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Dec. 17th, 2010 10:33 pm
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Lee's Stint at Lol-Mart
28 August 2008-17 December 2010

It is finished, and now I can focus on really productive things, such as getting ready to start my new job on Monday. I am excited and also nervous and am mostly just trying to focus on getting through the first day. @__@;

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So I got a call from RMUTA HR Man today, or rather I got a message he left on his answering machine, about I-9 documentation, which surprised me as that isn't usually requested until you actually start work. This, of course, sent me into a frenzy of nerves about OMGWTFBBQ I WAAAAAANT THIS JOOOOOOOOBBBBBBB.

(Explanatory note for the non-Americans on the flist: I-9 documentation establishes your right to work in the US. All employers are required to verify your eligibility for employment, and you can do this by providing certain kinds of ID; the government provides employers with lists of what constitutes acceptable ID. You can provide something like a passport, which establishes both your identity and your citizenship, or you can provide, say, a driver's license to establish your identity and a Social Security card to establish your citizenship/right to work in the US. Employers must accept any documentation that is approved by the government for employment authorization purposes; they are not entitled to specify which documents are okay and not okay. Moreover, your I-9 documentation must be submitted to the federal government by your employer within three days.)

As I think I mentioned in my previous post about getting the job, RMUTA originally wanted me to start on 6 December; however, they didn't call me to offer me a job until 2 December, which was very short notice and probably wouldn't have been enough time to get all the pre-employment screening back. I also mentioned that, uh, I was currently employed and would need to give notice, so it was decided that I would start on 20 December. Turns out, HR Man put me down in the system as starting on the earlier date, with the result that the Powers That Be are all like WHERE IS THIS WOMAN'S I-9 DOCUMENTATION AND WHY IS IT NOT IN YET. Fortunately, it's fairly quick and easy to fix.

Also, after talking to the HR lady at work today, I learnt that I am getting two more checks, not one as I had previously assumed; I will get a direct deposit (final paycheck for, like, work I actually did) and then be issued a live check for vacation pay. :D

Life stuff, mostly an outing )
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1.) I feel as if I've been through the ringer, and there is absolutely no reason why I should feel this way. I did nothing whatsoever on Monday and Tuesday, other than some minor picking up.

2.) Last night, I dreamed that I was going to fuck [ profile] imperfectkatoru, except then I woke up and it took me a minute to realize that I wasn't still dreaming so I was all like "wait wtf how did this happen". Then cold, hard reality set in and I realized that I was not going to fuck Fred, at least not imminently. On the other hand, it was certainly much better than the dream I had the other night where I killed the neighbors' daughter (who oddly looked like Lindsay Lohan, wtf brain) and was on tenterhooks waiting for them to find out and have me prosecuted. (I forget why I killed her. I think it was an accident. Since it was a dream, I'm not terribly worried about it now.)

3.) Hours are being cut at work. Oh joy of joys. FUCK YOU LOL-MART SALARIED MANAGEMENT. Oh and also the state road I need to get to work is closed between Buehler's (another grocery store just down the street) and Lol-Mart, so what used to be a 10-minute drive now takes a good 25-30 minutes. FUCK YOU INDOT.

4.) So the S******* family reunion (lolmom's people) is this weekend, and X-chan flew in today. It's nice to see her, despite the fact that I had to swill out the shower this morning, and we spent most of the afternoon talking about Star Wars. (X-chan and I will talk about the most bizarre and random shit if left to our own devices. This quickly segued into why the Vader Sues on AFFN aren't more creative, because seriously if I could use the Force and read my partner's feelings and fantasies and grope him/her from afar, y'all would be lining up for my sweet, sweet midichlorian loving. Don't pretend you wouldn't.) Then I went to work and then came home, whereupon X-chan informed me that she was watching Toddlers and Tiaras, which is seriously the greatest trainwreck on earth. I now know what to expect when I die and go to Hell. At least X-chan reassured me that I wasn't a terrible person for taking a virulent dislike to a bratty four-year-old contestant (and her idiot parents).
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Just a post to the effect that I'm still alive. I don't know that I have a whole lot to say right now, which, true to form, will not prevent me from spewing forth God-knows-what. Thus, I give you this crap.

