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No photos here, because I didn't take any. Ah well.

Around the time I was born, my folks lived in the metro St. Louis area (which is how I came to be born in St. Louis), and lolmom still has a friend from those days, so we went to visit her this weekend. We had been going to go to an Irish pub near where she lives to hear live music, but we got in pretty late on Friday night and on Saturday, it snowed (...) so that was not a go. Alas.

Despite the snow, on Saturday morning we went to the Missouri History Museum, because I really, really wanted to see the Treasures of Napoléon exhibit and basically whined and cried until I was taken along on this particular trip. The website is pretty good for what it is, but really doesn't do the exhibit justice; it was gorgeous, and I was not disappointed at all. We got free tickets for the Splendid Heritage exhibit as well, but I was the only one who actually went to that; lolmom and Marla (her friend) were museum'd out by the time we were done with Napoleon. (I did pick up a biography and a coffee mug, being extraordinarily susceptible to coffee mugs with dictators on them. IS THERE A LENIN COFFEE MUG BRB LOOKING FOR ONE RYT NAU*~)

Afterwards, we went to Penzey's Spices, which is seriously just awesome; we found things we didn't know existed as well as things that we hadn't been able to find anywhere. (Mace, for instance. Nobody sells mace anymore.) I did nag lolmom into buying cardamom, though.

This morning, we went to brunch at a little mom-and-pop greasy spoon called The Happy Cow, where I had FRIED POTATOES OMG (among other things) for breakfast, and then to the World Market, whose website totally does not do it justice; they have an awesome selection of specialty foods and baking implements (we found dirt-cheap ramekins, and I picked up a six of San Pellegrino Limonata, because San Pellegrino is my favorite drink which I have to go to Bloomington for). I also found chocolate-covered marzipan bars, but I judged [livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar and [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity to be unworthy of them. (No, seriously, I am running low on cash and payday isn't until Friday, so I decided that lolmom's chocolate bunny was a higher priority. Next time I go back, gaiz. ♥)

And then we headed back. All in all, a pleasant diversion.

*There is a Lenin coffee mug. There are a bazillion on Zazzle, though obv I'm going to have to weed out all the anti-Communist crap. Yeah, apparently you can never take the Party out of the girl.
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Last night, X-chan drove up from Tennessee. I saw her pull into the driveway, so opened the door to let her in; she was carrying a Tupperware baking pan. The light wasn't too good, so she handed me the baking pan, and I made a joke about getting Tupperware for Christmas.

l33: It's just what I've always wanted!
X-chan: I wouldn't hold it too close to you. Also I'd wash my hands. It's got poop in it.
l33: Poop.
X-chan: Yup.
l33: You brought us poop for Christmas. This isn't your poop, is it?
X-chan: No, but I do have a surprise for you! :D
l33: Oh? Is it pee?
X-chan: No! It's out in the car. I'll go get it now. :D :D :DDDD

Presently, X-chan returned with a cat carrier. At first, I thought, "Why the hell did she bring the SpastiCat home with her?", given that X-chan is happy to leave the SpastiCat to her own devices for a few days if it's a short trip, and then, when X-chan set it on the dining room table, it became obvious that this was not the SpastiCat.

l33: Is this. Is this a KITTEN???
(For those of you who just met me earlier this year, my last cat died in '09 and I wasn't ready until a couple of months ago to think about getting another one. I figured it would be sometime in 2011, but the lolmom and I had wanted to pull up the carpet in the living room etc.)
X-chan: Yes. Don't worry, Mom knows. :D

The kitten is black and white (X-chan kept calling her "little tuxedo cat") and gives the impression of being carbonized on the top and undercooked on the bottom. We are pretty sure it's a girl, though obviously we're going to have the vet make sure. X-chan thinks the kitten is about 3-4 months old, though neither of us has had a kitten in years so we're not sure; she's friendly and sociable, not afraid of people, and basically stalked X-chan until the latter gave in. The new surroundings were very interesting to her, but she let me pet her and purrs obligingly, and we think she can be trusted not to repeat Callice's toileting offenses. She is slightly damaged; something bad has happened to her tail (it looks like it was run over or possibly like something took a big chomp out of her there), but the injury has healed (she doesn't cry or run away if her tail is touched), and it may need to be amputated, but I'll let the vet make that determination. She's also a sneezy little thing and has some discharge coming from one eye; since the injury to her tail is healed, X-chan thinks she was likely deliberately neglected or turned out of doors and that she's not someone's beloved pet who got out or ran away, and I'm inclined to agree.

Look at the KITTEN. )

Orders of business:
[livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar, thank you for the v-gift :D

[livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity, I received your package but have not opened it yet, in a rare show of restraint (also, KITTEN). Thank you :D

Finally, I leave you with this, the second greatest Christmas story ever told. (The greatest Christmas story ever told is "Duel in the Snow, or, Red Ryder Versus the Cleveland Street Kid", by Jean Shepherd.)

