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So I went to buy some workplace-appropriate flats, since lolmom is tired of my snaffling hers (apparently I "stretch them out" or something) and even though I can wear jeans to work, I can't wear sneakers. Thus, my excursion to Shoe Carnival.

I should mention here that, while I like shoes, I hate shopping for shoes. There are a multitude of reasons for this.

I am totally going to cut my feet off )

And then I went to the grocery store and spent $21 on fish yay. I should really have bought the frozen grouper, both cost-wise and because I could have gotten more, but I WANTED FRESH. Also, tried and failed to find tea for lolmom (Lol-Mart is all out of Twinings' English Breakfast, and so is Schnucks).

In other news, and to appease the many of you who only read my journal to learn how the kit is doing:

Oliver found his favorite ball (it looks like a crumpled-up piece of foil, and I had to remind lolmom not to throw it away) under the china cabinet. He has been playing happily with it all evening, until he got a little overzealous in one corner of the dining room and knocked the phone off the side table, which triggered a frantic run into the living room at top speed. Also, his default mode is "I'm so cute! Rub my tummy!", which is adorable most of the time but doesn't work so well for those special times when I'm trying to take food into the house. He just had his shots, and now he shouldn't need to see the vet for a year, unless he concusses himself knocking things over.

My moral dilemma persists at a medium pace. This won't resolve it, but it would probably be an antisocial act for me to give J an ulcer by not writing, so I'd better get on that.

l33 out.
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Good things:

+ Still employed. I am elbow-deep in a project for my boss. Apparently legal descriptions are being ballsed-up. Also, due to having to keep secure information secure, I cannot share something that made me giggle.

+ I have insurance as of today. (I do not, however, have my dental and health cards yet.)

+ The Social Security deductions went down, so I get to keep more of my money. EAT THAT OLD PEOPLE.

+ I got my vacation pay from Lol-Mart. I am tempted to immediately run right out and spend it all on an iPod, but figure I will instead put it in my savings account. Because I'm, like, a responsible adult or some shit.

...I really want that iPod.

+ We've been having real food for dinner. There was coq au vin, which was repurposed the other night into chicken and croutes; and there's ham and beans; and I made a veggie tamale pie which we froze and will have sometime. I need to swing by the store and grab some coconut milk so we can make soup with the rest of that pepper, and cabbage rolls are slated for later this week.

+ Lolmom's plant hired additional help, and eventually lolmom will work from 8 in the evening to 5 in the morning and we can have dinner together. HOORAY.

+ My therapist thinks I'll be ready to move on after another couple-three sessions.

+ Nobody seems terribly put out by my absence. I'm actually not minding it much myself, aside from the relative isolation.

Bad things:
+ The computer still does not turn on.

+ My body apparently decided to not even try to digest the spinach in my delicious sandwich. Seriously, system? Seriously?

+ I'm having a moral dilemma, but it's not something I want to share here and it's probably not serious business.

Yeah. All things considered, things are okay.
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I am enduring a spate of nervous energy, for reasons that may eventually be revealed in the fullness of time. It is not likely to abate anytime soon. I will likely be on edge for a bit.