1.) I think Lol-Mart is getting to me. I hope the darkest hour is going to be just before dawn, in the mildest sense of the word "hope", since it's a feeling with which I'm pretty much unacquainted.
2.) I was eligible for my first profit-sharing check this pay period, so received a paycheck of unusual size. In honor of this momentous event, I intend to make the car payment! Hurrah!
3.) Ainsley asked me to come to Holiday World (local amusement park over in Spencer County) with her and her boyfriend and some other folks. Unfortunately, I have to work that day, so it's not on. Camille and her fiancé are going instead, so at least the Pains will have somebody gr00vy to hang around with.
4.) In only tangentially related news, I drove Camille to her mechanic's the other day so she could pick up her car. In so doing, I discovered vast swathes of Chandler previously unknown to me.
5.) Books, I has them. ZOMG PERISH THE THOUGHT.
6.) Apparently I have a birthday in a couple of weeks. I am putting everyone on notice that I have no intentions of turning 29 and will, instead, be turning 24. Because it's my reality and I can warp it if I want. Solipsistic of me, yes, but we all have our little ways.
7.) Some other stuff is going on, and I don't want to say anything in case it gets jinxed, something I'm damn good at doing. [ profile] augustuscaesar, who can read my thoughts, is requested not to tell the Int0rwebz my shameful sekrits.
8.) I am concerned about my cucumber plant, which was battered by the storm. I WANT SOME DELICIOUS CUCUMBERS, THX.
9.) Also, I'm probably going to be dilatory and uninvolved--more so than usual, I mean--until #7 is resolved one way or the other. I am sure everyone will manage.
10.) There is no #10.
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THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT SO YOU NEED TO READ IT. My domain registration and hosting have expired. The domain is an expensive toy, and unfortunately I do not have the wherewithal to maintain it for the time being. Consequently, XFN will no longer be accessible, and I will no longer be reachable at the XFN e-mail address. My other e-mail address, likely to be my permanent one, is (You can also use, but it's harder to spell.) Plz update your records.

If you know my Yahoo! e-mail, be aware that it is now rarely checked and you should only e-mail me there if you're okay with my possibly taking months to look at your message. I have an "official" Yahoo! e-mail address which I use for job-hunt stuff, but as it contains my full real name in the address, I'm not giving it out here.

Also, here is a brief rundown of the past week or so:
Unexciting nonadventures )

Also: I went to Bloomington today. Consequently, have had some very important things reaffirmed for me, so I'm sharing them here, openly.

1.) Fuck this Lol-Mart shit. I need to find a better place to work. Based on what it cost me to go to the doctor when I was sick a couple of weeks ago, have come to the conclusion that health insurance is not negotiable.
2.) Fuck this living in the Tri-State shit. I need to go back home, where I don't have to pay attention to the societal attitudes &c. that bother me, where I am happier even when things aren't going so well, and where there's stuff to do. (A lot of the stuff that entertains me is even free or low-cost, so being poor in Bloomington isn't the Death By Boredom that it is in Evansville.) But I cannot stay here. It is killing me, and I want to live. Right now, I'd even settle for moving north and east to be CLOSER to Bloomington.

Once more into the breach, I suppose.
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1.) I had to go to Hendo for an interview yesterday (I think I'm out of the running for that one; sometimes you just know), and was struck by how different the place seems to Indiana, even though it's 30-40 minutes from Evansville and there's a lot of back-and-forth between the two cities (not to mention southeastern Illinois, which is also a few miles off). I can't put my finger on it; maybe it's just the weird knowledge that oh hey, I'm in the South now. (When I was growing up, my grandparents lived in Georgia, and we visited every so often; we also spent some time in Virginia and North Carolina, vacationly speaking. Because of this, I like visiting the South and I have happy memories of it, though aspects of it are seriously borked such that I'd never want to live there.) Anyway, just off 41, there's a leasing company that offers apartments at weekly rates, which started me fantasizing, even though this raises questions (blah blah blah other obligations blah blah blah finding work gabble gabble don't seriously want to live in Kentucky I mean WHAT would I tell people rhubarb rhubarb) and if I did do it, it would seriously blow my residency status all to hell when I go back to school next year, not to mention get my University library privileges revoked until I go back. This last is The Thing That Must Not Be.

