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Also, while I'm griping about things, it would really be nice if blowing my nose didn't cause me to feel like I'm blowing my eardrums inside out at the same time. (I'm not, but it feels like that, and I wish the pressure in my ears would get itself sorted out.) The temptation to go out and chug a two-liter of Diet Coke in the hopes of fixing this with window-rattling belches is really overwhelming, if simultaneously uncouth. I hate residual symptoms from sick I had a week ago.

Oliver says Hi from under the phone table.

I joined the rest of the century and bought a Kindle, mainly because a lot of classic works are cheaper to own on Kindle (or outright free) and I can't go through life firing up Project Gutenberg every time I want to read something. I've got Letters to a Young Poet all cued up. I also have a stack of hard copies sitting around. (I was going through my Giant Big McLargeHuge List Of Ways To Blow Through My Disposable Income and realized I've already acquired several of the books thereon, in a very unintentional way. I am ridiculous. However, I did finally get my hands on 1493 and George, Nicholas, and Wilhelm thanks to my father's Christmas gift, thus proving that my father is occasionally good for something.)

I am a little steamed with the cleaning people at work. I do not like having my desk toys knocked over, though I can live with that. (Though, you know, if you're going to pretend to dust, you might actually remove dust from the desk.) I really do not like having my toys broken, and was mightily annoyed when I came in on Monday to find the samurai that [livejournal.com profile] dethorats gave me broken. Not badly broken - the kuwagata on his helmet had been knocked off, and thanks to the slings and arrows of the USPS, that was inevitable - but "where is the glue gun?" broken. The only reason I'm not complaining is that the kuwagata was already loose.


Tomorrow, I dine wherever is reasonably priced in Bloomington. (I'm thinking Finch's, though I'm torn because I think their only low-carb options are salads and when it's this cold outside, I don't want salad.)

The monitor is behaving now (obv), but although I have things I want to write up and share, I'm afraid to do so lest the Green, Blurry Plague comes back. I may make a manful stab at it anyway.
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(Because "Announcements OMG" just didn't seem to get the job done.)

1.) [livejournal.com profile] dethorats! Your package came yesterday and is full of awesome and win! :D I have the samurai figurine sitting on my desk at work (the USPS may have dropped him, despite your best efforts; I may need to glue his kuwagata back on). Also, whilst I have barely had time to scan the Journal of Asian Studies you sent me, ARE YOU IN IT OMG?!

2.) I did something stupid and bought xi-feng.org (no link because it's not configured yet). Or rather, I bought it back, because I used to own it and then for a while in there I didn't, and now it's mine again. MINE MINE MINE. I believe my XFO address was my default for quite a long time, so I may get residual e-mail from it, which will be interesting 8D
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[livejournal.com profile] dethorats, I got your package! We've been enjoying the delicious goodies, and Alan Moore is always a pleasant surprise (though you may have given that one to me already; I'm not sure. HELP I'VE TURNED INTO ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO DOESN'T KNOW WHICH BOOKS SHE HAS). Thank you! ♥

So the kitten had a vet's appointment this morning.

Our Kitten Is Damaged Goods )

One of my Christmas presents from the lolmom was a membership in the Orange Mug Club, which supports public radio and the very funny news show Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me, and which also entitles members to free coffee at some of the locally owned coffee shops for a year. One of these shops is on Main Street in Evansville, just a few blocks from the RMUTA building, and I was very excited about COFFEE. Unfortunately, it's only open from 7-4. (For downtown Evansville, this actually makes perfect sense, and I don't blame them at all. Despite what Evansville would like you to believe, it does NOT have a thriving and vibrant downtown; downtown is largely a business district and is pretty much dead before 8 a.m., after 5 p.m., and on the weekends.) I'll have to start getting up early a couple of mornings a week. :D

Uh, that's pretty much it for me, I think. How are you guys?

lol ur old

Sep. 15th, 2010 05:07 pm
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] dethorats!

Now you, too, can join me in the dustbin of not-our-first-youth. Hopefully today will be a pleasant one, without life-threatening mildew? XD
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This is my journal. I can totally do this to you if I want. It's totally under a cut so you can totally skip it if you want. I also totally abused the word "totally" in the preceding sentences, for which I apologize.

