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Oh God we had this thunderstorm and the temperature dropped like 15 degrees (from the low 90s to 79 when I was driving home) and my skull is full of snot and I cannot stop sneezing and I'm breathing through my mouth and it's all so fucking horrible and the worst thing is I cannot call in tomorrow. Well I can but just because we can do something doesn't mean we should and it's only allergies, not contagion and plague or anything. I mean it's only going to be a four-day work week anyway.

So instead of doing anything useful or productive I spent my evening blowing my nose and looking at pictures of grilled cheese sandwiches on the Internet, which is arguably nutritionally better than eating a real one. Not that I can taste anything anyway.

Going upstairs to wash my face and pretend I have The Black Plague. Yay!
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I went to the dentist today. Due to first a long spell of no insurance, and then a spell of bad insurance that did not cover a dental visit (and the fact that when you have to work shitty retail due to the economy, $80 out of pocket is like a ten-hour shift at your shitty job), I hadn't been in a couple of years.

The good news is that I only have two cavities (...for the first time EVAR) and need fillings.

I flap my yap about the bad news. )

Also! I swung by Panera tonight and ran into Joy, whom I haven't seen in yonks, so we had a grand old time catching up and yapping. That was quite nice.

Moar to follow.
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+ I guess it still hasn't really hit me that my grandmother is dead, because last night lolmom and I were talking about gravy (she made the best gravy you ever had, seriously, no mean feat for someone who hated to cook), and lolmom was saying that she had no idea what my grandmother did because there were no measurements involved. I thought, Next time she calls, I'll ask her, and--oh. wait. She was alive not that long ago; I just talked to her on Mother's Day. It's strange to know that that was the last time, ever.

+ I need to get my act in gear and decide if I'm going to InConJunction, because if I don't buy my pass soon the rates will go up. Also I need to book a hotel room.

+ Dentist's appointment on Thursday. Do not want. Do not want anything to rot out even more, so I guess I'd better go. I am not looking forward to the eternal tussle over my wisdom teeth, though I rather suspect one of them (the broken one) will need to come out.

Some things that kind of need to get done today )
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LOLMOM update: Lolmom had been going to take the money from the insurance company and repair the car herself. The body shop estimated that the repairs would run around $4300, with the caveat that they hadn't actually looked at some of the interior damage yet and it might be more or less. After they actually did take a look at the damage, it turned out to be about $6500, so lolmom decided to take the car to the salvage yard and buy a new car (she'd already talked to the bank and knew she could get a loan, which is not a surprise since her credit is really good). So she went out on Thursday and bought a Chevy Equinox.

LIFE IN GENERAL update: I have been learning to work the update folder at work (where loan officers and title companies send things like updates or ohai-can-you-change-the-loan-amount or ohai-can-you-change-the-effective-date or ohai-when-can-we-expect-this-commitment), and have found that this inexplicably has not caused me to die. The main reason I've been learning to work the update folder is because one of my co-workers who usually handles that is going to be on vacation next week, but hey, it's a new job skill.

Also: I am trying to get my life into some semblance of order. HURRAH. Today, I have accomplished absolutely nothing other than remembering to pick up my meds (which I called in last night), reading a bit, and doing the laundry. (Of course, it doesn't help that the goddamn POWER was out for four hours today. FUCK YOU VECTREN ENERGY DELIVERY. YOU FUCKING SUCK. WHEN I LIVED IN BLOOMINGTON, WHERE EVERYTHING IS BETTER, WE DIDN'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM because we had underground lines.)

Oh, and I wrote a page of The Piece I Kind Of Like Okay and hacked out a few lines on The Piece I Don't Like Why Am I Writing It. Basically, I have adopted this new agenda of making myself write for things I want. We'll see if it works out, but at the moment I at least got something written today, so hurrah.
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So: getting ready to head down to Savannah. After I pull laundry out of the dryer, take a shower, pack a suitcase, run the dishwasher, scoop out the cat box, grab lolmom's hairbrush and the air mattress, mail my credit card payment, and gas up the car. I anticipate having a monster leg cramp and being exhausted by the time I pull into the hotel parking lot.

I don't anticipate returning until Monday. Thanks to everyone who left condolences on my last post; I will reply individually later, but for now know that it's much appreciated.