2.) For no apparent reason, I am craving the Russian Revolution SO BAD. Hello there, teenaged!l33! How are you today?
2a.) Apparently, I am still emotionally a lot more sympathetic towards Communism than I thought (O RLY???) because every time I read articles critical of the ideology, I get a little huffy in my brain. (In fairness, there's also pro-Communist stuff out there which is total glurge, and I can't stand to read that shit either.)
2b.) Clearly, I will never be grown up. OH NOES.
2c.) Conventional adulthood is for simps anyway.
2d.) Maybe I should just go down to Coyoacan one of these days like I always wanted to do and get it out of my system.
2e.) …never mind. It will probably never be out of my system. COMMUNISM: It broke my heart and part of me still loves it all the same.

3.) The other night, I had a dream that I had fallen asleep on [ profile] duokinneas, which had absolutely no basis in reality but was v. nice all the same.

4.) Decided to crash on the couch last night with the porch door open and the fan going. Callice climbed up and snuggled up on my feet (not on the blanket, which is her preferred bed) and stayed there more or less until I woke up. My back hates me now, but it was otherwise v. pleasant.

5.) Don't have to be at work until 6:30 (but once I'm there, I have to stick it out until midnight, because we are SO BUSY at midnight, you know), and if I can get through another 5-and-a-half-hour shift tomorrow, I shall have earned my day off. Really not looking forward to tonight, though. Good thing I don't have to leave for another 4 hours.

6.) Made cabbage salad for lunch and had it with a hard-boiled egg and half an avocado and a chunk of baguette. We need more eggs now, though. Also, I need to finish some of the leftovers in the fridge. Nom nom nom. :9

7.) Need to clean up the kitchen shortly. l33 out.

Also, I'm going to forget unless I do this right now, so:
The cut, she has big letters! )
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LOL-MART SUCKS. Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to order a copy of my birth certificate (the original is somewhere in the house, but we can't find it; if it turns up, great, if not, I have a certified copy), so I can now visit all the temp agencies. :D Seriously, I am getting very tired of having to smile and be friendly all the goddamn time.

[ profile] pixelation: I am ttly going to jack your pizza idea, if we can ever find scallops (decent ones are in short supply here, though unscallops are plentiful). Because pesto pizza is delicious, and I fail to see how sun-dried tomatoes and scallops could do anything but improve it.

I now have a St. Paddy's Day T-shirt which reads "Let's Get Ready To Stumble". Also, I got my schedule through 20 March and actually have St. Paddy's Day off, so have the luxury of stumbling if I want (or at least drinking one and leaving, since I'm still pretty much sober after a single beer and there's something about calling the lolmom for a ride that just puts a damper on the whole thing for me). This pleases me.

I was so hungry for fish the other night that I bought a box of fish sticks, and actually chomped on the frozen ones while I was waiting for some of them to cook. Seriously. Ew. I have lived to regret this.

X-chan got me Savage Darkness by Cassie Edwards for Christmas, as a gag gift of sorts, and it is one of the most unintentionally lolarious things I have ever read. Seriously, it is impossible to be in a bad mood while you're reading a Cassie Edwards novel, and it's not because she's so delightfully uplifting. If this stuff can get published, I think my little island faggot has a fighting chance. (OHWAIT. Fantasy writers get pigeonholed. Because fantasy isn't about using your imagination anymore, it's about trying to be Tolkien except for the bit where YOU CAN'T.)

I am busily organizing my time and my life. FOR NOW. :D Actually, I dropped by work in my pavement-pounding clothes--"o hai i look nice i can haz job???"--and Miley told me I looked hot. I didn't think there was anything really special about my outfit--basic nice grey dress slacks, also my new red sweater--but hey, it was a nice boost to the ol' self-esteem. (Speaking of clothes, I've kind of been toying with the idea of sewing--I'm not by nature a crafty person, so that in and of itself is a hoot--and when I looked at the patterns for fat chicks, I was just disgusted. I'm in my twenties, for fuck's sake, and people my age typically do not wear housecoats. Nor am I interested in old-lady pants or tunics the size of Cleveland. Madame Lee is not having this shit today, thanks all the same.)