If you say OMG HI L33 and I respond with something like GRAR I AM GOING TO EAT YOUR HEAD, I apologize in advance but I am not sure if it is entirely avoidable.
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2:40: Go to bed.
7:00: Alarm goes off.
7:15: Finally get out of bed.
8:10: After showering, brushing teeth, getting makeup bag and jewelry together, grabbing interview outfit, moving ironing board, ironing shirt, burning arm, finally get out the door.
8:22: Realize that arm was burnt whilst ironing.
8:30: Lolgreens to pick up Depo syringe.
8:45: Doctor's office to get shot. Almost have meltdown in waiting room. Decide that do not have spoons for meltdown at the moment.
8:50: Get shot. Learn that have already scheduled next physical. Good job, nine-months-ago l33!
9:10: Arrive at Kinkos to print out PDF application for clerical-skillz tests. (Our printer is not compatible with Vista and I have yet to dig out mine, which is why it can't be done at home.)
9:20: Realize that do not have unexpurgated resumé in purse. Pay for printouts and drive back home.
9:45: Arrive at home. Check messages. Take down Title Lord's number, since we've been playing phone tag for almost a week. Finish filling out application from unexpurgated resumé, whilst changing clothes and getting made up.
10:25: Leave for interview.
10:58: Google Maps is a ditzy bitch who is apparently unaware that Mulberry Street (downtown Evansville) cannot be accessed from Riverside. Realize that will be late to interview. Try to call interviewer. Don't get through. Almost have meltdown, then decide that spoons for meltdown are not available.
11:10: Show up at test site, apologize profusely to tester, who is gracious. Take first battery of clerical-skillz tests.
11:30: Done with first round. Take typing test.
11:40: Done with typing test. Take Excel test.
11:50: Flub Excel test phenomenally, since have only ever used it for data entry and not to, like, balance books or whatever. Have been assured by tester that it is not a big deal. Also flub bookkeeping test, as no bookkeeping experience outside of balancing checkbook.
12:00: Asked if there is time for an interview. (When I agreed to come in for clerical-skillz tests, I was told it would only be a series of tests, and that if they decided to interview me they would call me in at a later date.) Interviewer inexplicably impressed by ability to type, alphabetize, spell, do math with assistance of adding machine.
12:30: Drive to library; dump books, change pants and shoes in bathroom. Call Title Lord; leave message with cell phone number. Tag!
1:00: Call lolmom, tell her not to panic if do not arrive home before she leaves for work. Enter bookstore. Plan to not buy anything.
1:15: Title Lord calls whilst in middle of Russian history section. Arrange phone interview for tomorrow morning, become person you hate who yaps on her cell phone at cafés. NOT WORKING AT LOL-MART IS SRS BSNS U GAIZ, I AM NOT GOING TO MISS THIS PHONE CALL.
1:25: Fail spectacularly at not buying anything, though srsly needed Everyday Life in Traditional Japan for Legitimate Scholarly Pursuits and was going to buy The Last Days of the Romanovs anyway. Money is there, though. Also, fuck Lol-Mart for not carrying my magazines anymore. Also also, Archaeology has entire feature article on Etruscans.
2:19: Sated with biscuits, gravy, drive home.
2:48: Arrive home. Find lolmom, yap at her. Learn that X-chan is en route to new job in Tennessee, might come up on Saturday and join us for lolmom's birthday lunch. Yay!
3:38: Arm really, really sore from Depo.
4:05: Get on Int0rbuttz. Find something that really, really did not want to read, refrain from making snide remarks (appease inner asshole by typing them all out on Notepad and closing file without saving), as do not have available spoons for meltdown, fight. Play Text Twist but do not really enjoy it.
6:12: Momentarily writers-blocking, will get over it. Afraid to respond to e-mail/LJ comments because afraid of being a complete and total bastard to correspondents. Will have to respond anyway.
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1.) To whom it may concern: Please stop eating my FUCKING peppers. They are my peppers. I potted them. I water them on a daily basis. I pick them when they are ripe. They are not your peppers. I planted them for me to eat, not for you. You have already ruined two of my yellow peppers.

...Wait a minute. Is this [livejournal.com profile] duokinneas? Is this Talyn pretending to be some sort of bug? If yes: God damn it, Talyn. I'm going to cover you with Sevin dust and then put your desiccated carcass out with the trash and I hope you learn an important lesson from that. Like specifically DON'T BE ALL UP ON MY PEPPERS.

2.) I made codfish pie and then totally forgot to have any until like three days later. Oops? It actually isn't that bad, though it is kind of bland. I would totally eat the potato topping by itself as a side dish, though.