And that's it, I've got to get a shower.
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Things That Have Happened Since Last I Wrote:

+ Lolmom's claim has been turned over to the Total Loss Center. Very not-good. We have yet to hear back from them; I assume they are going to call us as it seems to be a dick move not to do so.
+ Remember when I said our first CSA pickup was on Saturday? I lied! It was actually tonight! :D Lolmom and I had been going to hash out who was picking up what when, but we forgot so I went out tonight. We have a bunch of lettuce, a bunch of kale, a head of pacchoi, some shallots, some green onions, and some dried hot peppers left over from last year (which sounds delightful to me and abhorrent to lolmom). There is also a pick-your-own herb garden on the farm, so I need to remember to bring some shears or a knife next time so that we may have delicious herbs. I think the pacchoi is destined to be turned into chicken chow mein (it is related to bok choi, so would probably work) and the kale will probably become our perennial favorite, balsamic kale salad with strawberries and hard-boiled eggs. We have good strawberries and farm-fresh eggs, too! Shallots will keep a while, and so will the peppers since they're dried. I have no idea what to do with the green onions. Salad, maybe. (I'm also not sure about the lettuce; it is fresh and tasty but I like salad to be more composed and less "here's some vegetables we need to use up".)
+ Also, I think we're going to have a delicious spinach salad with apples and oranges and red onion because that just sounds good to me. Actually, I should probably be making it now, but what the hell.
+ J sent me two boxes (large boxes, mind you) of chocolate orange slices, possibly because he is crazy. There is something to be said for having an ex who is still your really good friend and still inexplicably feels something for you. :D (Also: chocolate orange slices.)
+ I ran into Raina (one of my former supervisors) at the store when I swung by to pick up spinach and other things, and she noticed that I'd lost weight. (I actually gained 5 pounds back as of Sunday, and so I'm now in OH NO WE'RE NOT DOING THIS AGAIN, BODY mode. The chocolate orange slices aren't helping, but I've done okay in terms of avoiding other crap.)
+ Next up: some EXCITING pictures of our shower fixtures! (Lolmom wants new fixtures for the upstairs shower, so she was all "lol i n33d u 2 take pix ov this & print out plz". She didn't say anything about uploading to the Internet, so that's what she gets.)
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(TL;DR: I ordered some stuff online. The seller only uses UPS. UPS says they delivered a package to our back door yesterday. There is no package there, at the front door, or at the porch door we never use. Lolmom did not find a package when she left for work, and according to UPS' delivery confirmation, it should have been there by the time she left. I was at work when the package was delivered. It wasn't something that needed to be signed for. It's possible that it was stolen, but unlikely; we don't exactly live in a high-crime neighborhood, and the contents of the package aren't something that normal people would want to steal. I think it was delivered to another address in error, which wouldn't be the first time this has happened in our neighborhood, speaking as someone who was once given a package meant for THREE STREETS OVER. I hate to drag the seller into this, because it's not their fault at all, but UPS won't advise the receiver of claim status, so I pretty much have to ask the seller to plz file a claim. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT I AM SO MAD SOME OF MY OUTFIT FOR EVILLECON WAS IN THERE I JUST WANT MY FUCKING STUFF.)

But! On the plus side, lolmom and I went to the Edgewater Grille on Sunday and I STILL have some delicious grilled veggie pizza left over. (I fell off the wagon pretty hard today, though. Nothing for it but to get back on.) Also: the MEGAHeart is coming to Evansville this Saturday and I am way more excited than I should be about walking through a GIANT INFLATABLE HEART (assuming I can get there early and walk through the heart before lunch, since I have another obligation at 11:30). It kind of reminds me of being 6 or 7 when we lived in Chicago and my father would take us to the Museum of Science and Industry all the time; there was a giant heart that you could walk through, though it wasn't inflatable. (The new Giant Heart is pretty cool, but I'm kind of saddened that the old one isn't there anymore.)

I must, alas, stop my wacky Facebook hijinks with [livejournal.com profile] pixelation and get some sleep. PERHAPS I CAN GET THE UPS ISSUES SORTED TOMORROW.