I have about an hour before I have to leave for work. Atypically for a Sunday, I'm only on four hours today, which means plenty of time to get shit done in the afternoon.

Also, a happy belated to [ profile] _graywolf_.


Colon Blow

Jan. 27th, 2009 10:48 pm
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For the benefit of [ profile] carlosoliveira: lolol my brain, it took a dump. I promise this post will explain the reference to huge bowel movements in my Twitter feed.

Somewhere in here, we've got some real good poop jokes for you. )
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Hey, [ profile] forgottensanity, I got the stuff you sent! The Daim bars came a few days ago; unfortunately, they had consumed most of the babies in transit (apparently they resemble turnips in that), and then the adult went for X-chan, so I had to take it out by a chomp to the neck. Its flesh is deliciously toffeelike. :9

Also, the basket was greatly appreciated and has been enthusiastically enjoyed; we all loved it. :D I did share it, simply because I couldn't eat all that myself.

♥ for [ profile] augustuscaesar and [ profile] queen_lily_rose. Just because.

X-chan was home, and we got to spend some time together, but now she's gone. This has been yay, except for the part where she had to leave. I've been trying to convince her to move to Kentucky, but Kentucky doesn't do the greatest job of selling itself, so.

I had the bright idea to use my day off on Tuesday to go up to Bloomington and return library books. This would have gone off without a hitch if it were not for the goddamned weather (freezing rain); it was supposed to get better here, and Bloomington isn't that far north, but still. What usually takes about two and a half to three hours took all day, due in part to having to stop several times because some yahoo thought four-wheel drive magically granted him immunity to the laws of physics and went skidding off the road. (I am scared shitless of skidding and was frightened when it happened to me near Huntingburg. Fortunately, I didn't lose control of the car and didn't hit anything or go careening into an embankment; I was able to right myself and proceed shakily through the intersection.) The first time, I felt sorry for the driver; after the third or fourth time, I stopped feeling any pity or human fellow-feeling at all. (On US-231, headed northbound through Martin and Daviess Counties? Uh, yeah. They don't believe in guardrails there, apparently. Not that guardrails are your best defense against skidding.) So by the time I got to Bloomington, the library was closed (and has just reopened yesterday, in honor of [ profile] duokinneas' birthday), and the roads were still bad (IN-46 westbound was completely blocked off at the Owen/Monroe county line due to the number of accidents, and there were several nasty messes on IN-37 headed northbound), so I wound up having to get a hotel room for the night and shush a panicky lolmom. The Travelodge actually isn't too bad. The weather heated up overnight, it was good to be home, and by the time I left this morning the ice had melted and there was just plain old regular rain, which I can deal with.

I'm getting a little tired of this not-living-in-Bloomington nonsense.

Also, I got to wait on Mr and Mrs Speshul Snowflake on Christmas Eve. The 'Mart closes at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve and remains closed until 6 a.m. on 26 December. :D Anyway, we were herding people out (after multiple announcements that YOUR CESSPIT LOL-MART STORE IS CLOSING and subsequently that YOUR LOL-MART STORE IS NOW CLOSED) around 6, and the Speshul Snowflakes decided to come in to pick up their meat trays from the deli RIGHT THEN and suffered severe butthurt injuries when informed that a.) we were closed and b.) the deli had given their meat trays to someone else.

Christmas was okay. The X came back from Indy (turned out my father and Pweshus Wifey weren't there for Christmas DAMN I could have gone if I hadn't had to work) and we had breakfast and opened presents and watched A Christmas Story and all was yay.

So. I'm back. I guess I might try to write more regularly in this thing. I'm going to try to pick myself back up in 2009; I've been so angry and bitter for so long that I've let myself get stuck in it, and that's not good.
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One word: PWNT.

They had me scheduled to work 5:30 to 11:00, in the evening, on Thanksgiving Day, and then expected me to be in at 4:45 a.m. on Black Friday morning. I am sorry (Lee said in a way that implied that she felt no scrap of remorse in her dank, reeking soul), but the Lords of Low Prices do not boss Madame Lee around, even if they are paying her to hie her pasty Slavic ass to a register and pretend to perform meaningful work. They particularly do not boss her around if they are not going to give her 40 hours a week and a living wage.