Meme: The Care and Feeding of Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! )
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+ First, though this comes very belated, things came from [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity, [livejournal.com profile] beldar, and [livejournal.com profile] dethorats arrived, and were opened and squeed over and greatly appreciated in general. Thanks, guys. ★
+ X-chan was home for Christmas, which was nice and drama-free; I had worried that there might be drama. But it was great to see her again, and I'm pleased by how well she's doing. (No explanation forthcoming, the end.)
+ I am feeling very self-loathing at the moment, due in part to the fact that I a.) have paid my auto insurance and am now poor, and b.) seem unable to touch anything without immediately breaking it. My trail of destruction has continued with a box of Christmas ornaments and the towel bar (again). Also, more stuff that I'm going to be cryptic about; I'm not worried so much about the stuff itself but about what I've made up about that, and I'm going to have to wait one way or the other in order to find out how accurate it is. ASDFLKAJSDLFKJASLDFJ.
+ I am trying to counter the above with hefty rounds of Int0rbuttz games, fanfiction, and "Ladies" by Sarai on constant repeat, because there's just something about it that makes me happy.
+ At least I have New Year's Day off.
+ Uh, I think that's it then.
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I really should get off my ass and go out pounding the pavement. But you know, I did that yesterday and I'd like some time off for today, especially since I'm off tomorrow and I'm probably going to be too busy during the rest of the week. I would like to figure out some way to stave off the guilt later on, though.

It's been more or less grey and gloomy; on the plus side, the irises are starting to bloom, so the backyard is a vast expanse of green with dots of red and purple here and there (the tulips are up as well, and I think so are the hyacinths, but they may be starting to wilt).

We've been cooking more, which is one of the better consequences of recent events, and about the only thing that doesn't ttly suck ass. The lolmom's making rye bread; we're having zucchini quiche for dinner tonight, and last night we had SHELLS STUFFED WITH SPINACH AND CHEESE FUCK YES. This is fair enough since we're probably living on leftovers for the rest of this week.

H wrote and showered me with some of his insecurities, which I guess is fair enough. I'm constantly being told that not many people are like me.

([livejournal.com profile] imperfectkatoru): Sorry about the other night. I'd forgotten that AIM was set up to turn on automatically when one logs on the Int0rbuttz, so didn't tell Mom, which is what happened there.)

Also, congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] dethorats! You're a REAL adult now! XD

I am kind of in a chatty mood lately, or at least a little more prosocial than I usually am, so maybe there will be some LJ posts that aren't goddamn Twitter entries. Also, I may be more with the social networking and interaction and whatnot. (This inevitably leads into my apologizing to everybody I've got friended on my neglected Goodreads account, because TTL BOOKSPAM BBY.) We'll see. I've had a powerful RP itch lately.
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1.) Happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] angeljuggalette. Sorry, Char -- I knew something important happened on Sunday, but I was off work and faintly groggy, so I couldn't put my finger on what. Duhuhh. >_<

2.) Feeling somewhat better since the last post; it would help if I knew what was going to happen so I knew which direction to take, but I don't expect anything for another couple of weeks. ([livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar, who can read my thoughts directly, is requested to not spill them to the Int0rwebz at large.)

3.) I promise to break the cycle of being bad at memes and hop on the one that both Tara and [livejournal.com profile] dethorats inflicted on me, but it will take a while if you want to read anything that makes sense.

4.) Because it has been brought to my attention that my journal occasionally makes people hungry, I thought I would torment the people in question further--we had the lazy man's gourmet on Sun. night. Basically: break out a slab of frozen salmon, sprinkle it with kosher salt and dill, and stick it in the oven for about 20-25 minutes. Nuke microwavable baked potatoes for about 14 minutes. Nuke frozen green beans almandine for 5. Given the half-assed nature of preparation, the results are delicious and v. respectable. Nomnomnom. :9

5.) Books, I has them. I am incapable of exercising restraint when I see printed matter. This is how I a.) overdid it at the University library last week and b.) dropped $61 at the Book Rack. It's a good thing I didn't visit the used-scholarly-texts bookstore.

6.) The pavement, I must go pound it.
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Some belated shout-outs: Yo, [livejournal.com profile] dethorats! Just a note to say that the package came a few days ago, and was opened with many noises of delight. :D I look forward to Bomba the Jungle Boy, in a hip, postmodern misappropriation-of-The-Boys'-Own-Paper sort of way, as you have your finger eerily on the pulse of my literary tastes.

Also, while I'm going "yo" at people, yo to [livejournal.com profile] beldar and [livejournal.com profile] the_dark_snack, both of whom I met once, whose card came a day or two ago. The Penguin Fairy of Joy is welcome in my home any time, and can no doubt kick the Bluebird of Happiness' ass. (As we're fond of saying at my house, "But what this scene REALLY needs…is a PENGUIN.")