Also, the lolmom made sautéed zucchini and tomatoes, that bête noir of my childhood, for dinner tonight. (I was hungry on account of my dinner was forty minutes late, so Cheesy Poop Fries would have tasted pretty good at that point. Assuming that such a recipe exists, and that I could suppress my knowledge of what was in it.) It was less heinously offensive than I remembered, even if the zucchini was limp, but then it combined noxiously with my meds and gave me some gastrointestinal issues and now I take back that assessment. (In conversation, it was revealed that the zucchini was already starting to go bad.) Sautéed zucchini and tomatoes shouldn't be awful, because there's not a thing in there I don't like, but they are. DDDD:

3.) I think I might be getting better, because I've gone aeons without watching anything with Toshiro Mifune in it and I'm fine. Relatively speaking. I'm not sure if I'm ready to mentally break up with him, though.

4.) I have been overthinking a bunch of things that nobody cares about. [livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar is, as ever, requested not to spill my secrets to the entire Int0rbuttz.
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The good:
+ I was afraid that something might happen, but it didn't, and it has been conclusively proven as of this morning that this thing did not happen.
+ I have been in a pretty good mood lately.
+ Lolmom has been a baking fool and we're having tea for dinner, with little sandwiches and muffins and so on and omg so good. :9
+ I have a short tomorrow and then I'm off Tuesday. SQUEE.
+ We finally had RoofMan come look at the porch roof, and it turns out it's not going to be as hefty to fix as we thought. OMG YOU GUYS WE MAY ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO USE THE PORCH AGAIN. :D

The bad:
+ I still have to go to work tomorrow.
+ My cell phone seems to have breathed its last. Further bulletins as events warrant. AT&T had best replace it or at least let me keep my number et al, or there will be some SRS BSNS all up in southern Indiana. So, uh, I may not be Twittering all that much. Still, I have it pretty good if this is the worst of my problems--ultimately, it's a low-grade pain in the ass. [EDIT: Finally got it to turn on. In my infinite wisdom, I let the battery run down. Duhurr, l33. Phone is charging now.]
+ I'm still bleeding. Hopefully my next round of Depo--this Friday--will put a stop to that, or at least encourage it to end.
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First off, a happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] momo! Yesterday, you were 21, and can now drink rhubarb wine (and also spleen wine, if spleens ferment well).

Also, I have had some very interesting conversations in the course of the past 24 hours. And that's all I'm really going to say about that.

Tomorrow: I am off, and Yojimbo should be here shortly. Yay sekrit boyfriend!
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You know how you have this thing going on where you're up late at night/early in the morning and you know you should be in bed but you don't feel tired and you can't be arsed? Yeah. I have to at least drop off for a couple of hours or so, since Camille and I have tentative plans for later today and I don't want to be a complete bitch while we're hanging out.

I seem to have dropped a couple of pounds in the last week. Insh'allah, this trend will continue. Which is now helped by the fact that we are out of frozen bagel snacks, since I ate them all. OH THE IRONY.

I have had serious "career" angst, and have pretty much decided that, if the opportunity arises, I will sell out, the better to effect my triumphant return to Bloomington. Truly, I am a master of cunning persiflages. Or not. Anyway, my mantra for this year is "no complaining" (lololol), so we'll see how this goes. In any case, I may not be afforded the opportunity to sell out. We Shall See. (In tandem with not complaining, I am also trying not to be horribly self-loathing, but this is also one of those things which We Shall See.)

Also I am trying very hard not to think about some other things, which I generally have been doing okay at and then it hits me like a brickbat to the gut. This is how and why I have become addicted to Xwap and online mahjongg; I use it as a thought-stopping mechanism.

I apologize to everybody who looks at the next post, but I'm trying to keep myself relatively accountable. Public shame is a strong motivator for me, so there 'tis.