So, long story short, it was made known unto the incessantly-fetishized management at the House of Wal that this situation was not pleasing unto me, and thus did I obtain a schedule change. I still have to be in at 4:45 a.m. on Black Friday morning, but who cares because THANKSGIVING DAY GET. :D

I did contemplate using this space to announce I HAVE HAD A FUCKING BAD DAY CAN I CRASH AT YOUR PLACE NEXT WEEK, on account of I have 3 days off instead of the usual 2, but then I realized I have an appointment on Tuesday that it's probably not a good idea to cancel and then this needs to be done and that needs to be done, &c&c. Also, my day turned out to not be that fucking bad. However! I should still like to crash at your place sometime mutually agreeable (good luck, since I work retail hours and most of y'all don't), if you would like to have me.

(I'm mainly addressing Indiana party people, though party people in neighboring states would also be awesome. Unfortunately I don't have the wherewithal to visit party people in non-neighboring states...YET. Bwahahaha.)

Updates )


Nov. 14th, 2008 04:00 pm
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Preliminary: I don't really feel like being online now. I notice I don't miss it very much, not because I don't give a shit about you guys or because I suddenly h8 teh Int0rbuttz, but because I tend to self-anaesthetize with the Internet and it's not good for me to do that, and right now I just don't really want to be doing things online. I am sure everybody can suck it up and deal.

Below, plz find some Fun and Exciting Adventures (by which I mean nothing of the kind) that have happened.

Stuff )

Okay, I'm off. I'll be back if and when I feel like it. Efforts will be made to catch up with old comments.
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+ Books are good food.
+ Tonight, somebody's (school-age) kid tore across the front end of the Lol-Mart in which I work, shrieking, "I HAVE DIARRHEA! I HAVE DIARRHEA!" in tones that betokened wonder and delight. I couldn't help but laugh because a.) I am twelve years old and would laugh at the word "diarrhea" if it appeared in a serious and reputable medical textbook and b.) my childhood was pretty fucked-up and bodily functions were considered an appropriate topic of dinner-table conversation. X-chan and I were probably the only kids in America routinely threatened with scurvy and rickets to get us to eat our vegetables. Anyway, I think I'm going to try to get "I have diarrhea!" to catch on, since for the most part "istennoing one's feet" and "Tom Cruise knows the history of psychiatry!" hasn't. Use "I have diarrhea!" to express inappropriate enthusiasm today!

(For the uninitiated, which would be more or less everyone who isn't [ profile] driley1 and [ profile] imperfectkatoru, X-chan and I have this rule that if we're arguing, and someone says, "Tom Cruise knows the history of psychiatry!", that person automatically wins, because there is no rational reply that can be made to that statement. Unfortunately, since this rule of civilized rhetoric was adopted, X-chan has become a lot quicker on the Tom Cruise draw than I am, which means she wins a lot of arguments by default. Fortunately, we never argue about anything really serious.)
+ I lose at writing pr0n.
+ For some reason I got spam encouraging me to confine the man or men in my life to some sort of male chastity cage (go on, say it, get all the comments out of your systems), which caused me to cross my legs just thinking about it and is certainly not something I'd do to anybody I cared about. Apparently there's a market for that sort of thing. Apparently there's money to be made. If I could somehow combine sex toys and chastity devices with MLMs, I'd be sitting on a goldmine of passive income.
+ GoodReads totally has my number, because the other day I managed to pull up a stack of Stephen Turnbull books I haven't read AND an ad with a cute girl in her underwear. Let's just say that was a red-letter day.
+ A couple-three days ago, I got to yap at [ profile] aeromancy on AIM for the first time ever. It was v. cool at least from my own end. WAS IT GOOD FOR YOU TOO???
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On the up side, if these are the worst injustices to befall me, I have it pretty good. )

Not technically a complaint, but it does make everything all better:

Dear Gerst Haus,

I love you. Never change. Corona + lime = OTP theirloveissomood-altering.