I finally got a new cellphone. I'm doing the pay-as-you-go thing, because right now the last thing I need is another bill to worry about. Anyway, should there be intermittent disruptions in twittering, that's why. (Incidentally, if you're on Twitter, my username is, unsurprisingly, xifeng. If you want me to follow you thereon in a creepy, stalkerish manner and I'm not already doing so, do let me know.) For whatever reason, I'm not getting tweets from some of you; no doubt Twitter is malfunctioning or something.

Last night, ran around to libraries (didn't go to Bloomington as originally planned, but I'm off Saturday so I might do it then, weather permitting). Got home at 8:30 and was surprised to find that the lolmom was not there; on examining voicemail, complete with several panicky messages, the following saga unfolded.

Lolmom: o hai iz me. i r @ w0rk. car iz ded. i haz it towed. plz come pix me up DDDD:
l33: *is at the library; comes home*
Lolmom: iz me again. plz dnot maek me spend nite @ w0rk DDDD:
l33: OFUX. DDDD: *dials lolmom at work*
Lolmom: o hai. i cans come home nau? :D
Lolmom: iz ok. plz u pix me up nau? kthx. :DDDD

And so I undertook the Voyage To The Center Of Nowhere in order to pick her up.

(Random fun fact: The lolmom has a degree in English and doesn't actually talk like this, but sometimes our conversations verge so much on the WTF that I feel compelled to represent her in Netspeak. I mentioned that she's sort of like my blog mascot-cute, lovable, occasionally bumbling-and she asked if she had a cute cartoon avatar. I said no, I usually use :D and D: to represent her as necessary.)

We're not sure what's wrong with the car. Mom said it wouldn't start at all, and when she called someone to come jump it for her, he was unable to do so (either with the battery pack or with jumper cables); the battery's only a year old and shouldn't need to be replaced for some time to come. Oddly, she had lights and radio, which isn't consistent with a battery issue. She's had intermittent problems with getting the car to heat (the heating system has extracted concessions from her but shows no signs of actually capitulating). We're really hoping it can be fixed easily, because we're in no position to buy another car.

Tomorrow is 2009! It's a SHINY NEW YEAR which I haven't managed to dork up yet. (Wait.)

Kiss my ass, 2008.
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Dicking about with the family tree produced some results that, whilst groovy if true, I completely do not believe. I rather suspect someone got their facts seriously wrong somewhere along the line. It is a good thing I found this out before I decided to go and rub potential Vikings in [livejournal.com profile] dethorats' face.

However, I can say this with a reasonable amount of confidence:

Y'are a baggage, the Slys are no rogues. Look in the chronicles; we came in with Richard Conqueror.

Still pretty groovy. :D
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Yo, [livejournal.com profile] dethorats! I found some lolarious Smurf pr0n for you! No Care Bear pr0n yet, though.

(Warning, like you can't tell: Link is not safe for work, eyeballs, or childhoods.)

My work here is done. :D
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I saw Ronin Gai today; the second word is pronounced "guy", in case [livejournal.com profile] uigenna felt compelled to make a smart remark, as occasionally happens. XD This was the 1980s one, not the original one from back in the day, but still, it was of the pwn. The fight scenes were fabulous and there was actually an ending that someone besides me would recognize as happy (the traditional ending to a samurai film is typically on the order of EVERYBODY DIES).

Still don't have a job.

Also, I present you with a meme ganked from [livejournal.com profile] daturabelle, which I thought might be of use to the new additions to the flist, or to anyone else who's dying of curiosity (all 1.3 of you). The boilerplate:

You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think, "Wait a minute. Since when are they working THERE? Since when are they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

OMG BEHOLD. Or don't. )
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Preliminary announcement: My domain registration just expired, so the proverbial e-mail wasn't working for a bit in there. I just renewed it and it's now back up and running. If you tried to e-mail me, or wonder why I didn't respond to your comments, that's the deal.

For God knows what reason, I keep getting these Fingerhut catalogues in the mail. I don't buy things from Fingerhut. I have never bought anything from Fingerhut, and yet they arrive regularly, every two or three months, with a biohazard orange cover and giant letters informing me that THIS MAY BE YOUR LAST CATALOGUE, [Lee's Full Name]. If I never hear from them again, I'll be surprised.