Everybody have a happy Saturday, since people of all cultures and creeds can agree that tomorrow is that, and if Tara makes a smart remark about her hemisphere and time zones I shall take her away and have caponata shoveled down her throat and THAT will show her. :P
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1.) So I wound up not going to the Fall Festival this year--the first time I've missed in, like, forever, at least 7 or 8 years I think--because I was, apparently, too busy sleeping. If I can just manage ONE DAY where I sleep 7 hours and 7 hours only, I can die happy. Lolmom did bring me Christian fudge, though.

2.) I finally did something I really should have done a few weeks ago and deactivated my OKCupid account, on grounds of profound and severe disinterest. The only person who actually cares about this is [livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar, who may be wondering why I'm yet to reply to her message there. Srry t4r4 :(

3.) RP is eating my brain, srry gaiz. On the other hand: Sedonia Guillone, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but my RP partner and I wrote the hottest pr0n of all time. OF ALL TIME.

4.) You know what is totally awesome? A talking dictionary of Ainu. I was kind of doing some half-assed research on the Ainu and I was curious about what the language sounded like and so on and then I found this, WIN.
4a.) Loosely pertinent to the above, [livejournal.com profile] duokinneas may wish to know that there is more backstory available on Sanzô and if my ass gets kissed enough or even if it doesn't because I can refuse my seahorse uke nothing I might write about it.

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+ Where is all this snot coming from? I was fine and then I began sneezing at work (in conjunction with Stomach Issues, so I was trying desperately to keep my bodily wastes in my body whilst sneezing), and now I'm clogged up. I realize the seasons are changing but seriously what the hell, I don't have time for this sneezy-ass bullshit. And I have a 7-hour shift in about 12 and a half hours. I am tempted to look into those pots that let you flush out your sinuses or whatever but the last thing I want to do is stick something up my nose.

+ I am about halfway through The Price of Spring by Daniel Abraham, the final installment in the Long Price Quartet, and I am in love. Seriously, the entire series is damn fine and you need to go out and read that (I AM LOOKING AT YOU IN PARTICULAR [livejournal.com profile] galhea). I would be happy if I could produce something half as good.

+ I really, really, really hate the piece I'm working on. This is par for the course for me, and usually things pick up, but the whole thing just rings entirely false and it's not at all something I want to be working on. (I am working on it anyway in the hope that I will a.) warm to my theme and b.) get a quick buck and a publication credit out of it.) Seriously: one of the heroines acts entirely out of character for most of the 20+ pages I have so far. The villain's motives are unclear. I have a completely unintentional romance B-plot on my hands. The plot is a clusterfuck. (On the plus side, the other heroine has turned out to be pretty fun to write, which is nice since I initially had no idea what to do with her and was afraid she'd turn into an unlikable simp in my hands, given that I am poorly adapted to writing women who are not badasses and/or not like men. Given that nineteenth-century rural Ireland was not a place where badasses had a lot of opportunity to flourish, I'm pretty much stuck with her as she now is.) I have to make myself work on this shit, y'all.

+ I really just want to write samurai. Samurai pr0n seems to do well enough at Torquere and similar fine publishing houses, thus proving that I am not the only person who is a sucker for it. Also, judging by some of the excerpts I have read, I have the singular advantage of actually knowing something about samurai. [livejournal.com profile] duokinneas, will you be my beta?

+ I also want to go back to writing badass women. I'm just not good at the regular kind. Unfortunately if I exercise my particular hobbyhorse too much, everything starts to read the same.

+ Unrelated to the above, this is what makes my hometown the best. :D I found the link via the Consumerist, which referred to him as the Taco Avenger.

+ I'm so glad it's cool enough to enjoy tea comfortably. ♥

+ 7 more days until Chautauqua Weekend. I offered to bring the lolmom along, but pointed out that I mean to leave pretty early (so it would probably be something like "oh hi you're home change your clothes and get in the car we're leaving"); she was game at first but then was informed that she has to work that Saturday, and she has to be at work before I do that day. I'm still going, but it's always more fun when you've got company.

+ I started on this thing almost 2 hours ago and there is still snot despite DayQuil and tea. I CERTAINLY HOPE THIS IS NOT INDICATIVE OF HOW MUCH FUN I AM GOING TO HAVE AT WORK TONIGHT~
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1.) I made a lemon pound cake last night. It is totally radical, dude, though not radical like teenaged ninja.

2.) Got a message today from the doctor's office. Turns out they got the lipids-and-hormones bloodwork back before they got the insulin bloodwork back. They want me to come back in 3 months to have follow-up bloodwork done and see how I'm responding to the metformin, which has never happened before, but other than that, nothing to worry about.