Please continue to keep your highly awesome and extensive list of imported beer,
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LOLMOM: *picks up book* Who was...*sounds out name carefully* Mi-ya-mo-to Mu-sa-shi? :D
l33: *is floored* can I explain this for someone with absolutely no frame of reference whatsoever...

Despite having lived with me for, like, ever, the lolmom remains blissfully ignorant in re: the matter of samurai. I have contemplated the ethics of educating her, because nobody should go through life without exposure to the ttl kickass that is samurai.

Check my bushido, yo. )

In today's exciting news: I had a run-in with a four-pack of energy drink and my work clothes now smell like SweeTarts on crack. Oh, and by the way, y'all, Lol-Mart is a place of BUSINESS, not a SOCIAL GATHERING. Seriously, one of my co-workers and I spent like half an hour this afternoon making fun of these people who flapped their yaps and almost cordoned off one of the register whilst so doing. I resorted to pretending I had laser eyes and mentally lasering the Lol-Mart logo and the smiley face (along with "EVERYDAY LOW PRICES, BITCH") into their backs, in the worst display of imaginary workplace carnage since 2000, when I was a samurai surrounded by 105 of the enemy's men and had no choice but to cut my way out. BITCHES DON'T KNOW ABOUT MY LASER EYES. Or about my bushido, for that matter.

Also, I think I might possibly have my last wisdom tooth or two coming in the back on the left side (yes, they're all firmly ensconced in my skull, where they belong. I didn't know most of them had erupted until I was in the dentist's chair, because I didn't feel anything). H was like, "Aren't you kind of old for wisdom teeth?", which are fine words from somebody who used to have an extra canine tooth.
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I'm reasonably sure this is common knowledge, but if not: I'm childfree. I've never wanted children in my life, I didn't like them when I was one, I don't like them now, and working in an environment where a lot of them misbehave all at once really hasn't changed my mind. (Also, my DNA fucking sucks and we'd all be happier if another heapin' helping weren't unleashed on the world, and I REALLY DON'T LIKE KIDS and I HAVE REALLY VICTORIAN NOTIONS OF APROPRIATE CHILD-REARING PRACTICES to the point where I'd be one of those abusive parents I hate, so it's just better that I never go there in the first place.)

I should also mention that X-chan and I were not tantrum throwers as children; we were both pretty quick studies, and for both of us, the first time we chucked a fit was also the last.

Last night, I got to see a shining example of the tantrum raised to an art form. It was like the Mona Lisa of Screaming Your Goddamn Head Off For That All-Important Toy, Because You Are The Center Of The Universe. I can't do it justice with my humble little words, but I'll try, though I may need to use gimmicks like getting creative with font sizes. Also, there are many capslocks.

Also, an obligatory disclaimer: Behind the Counter is a lot funnier than I am.

I'm running...dun dun DAH DUN!...Register 7. You know, where they keep the cigarettes. So I can stare longingly at them at strategic points during my shift and fantasize, caressing them with my burning, myopic eyes, and think, "Man, my life would be so much better if I could go out to the lot and light one up after my shift. Like the good old days." This sort of thing makes [ profile] duokinneas worry, because only Talyn can prevent lung fires (or thinks she can).

It's about 7:30 or 8:00 at night--typically when the kids are winding down, and small kids get kind of tetchy if they're out past their bedtime. I get this. I also realize that little kids are pretty much total pants at impulse control and sometimes need several reminders to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. I get this, too. It's annoying when I'm trying to check their parents out, but on the whole, most people make at least token efforts to discipline their children, and I can't get too pissed with toddlers for acting like toddlers.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. )

Life news: The Undead Zombie Tree dropped limbs in the yard a couple of weeks ago, which mysteriously missed a.) the house, b.) the street, and c.) the power lines. We were without power for about 45 minutes, but didn't have the phone back up until about a week and a half ago. I had allergies. Whee.

Haven't really felt like being around much or doing anything; have been depressed, not getting better, finally bit the bullet and made initial appointment a week from Tuesday. There will be no therapy filter, and I likely won't be discussing it in any detail; I already use some of you as my unpaid therapists. ([ profile] augustuscaesar, you can stop being on retainer now!)

Further bulletins as events warrant.


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