♥ for [livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar, because. ♥
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+ First, though this comes very belated, things came from [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity, [livejournal.com profile] beldar, and [livejournal.com profile] dethorats arrived, and were opened and squeed over and greatly appreciated in general. Thanks, guys. ★
+ X-chan was home for Christmas, which was nice and drama-free; I had worried that there might be drama. But it was great to see her again, and I'm pleased by how well she's doing. (No explanation forthcoming, the end.)
+ I am feeling very self-loathing at the moment, due in part to the fact that I a.) have paid my auto insurance and am now poor, and b.) seem unable to touch anything without immediately breaking it. My trail of destruction has continued with a box of Christmas ornaments and the towel bar (again). Also, more stuff that I'm going to be cryptic about; I'm not worried so much about the stuff itself but about what I've made up about that, and I'm going to have to wait one way or the other in order to find out how accurate it is. ASDFLKAJSDLFKJASLDFJ.
+ I am trying to counter the above with hefty rounds of Int0rbuttz games, fanfiction, and "Ladies" by Sarai on constant repeat, because there's just something about it that makes me happy.
+ At least I have New Year's Day off.
+ Uh, I think that's it then.
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So I went to Bloomington yesterday. Actually, for a change, the point of yesterday wasn't to go to Bloomington, but since Bloomington was on the way back from the classified location I visited for an undisclosed purpose, I visited anyway. Seriously, you don't think I'm going to not go home every chance I get.

([livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar is not to spew my sekrits to the Int0rbuttz at large, or I will say stupid things that make her laugh until she dies hoard all the carob ever and leverage it to drive the price to ridiculous levels.)

Fortunately for me and my wallet, the used-scholarly-literature bookstore was closed, but Tracks, in its never-ending bid to separate me from my money, was not, so I paid them a visit. More specifically, I paid their punk section a visit, where I proceeded to obtain Give 'Em Enough Rope (to replace the CD that I broke last year when I was in Bloomington and dropped my player) and Sandinista! (to replace the CDs that disappeared into the bowels of somewhere and which I haven't seen in at least 2-3 years. In this manner, I have now ensured that the original Sandinista! will turn up somewhere).

Also, I fell off the wagon, as I've done a few times this year, and visited the Village Deli, which is nomular. I visited the Village Deli specifically for the purpose of obtaining their Wednesday special, a barbeque beef sandwich which I remembered fondly. It turned out to be okay, but not quite as good as I remembered, and I promptly regretted it, which is really the story of all my fallings off the wagon. It makes me wonder if it would even be worth it for good, fresh steak tartare.

I look smaller and older and more tired without a fuckton of makeup and my hair in some kind of order. (Actually, I should probably get Connie to thin out the bangs a bit as otherwise they can look a bit helmet-ish.) It's really kind of weird; I never noticed it before.

I think I have conjunctivitis again, somehow. This blows. It also means I need to chunk and replace an assload of eye makeup, which also blows.

The heat index in Evansville and environs was 98 yesterday. It is projected to be 100 today. As the lolmom will not turn on the A/C, she suggested that I spend the bulk of the day elsewhere if possible. Needless to say, a lot of cold food is being consumed at our house. Also, the cat is DYING of HEATSTROKE and keeps dragging her carcass to various locations, there to flop (in an OMG DYING manner) as if dead in the hopes that I will turn the sun off.
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Just a post to the effect that I'm still alive. I don't know that I have a whole lot to say right now, which, true to form, will not prevent me from spewing forth God-knows-what. Thus, I give you this crap.

1.) I think Lol-Mart is getting to me. I hope the darkest hour is going to be just before dawn, in the mildest sense of the word "hope", since it's a feeling with which I'm pretty much unacquainted.
2.) I was eligible for my first profit-sharing check this pay period, so received a paycheck of unusual size. In honor of this momentous event, I intend to make the car payment! Hurrah!
3.) Ainsley asked me to come to Holiday World (local amusement park over in Spencer County) with her and her boyfriend and some other folks. Unfortunately, I have to work that day, so it's not on. Camille and her fiancé are going instead, so at least the Pains will have somebody gr00vy to hang around with.
4.) In only tangentially related news, I drove Camille to her mechanic's the other day so she could pick up her car. In so doing, I discovered vast swathes of Chandler previously unknown to me.
5.) Books, I has them. ZOMG PERISH THE THOUGHT.
6.) Apparently I have a birthday in a couple of weeks. I am putting everyone on notice that I have no intentions of turning 29 and will, instead, be turning 24. Because it's my reality and I can warp it if I want. Solipsistic of me, yes, but we all have our little ways.
7.) Some other stuff is going on, and I don't want to say anything in case it gets jinxed, something I'm damn good at doing. [livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar, who can read my thoughts, is requested not to tell the Int0rwebz my shameful sekrits.
8.) I am concerned about my cucumber plant, which was battered by the storm. I WANT SOME DELICIOUS CUCUMBERS, THX.
9.) Also, I'm probably going to be dilatory and uninvolved--more so than usual, I mean--until #7 is resolved one way or the other. I am sure everyone will manage.
10.) There is no #10.
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1.) Happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] angeljuggalette. Sorry, Char -- I knew something important happened on Sunday, but I was off work and faintly groggy, so I couldn't put my finger on what. Duhuhh. >_<