3.) I can't tell whether my abdominal discomfort is impending Crimson Tide or whether it's from doing sit-ups yesterday. Yeah, I'm trying to get back on the wagon because I'm as heavy as I ever want to be, thanks. I'm sure the lemon cake isn't helping there, but dammit, I wanted some delicious lemon cake.

4.) I only have to work 4 hours tomorrow and then I'm off for two days and I think I might go to Salem on Friday, because a.) close proximity to the Waffle House (I am craving breakfast for some reason) and b.) I haven't been to Salem in a couple of years (has it really been that long?) and would like to poke around in the records and also visit their awesome used bookstore, which magically contains whatever I feel like reading (trufax).

5.) Yeah. I think that's it.
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To whom it may concern: I now have a new icon. I ganked the image from the best bad Star Wars fanfic ever and resized it in Photoshop, making it my most effortless icon ever. Also, I could not top the caption. I think I'm going to gank another one of the macros.

I will now find every possible opportunity to use these, and apologize in advance for this.
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Ha ha! I spent the entire morning yesterday not working and still getting paid for it!

Well, actually, I foolishly volunteered to help out in the pharmacy, which requires a drug test, and today was the first day that a.) Karen in Personnel and I were both there and b.) there wasn't snow on the ground, so I was on the clock and I got paid to, basically, drive over, sit in the waiting room, drink water, and take the drug test (which, per the Lords of Low Prices, must be sent to a lab in Kansas to be properly cultured wtf). Also, I ran into Ainsley and Karie (of all people) in the waiting room, and I haven't seen then in a while, so there was some catching up. They seem to be doing okay.

Also, I have really fallen off the wagon in re: the matter of doing anything worthwhile, but hope to pick myself up and get back on. Seriously, I have scarcely read anything that wasn't somehow Oceania-related--not that I don't just love Oceania, because I do, but I need to read other things too. Please feel free to kick me.

Oh, and I am so totally going to try this. I love crème brûlée, and would make it at home once in a while if I had a torch, but there's never been any sense for me in spending the money to get a torch given that I'd probably use it once a year; much as I love it, crème brûlée is not in line with my preferred eating patterns. (Then again, neither is gobbling chocolate chips in front of the computer. LOL L33 IZ HYPOCRITE.) Now I don't have to have a torch. :D

Because I have also been negligent about updating my LJ and thus have not done this: a happy belated to [livejournal.com profile] queen_lily_rose and [livejournal.com profile] jadecat, who were a year older as of 9 January and 11 January respectively. Srry gaiz. :<

Also, today I am on time )
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It has snowed, and IN-62 is poorly plowed off. I was supposed to have a job interview today, and got as far as the 'Mart (about 10 minutes from home, except longer because the road wasn't in such good condition) before I decided that it would be more prudent to turn around, go home, and reschedule. I would like snow a lot more if it stayed off the streets and just coated yards and trees. At least it's powdery snow and not icy snow (or powdery snow that subsequently had a fight with freezing rain and then lost, which is also unpleasant to deal with).

However, no snow or other inclement weather is expected on Saturday, when, pursuant to the will of the people, I intend to go and have my ears pierced a second time. Should you feel my time would be better spent in scenic New Harmony, feel free to vote. Because that's how we roll in the People's Socialist Republic of Xi-feng. :D

Also: [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity, in the event the long-awaited samurai game opens this year (as ever, subject to whether l33 sees a shiny thing and/or must hold down a job which requires actual effort), you may wish to draw some inspiration from this fine masterwork. Remember, if it ain't rainbow wings, it just ain't love.

I've been grooving off Married to the Sea lately, ftr. Check it out sometime. Also: Superpoop.
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It's now technically the 2nd, but what the hell. I plan to write in this thing more often than I now do. (I may also comment on other people's LJs more often than I now do! SHOCKING!) Whether I produce anything worth reading remains, as ever, up in the air.

I actually don't really have any New Year's resolutions this year, which is kind of a first for me; I usually at least have "remain unsexy nonsmoker" and "read x number of books" going for me, and they're generally pretty serviceable. Amazing things accomplished today include such highlights as walking for a mile, cleaning out the front seat of my car (yeah, trying to break things down into small and unthreatening chunks, also it's below freezing out and I don't want to spend any more time outside than I have to), and learning to cast on. ([livejournal.com profile] duokinneas: The octopus sweater sees you. It is coming for you in the night.) I have all the hand-eye coordination of one of those eyeless fish that lives in caves (several of which are native to my fine home state) and the fine motor skills of an arthritic sloth (with apologies to James Lileks), so I felt some trepidation. I think I may have to supplement my how-to book with YouTube. Ultimately, I did manage to get a few stitches on the needle, because I tend to view these things as EPIC BATTLES OF WILL OMG wherein a ball of purple yarn is my evil archnemesis and I must prove that I am not dumber than it is, but I think I need more practice. I envy people with any kind of manual dexterity.

