoru! Also a happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] queen_lily_rose.

Right, so.

Aug. 25th, 2007 11:41 pm
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Things that have happened in the past week, none of them of much interest:

1.) The dryer is broken no more. Turns out it was just a belt that needed to be replaced, and if we clean the lint off the element periodically this dryer might do us another 16 years. Hurrah! Dry laundry is Good.

2.) Am thorough, utter dick when it comes to keeping track of actually important shit. So disgusted with myself right now.

3.) The MasterCard bill came. FINALLY I am under $900 on it. YAY!

4.) Went to the store (after putting it off for several aeons) on Friday night. Mom can eat microwave meals, but I can't (I prefer not to take along anything that needs to be refrigerated, since I have no access to a fridge or microwave on my various travels). Sandwich makings are still a go, however.

5.) In sympathy with [livejournal.com profile] aeromancy, and because we have the A/C on and I can, have been drinking green tea. Should not have purchased jumbo pack, am afraid of never getting through it now. Persevere in hopes of ultimately moving on to box given us by my grandmother.

6.) Really fell off the wagon on the exercise front, though. It is hard to take much interest in walking a mile out of doors when the heat index is 105, though dark rumors have been whispered of projected rain.

7.) Among other things, I am at present reading The Path of the Devil: Early Modern Witch Hunts by Gary Jensen. The witch craze fascinates me because one can slice it so many ways and interrogate it from several perspectives (including, of course, the wrong one!); Jensen's is a sociological analysis, which is something new since typically what I'm liable to get on the topic is straight history.

8.) X-chan called before she leaves on her exciting vacation (Latvia, also Denmark; [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity, if you run into X, be nice to her OR ELSE). Also, she got the birthday present I mailed her okay. Thankfully, the bottle was unsmashed.

9.) Apparently I've been really tired lately, because I fell asleep in the La-Z-Boy last night with the cat on my lap whilst reading Lenin's Brain (a tremendously funny novel which has long been one of my favorites). It was about midnight when I realized I needed to, uh, wake up and go to bed, and I slept until about 9:30 this morning.

10.) Isn't it remarkable how I can string a pretty boring week into an entire dull, self-absorbed entry about nothing?

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1.) Okay, so never mind the fact that I've actually exercised every day this week until now, and never mind the fact that it's raining and no one could reasonably expect me to go out in the rain and walk a mile. That nagging little voice in the back of my head is saying, "Hey, lardass! Get yourself out to the high school track and WALK!"

2.) This is possibly because I've been bribing myself with watchables; at the moment I'm working my way through Trigun and yes I AM old enough and have been in anime fandom long enough to remember when it was the hot new fandom, but I'm really liking it. This is nice, actually, since I didn't think myself capable of taking more than peripheral, benign interest in anything that didn't have samurai, and I haven't been really into any anime in years. Either that, or I'm becoming a fantard in my old age.

3.) I got a letter from a check verification service today informing me that my checking account information (along with 2 million other people's) has been compromised, basically because one of their employees was misappropriating it and selling it to marketing companies. They have no reason to suspect fraud--they think it was just being used to annoy the piss out of me with direct marketing crap, which should be a crime in and of itself--but all the same my weekend has now been complicated by having to talk to my bank and the credit reporting agencies. The word "FUCK" comes to mind.

4.) I desperately want to mock someone SO HARD for being a pretentious, navel-gazing little twat who feels herself at all qualified to dispense sage advice, but can't because she knows one of my friends and I don't want to bring her sparklyspeshul wrath down on my head. Not, actually, that this would bother me; for one thing, my vocabulary is bigger and I suspect that I am more vicious and have less remorse, so obviously you should put your money on me. However, I can only do so much for the lulz before I get bored, and I'm not sure if the strong likelihood of lulz to be had merits the wanksplosion that might follow.

Also, I would have to 'fess up to reading her journal, which I do because it is a hilarious trainwreck. And if I did this, she might make it friends-only and thus cut some of my lulz off at the source. So I'm not altogether sure that I want to part with these particular lulz at the moment.

Which is probably my way of saying "'tain't nohow worth it".

5.) I ordered apricot tea on a whim, and it came in the mail today. HOORAY. Also, it smells delicious even dry, and very, very strong. Mmm, tea. ♥

6.) Teh m0mmy strongly insinuated that we might turn the A/C on tomorrow if it continues like today. :D Also that there might be PIE. Delicious sweet PIE. Mmm, pie. ♥

7.) I have temporarily called a moratorium on buying new books until I'm done with the pile I got last week in Salem. No, I can't stay out of that bookstore. It has, like, a magnet or something that sucks me in, and oddly, no matter what I want, I always find it.


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