Anyway, Fingerhut wants me to take out a credit account with them (like I don't have enough credit cards I'm trying to pay off), which would be fair enough if a.) I wanted any more debt, and b.) Fingerhut actually sold anything I really want. Except I was surfing through it last night, just to make sure there wasn't anything I really wanted, and there was the greatest backyard toy EVAR right there.


Tragically, however, it does not seem to have been made for people the size of [livejournal.com profile] dethorats and me, though [livejournal.com profile] treyvadi could possibly still pull it off. Also, if X-chan were here with her ¾ ton pickup, we could put it in the bed and drive around, pillaging shiny new SUVs at red lights just for the hell of it. Because nothing makes yuppie scum madder than having to try and reason with you while you're wearing an inflatable pirate hat, especially if you’ve already got at least 15 or 20 IQ points on them.

We'll have to do that sometime, just as soon as I get the other credit cards paid off.

(PSA: Apparently, real piracy is Srs Bsns. Don't try this at home, kids! This has been Lee's Half-Baked Moment of Peripheral Civic Duty.)
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Just got done with The Princes of Ireland by Edward Rutherfurd the other day. I wasn't sure what to expect, but hey, it's Ireland, it's historical fiction, I had to read it. On the whole, I enjoyed it, though I had some nitpicks with the first part, set in the pre-Christian Iron Age.

Being familiar with the mythology, my brain kind of wanted to put a lot of the character names in the mythological framework and kept going "lolol Conall Cearnach" even after I told it not to. This was rather irritating, though I was ultimately able to make it stop.

SPOILER WARNING. Do not read if you have any intentions of ever reading this book. )

Also, I believe the word is geisa rather than geissi, but I've seen it spelled at least two different ways, so I can't be sure. Also also, I'm not familiar with Irish noun-case morphology. Whee, lookit l33 sling linguistic terms like she has any idea what the hell she’s talking about! (For those not familiar with the word, it is sometimes translated as "taboo" but also has overtones of "condition", in the sense that a condition is placed on one that one must commit or omit certain behaviors or acts, or in the sense that one lays such a condition on oneself.)

Oh, and this article should be required reading for canars new and old, or for anyone who has ever found it necessary or expedient to take on a magical/religious/magicoreligious name. (Yes, I do have one. Yes, I broke one of the rules mentioned herein, although not for that reason; I use an epithet of several goddesses, because of its meaning. You'd have to really know Greek religion to know the epithet in question, though, which I'm sure does not make it okay.) I shall excerpt just a bit for the delectation of [livejournal.com profile] dethorats, as her beloved cousin (or his namesake) is directly mentioned.

It took one person of Lady Pixie's acquaintance only a few minutes to blur together Gwydion son of Don, and Girion, Lord of Dale, into the craft name "Lord Gwyrionin"--and several months to find out that the name he had invented, and used throughout the local pagan scene, was also the Welsh word for "idiot".

Also, the enterprising Patrick Brown is in the process of turning THE ENTIRE ULSTER CYCLE into a webcomic. (I perhaps extrapolated a bit too much, but the impression I gained was that ultimately the story will cover the entire Ulster cycle.) What he has thus far is rockin' with Dokken. AWWW YEAH.

In conclusion, the ancient Celts. :D
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First off: THXSOMUCH [livejournal.com profile] dethorats 4 PCKG. You are now officially my favorite for the espresso chocolate alone, and may possibly hold the coveted post of Favoritest Ever for the Maori folktales. Also, the socks fucking ROCK and match my ttly 4w5um grey pants. Also also, I hope you survived your attempt at better living through dentistry. XD

Mom and I are d0rks, so we celebrated New Year's Eve with a pizza (that we bought with the gift card X-chan gave us) and a stack of movies. (We had been going to go out and see something, but it was dark and rainy and we'd both been driving around all day and neither of us felt like driving anywhere farther than the movie rental store or Pizza Hut.)

H is in Kobe, and likely to be there for the next week or thereabouts. This gives me license to slack on the e-mail front. Also, since I got to see my sister, he gets to see his. Fair is fair even if I am a bit lost without him.

Blah blah blah gabble gabble gabble )

And now, off to bed.
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So, the Christmas haul:

Under a cut, so you don't have to endure my blatant materialism )

Callice received a new catnip toy, which she played with for all of five minutes before she decided that it would be more fun to go gnaw on the curly ribbon on the packages. We wound up tying curly ribbon to the catnip toy (which entailed touching cat slobber), and she was mellow for all of twenty minutes. Seriously, I do not understand why some people sentimentalize their cats.