2.) Feeling somewhat better since the last post; it would help if I knew what was going to happen so I knew which direction to take, but I don't expect anything for another couple of weeks. ([livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar, who can read my thoughts directly, is requested to not spill them to the Int0rwebz at large.)

3.) I promise to break the cycle of being bad at memes and hop on the one that both Tara and [livejournal.com profile] dethorats inflicted on me, but it will take a while if you want to read anything that makes sense.

4.) Because it has been brought to my attention that my journal occasionally makes people hungry, I thought I would torment the people in question further--we had the lazy man's gourmet on Sun. night. Basically: break out a slab of frozen salmon, sprinkle it with kosher salt and dill, and stick it in the oven for about 20-25 minutes. Nuke microwavable baked potatoes for about 14 minutes. Nuke frozen green beans almandine for 5. Given the half-assed nature of preparation, the results are delicious and v. respectable. Nomnomnom. :9

5.) Books, I has them. I am incapable of exercising restraint when I see printed matter. This is how I a.) overdid it at the University library last week and b.) dropped $61 at the Book Rack. It's a good thing I didn't visit the used-scholarly-texts bookstore.

6.) The pavement, I must go pound it.
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You know how sometimes you want to say something to your friend, except the something you want to say could be interpreted as a personal criticism even though it's not meant that way, and you're just not that good at pulling your punches so you can't find any sort of delicate wording, and you're afraid this could be a big deal later down the road and THEN you'll wish you said something EVEN THOUGH IT IS NONE OF YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS ANYWAY? Because seriously, your baggage is just that and you have no business making it your friend's baggage.

In other news, Firefox went batshit on me and demanded that I create a profile in order to be allowed to use it in the future, and as a result my default profile is now called "goddammitknockitoff", a phrase which summarizes entire periods of my life.

Also, I managed to spatter myself with mayonnaise today, which really pissed me off.

Tomorrow is Friday. HOORAY.
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Will answer comments, and hopefully [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity's e-mail, and do some other stuff later, but for now, because [livejournal.com profile] anjala is probably wondering whether she needs to come destroy the pods so that Real Lee can come back, and a number of the rest of you may also be wondering this but be disinclined to voice it, yes, I really did make the past couple of posts. I intended to disable comments but forgot (a phrase which sums up so much of my life), so commenting stands.

Yes, it was me, and not Evil Pod Lee. I would like to reassure everybody that I'm okay, but I'm not sure yet whether I'm okay because I don't think the little drama has played out its scene fully yet, and I don't want to say anything until I know something for sure.

Also, the past couple of weeks have been really horrific.

Also also, I promise to update about my FASCINATING venture to Bloomington last weekend (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Student Pits), but I have work to get out right now.
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Dear Lee,

Stop agonizing and make up your goddamn mind. It is a yes or no question. It is not the question you had hoped to be asked, but there are some very definite benefits for you in it. Ask for advice when you're not feeling exhausted and hungry and thoroughly head-reely in general. Also, naptime is good.

Also, just because you see something OMFGSOADORABLE does not mean that you must instantly buy it for [livejournal.com profile] ukekenshin, who would probably like it if you got off your duff and mailed all the OTHER things you bought her.

No love, and scant tolerance,


Apr. 24th, 2007 07:35 am
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Well, it don't rain but it pours.
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Dear Lee,

You fucking blew it. You are a fucking motard.

Do not ever do this again, k?

No love,


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