[Edit: Holy crap, my incoherent RAEG caused me to break my font tags. I win the Golden Derp Award!]
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There was a momentary scare with my insurance. Turns out it's cleared up, but I'm going to have to wait 7-10 days for my insurance cards, which means nothing can be done about the teeth (which are still trying to kill me). I'm not feeling so bad in the mornings but by the last half of the afternoon, I'm starting to ache, and I popped four Tylenol before I left work and am still hurting. Also, I reached back to poke them with my tongue and felt something that I'm pretty sure shouldn't be there, like a supernumerary tooth or something. Thank God I sprung for the more expensive dental plan in case I have to have things extracted.

I really, really hope this goes away on its own and does not require surgical intervention.

In conclusion: Misery. Also suffering.
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1.) We're having computer trouble. The computer refused to turn back on after being unplugged on 31 December. (How ominous.) It was in the shop for a week, I picked it up on Monday, and it still refuses to turn back on despite claims that it worked just fine in the shop. Well, this is well and good but the computer does not live at the shop, it lives at our house, and I cannot get it to turn on there. We've established that this is not a powerstrip issue. I don't know if it's the cord that hooks the tower to the power source, but otherwise I don't know what the hell to do; we've called the shop several times and they're worse than useless. I then called them today on my break, meaning that I listened to the phone ring 18 times and was then on hold for ten minutes before I gave up and hung up the phone which was probably their diabolical plan. (Yes, these were the same people who fixed it in 2009. We gave them another chance. Their last.) I wound up renewing my PLAC (which I had wanted to do anyway, though not quite this soon) because having some sort of regular Internet access is important to me and we're not getting it at home obv. I don't know when I'll be BACK back, gaiz, so don't expect lengthy missives.

2.) Work proceeds apace. I can now generate invoices. Sort of.

3.) Cat is doing much better now that he's feeling better and is free of parasites (and the diarrhea that the anti-parasite medicine gave him). We finally settled on a name for him: Oliver (as in Twist). It occurred to me only belatedly that I had stolen the name of one of [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity's kittens. Srry Cat, but it fit. He does have a good personality and likes to play with balls in the dining room, also has figured out that lolmom and I do not eat meat-flavored kibble and keeps making plays for our food.

4.) I just feel really tired and depressed a lot right now and most of my evenings are spent waiting for it to be bedtime. I'm trying to goose myself out of this but like anything else it is hard.
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1.) So I wound up not going to the Fall Festival this year--the first time I've missed in, like, forever, at least 7 or 8 years I think--because I was, apparently, too busy sleeping. If I can just manage ONE DAY where I sleep 7 hours and 7 hours only, I can die happy. Lolmom did bring me Christian fudge, though.

2.) I finally did something I really should have done a few weeks ago and deactivated my OKCupid account, on grounds of profound and severe disinterest. The only person who actually cares about this is [livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar, who may be wondering why I'm yet to reply to her message there. Srry t4r4 :(

3.) RP is eating my brain, srry gaiz. On the other hand: Sedonia Guillone, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but my RP partner and I wrote the hottest pr0n of all time. OF ALL TIME.

4.) You know what is totally awesome? A talking dictionary of Ainu. I was kind of doing some half-assed research on the Ainu and I was curious about what the language sounded like and so on and then I found this, WIN.
4a.) Loosely pertinent to the above, [livejournal.com profile] duokinneas may wish to know that there is more backstory available on SanzĂ´ and if my ass gets kissed enough or even if it doesn't because I can refuse my seahorse uke nothing I might write about it.

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The weather outside has taken a turn for the better--it's less oppressively hot during the daytime, and it's nice and cool at night--but due to barometric pressure and fronts and other things I have little interest in so don't fully understand, this is doing a number on my allergies and my sinuses are full of snot and throbbing pain. On my goddamn day off no less.

Unfortunately, I have to be back at work at 6 in the morning tomorrow, so I don't even have the consolation of sleeping late. Angst!

Also: I really, really want to go to Chautauqua Weekend, because I haven't been in like 3 years and this is not okay. Who's with me, once my sinuses have been adequately drained? :D
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Today, I woke up to torrential blood in my underwear (apparently, I do not have Depo-induced amenorrhea after all). Apparently, the intermittent spotting over the past couple of weeks was a gear-up for the main event. I hope it won't be as horrible as last time; even if it is, I get my shot next week, assuming I have a car that works.

Also, the car starts. Sort of. At least I can borrow Mom's car for tomorrow and Sunday if I have to.