Happy holidays, you lot. ♥
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Everything that could go wrong last week did (the short summary: I broke the showerhead on Monday; I tried to make candy and wound up burning the almond bark and had to get more; I ran all over God's green acre and have no money and then on top of that I did not get my paycheck on Friday and so I couldn't get my car out of the shop because without that money I can't pay for the deductible). But it's the weekend now, and X-chan has just arrived from Parts Unknown and is currently sleeping off her jet lag, and none of the other shit matters anymore.

H sent me flowers, which arrived today quite unexpectedly (I had already gone to the post office to pick up the other things he sent me, which I had to sign for, and am now richer by 2000 yen).

Nobody, in all my life, has ever, ever sent me flowers before.

I love flowers.

It is harder than you might think to find the words to tell someone that he is, easily, the most wonderful person you have ever met in your entire life, especially when your standard expressions of love/affection tend to sound like, "Yo, [livejournal.com profile] dethorats! I'm going to skewer you alive and then put fire ants up your nose!" or "Goddammit, [livejournal.com profile] imperfectkatoru, I'm going to kick your ass." I've spent almost four hours trying to figure it out, which isn't working, and I think the thing to do may be to come out and say it.

In conclusion, YAY.
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So I went Christmas shopping today, which was just perfect because everybody of course wants to drive around in the rain and stand in line for hours and hours and hours. On the other hand, at least I took care of [livejournal.com profile] dethorats' Christmas presents (heh heh heh, I done took care of Price real good) and X-chan. That's the plus side of giving yourself permission to stop when Christmas shopping isn't fun anymore.

Also, I had an eggnog latte made of WIN and finished a couple of books, so yay.

Oh, and I was very restrained when I got to Best Buy, because not only did I not buy [livejournal.com profile] duokinneas some adorable Hello Kitty swag, but I also did not buy a couple of anime DVDs which were, basically, tales of Edo-period horror involving the Goblin Cat and the one about the samurai who poisons his wife. (You know the story; the one where he poisons his wife so he can marry another girl who would be a better alliance but the poison backfires and disfigures the wife and she's so demoralized she dies and then she haunts him for aeons. I'm too lazy to go Wikifag it right now, so that's all you get if you don't already know the story.) This was tremendously restrained for me, since as you know I think the presence of a samurai automatically constitutes Great Art. A samurai could have saved Ishtar. And Bratz: The Movie.

Because it's That Time Of Year:
Ten Christmas Songs I Actually Like )
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Work was not worth writing about, other than to say that if you have enough money to own three different pieces of property, you should be sure you have enough money to PAY YOUR FUCKING MORTGAGE on three different pieces of property. When you don't, and I have to get full copies, meaning the complaint and judgment, which usually evens out to about 10 pages and thus $10 per file, on every single last one of your foreclosed properties, I come to the conclusion that you deserve to die. Thxsomuch for your attention to this matter.

Today, a skinny little black-and-white cat clambered about on the porch. (I learned about this the same way I learn about all potential cats: I caught Callice screaming at him/her/it.) Initially, I wasn't sure if it was a kitten or if it was just an extremely small and malnourished adult cat, and put out some food and water for it; it let me pet it, though didn't purr discernibly, and puttered into the yard to thrash around and heroically climb the bushes. It turns out that the grey cat who is Callice's archnemesis is the black-and-white kitten's mommy. She allowed it to get up on the porch and eat some of the food I put out for it; the kitten's response was, basically, "nom nom nom i has many kibbles" and the momcat's response to my being there was closer to, "Well, okay, you might be all right even if the Ferocious Parti-Coloured Beast doesn't want us here."

Callice was Not Happy about the fact that I petted the kitten and then petted her with the same hand, but she graciously condescended to receive pets anyway.

Thus, we disprove m0mmy's hypothesis that Callice mightn't be threatened by a kitten (her theory is that a kitten could show Callice how to use the litterbox, and my theory is that Callice, if left alone with a kitten, could kill and eat it and then destroy the Midwest with a flood of pee).

I may be going to Bloomington tomorrow. I may also be waiting until Monday, since that's when the books are actually due and the odds of my having work for then are pretty slim, but I'd rather do it when class isn't in session and there's a place to park.

Also, because it is Friday, here is a meme I stole from [livejournal.com profile] dethorats! This one is behind a cut, in case you don't care about my rich fantasy life, which is not of general interest. :D

Fictiony goodness ahoy! All aboard the Failboat! )

Have fun. :D
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] dethorats!


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