Brb giving up right now.
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Okay, so I put the charger on the battery and it started like a dream last night. I drove around for about an hour to make sure it stayed charged, then came home, and this morning it was a little stuttery but started up without much trouble. Nonetheless, I drove to and from work (even coming home from lunch), then decided to do errands, on the grounds that driving to and from Mt. Vernon (about an hour away) ought to do the trick. Again, a little stuttery, but no trouble actually starting the car or driving once it did start.

I thought I might go for a walk, but there was some kind of athletic persiflage at the high school and they were using the track, so I opted against it and got back into the car--whereupon the ignition stuttered and stuttered and stuttered, but didn't start. No more than a minute or so had elapsed between the time I got out, saw the athletes, and decided to head home and the time I tried to start the car. I turned it off, figuring I'd try again; the dash lights came on, the radio and A/C were on, but the car wouldn't start. I was getting desperate at this point but decided I'd give it another try; two more times like this elapsed, and finally I was able to start it, though it stuttered for what seemed a small eternity before it finally kicked in. The high school is only a couple-three blocks from my house, so it wouldn't have been the end of the world; I could have walked home safely, and I'm glad this happened a few blocks from the house and not in Mt. Vernon, where I would have been screwed x at least 100. So I put the charger back on once I got home and will check on things in an hour or two.

If I can just nurse the current battery until I drop it at the dealership on Monday morning, I will be happy. Scratch that: I will feel as if this is a personal triumph and now I can die happy.

I have accomplished v. little this week and feel drained, although I have absolutely no business feeling this way.

[EDIT: Car now refuses to start. This fucking blows.]
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So we had a huge storm last weekend, which knocked down our phone line, which is the phone line that we get DSL on, so I have no home Internets. I can check my e-mail on my cell phone if I want to waste a huge amount of time and money doing it. The phone line is supposed to be fixed sometime between now and Monday or I will kill someone. I'm at the library because I'm not going to, you know, not get better work just because of things like home Internets.

I am unlikely to see comments but you can leave them if you want.

K bai.



Mar. 9th, 2010 04:15 pm
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Essure is not covered by my insurance plan. I do not anticipate having $1500-$3K ever again in the course of my life, and sadly I am not kidding.

Fuck you, Lol-Mart.
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In the year 2010, there was snow. Snow is also expected in the general area of Vincennes, which is right on the Wabash River (our first line of defense against Illinois), thus ensuring that it will be slammed. Or not, as the Weather Channel website informs me that only small amounts of precipitation are expected, but as we all know, the weatherman is a pathological liar. It's a job requirement, yo.

Anyway, snow. I do not drive in the snow unless it is unavoidable.

The upshot here is that I likely will not be having my ears pierced again tomorrow. (C'mon, guys, dry those emo tears.) However, I definitely will have it done later this month, since the weather is supposed to get warmer (as in, above freezing) later on. Not canceled, just postponed. (Too bad, though; I was looking forward to some delicious Lic's afterwards. Om nom nom.)
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Whilst doing some preliminary research for road trips I may or may not take as work schedules and finances allow, I discovered that I am closer to, like, Nebraska than I am to the East Coast where I grew up. Seriously, Omaha is like 8 hours away, whereas Allentown, PA is like 12 hours away.

I love Indiana, and I could happily live here for the rest of my life (assuming I ever get to move back home to Bloomington), but this is completely not acceptable. I AM GOING TO GO WRITE MY CONGRESSMAN NOW.
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I haven't a thing to say at the moment other than
a.) just terribly pissed off and disgusted with myself for the usual reasons, and some that aren't
b.) just terribly, terribly pissed off with my father for more than the usual reasons because you do not dick with X-chan if you expect me to not rip your lungs out and beat you to death with them and then take all your bronchi and bronchioles and JUMP UP AND DOWN ON THEM, end of story, full stop. This is about all the information that you're likely to get, by the way.

In conclusion, FML, even if I totally deserve it and I probably do.


Sep. 26th, 2009 03:46 pm
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Everything that's born must die someday.

Cat update: last for this particular cat )

(Coda: I'm still on the library computers. The computer is still in the shop because, apparently, the hard drive has breathed its last (THAT'S ODD, IT WAS JUST FINE WHEN I TOOK IT IN) and we basically had to buy a new computer. The tech thinks he can get most of our old files off the old hard drive and onto the new, so hopefully we'll have that back within the week or so. I'm not holding my breath at this point. Anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk about so that's why it's at the end of the post.)


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