...Long paragraph is long.

Oh, and I have a 43 Things account, on the off chance anybody else has one and wants to follow my gorfy progress.

Also: I made a sweet potato pudding cake for the lolmom. Unfortunately, I failed at planning properly and apparently also ignored the bit where it has to sit in the fridge for like 3 hours, so we wound up not having it as the coda to our delicious New Year's meal of kielbasa and sauerkraut. (Pork and cooked cabbage on New Year's Day is traditional in my family.) However, it does smell good and may convince me to like sweet potatoes, at least when mixed with rum and sugar. I am not ordinarily a fan. (Regular potatoes are damn good eating. Hello, I am a Slav. I am also of Irish descent.)

I'm reading The Old-Time Maori by Makereti (Maggie Papakura), which is awesome; as Paul Diamond points out, at the time it was written (late '20s/early '30s), anthropology was a fairly new discipline and anthropology about one's own in-group was even more uncommon. I'm sure there's something I want to say about Makereti's being both female and Maori and negotiating culture and so on, but it just really escapes me and I'm not feeling very articulate at the moment. All I know is, it brings me big joy in brainmeats and it makes me excited and I want to write something. (Hello, n0v3l.)

So. Happy New Year. :D

[EDIT: I just noticed that I haven't used my Maori tag in almost a year. This calls for some serious remediation.]
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This is, basically, a giant brain dump, because I can't be arsed to post on a regular basis. For that, I apologize. Perhaps I will manage to get my shit together by January.

The Universe: ERROR

BREAKING SHIT is my power! )

OVERANALYSIS is my power! )


BLATANT GREED is my power! )

[livejournal.com profile] uigenna: RAIEN. RAIEN. RAIEN. I have hopped on but not seen j00. Also, I have most of Friday and most of Saturday free (though I do have to work for a few hours in the evening). Just FYI. I do want to play with j00!

l33 Lives

Sep. 4th, 2009 12:40 am
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O hai thar Delilah. I'm back.

I don't know that I'm doing 100% better. The job situation still hasn't improved (though I've gotten two raises, one cost-of-living and one performance-based), and, consequently, neither has the financial situation (though I'm not doing as badly as I could be, given the circumstances). I'm still in therapy (big surprise, I obviously have some issues to work through). Mom still hasn't got a job, and that weighs on us. (She was up for a job, made it to the second-interview round, and was in the hiring company's top three candidates…and they picked someone else. Well, I wish them joy of their vastly inferior employee.)

On the other hand: I've lost some weight (part one in a bazillion-part series), am generally eating better most of the time (I really fell off the wagon this week, though), and am exercising more regularly. I'm less socially isolated than I had been. (I am so bad at meeting people in real life. SO BAD. Trufax.) I'm still getting interviews, so obviously I'm doing something right. And damn it, I miss my friends.

Events of the past two months behind the jump, if anybody cares. Shit no one cares about! )

In conclusion: back now. Hi.
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I'm sharing these largely because I am a major dork and it gives me big joy in brainmeats to look at them. Also, I'm feeling a spell of n0v3l-writing coming on, even though t3h n0v3l isn't about Maori. (Speaking of: [livejournal.com profile] duokinneas, I did send the Word doc to your e-mail as requested. I figure you haven't had much time to read of late, but did you at least get it?)

Random fun fact: I have obviously done little to no actual research about the proper historical context of these at all. At least you've been spared my first impulse, which involved macros.

Maori Bargaining With A Pakeha. I love the way the Pakeha in question is leaning away from them slightly, like this is the third or fourth time in one week they've found him and no matter what he does, he keeps getting cornered. The Maori trio, on the other hand, appear bound and determined to sell him something: "Four low monthly payments, plus we'll throw in a rope and tie it to your mode of transportation for you. Final offer, yo. Act now."

Portrait of Natai, 1833. I realize this is probably a somewhat romanticized depiction, but comrade Natai was, apparently, a 10.

Good night, and have a bright tomorrow. :D
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Callice has been zitching and gribbing all day because we had BLTs for lunch and unaccountably failed to drop some bacon for her OR put down the grease pan so she could lick it out, and THEN I had cream cheese on a bagel which I also failed to drop. This is cruel of me. It is also cruel of me to persist in feeding her kibble, even though she is BORED with kibble and DOES NOT WANT kibble and WHY do I not give her wet pet food or kitty treats like I did before we left for Florida in May. (Because morally speaking it's the equivalent of letting her eat three bowls of Fruity Pebbles in front of the TV, is why not.) She then typically settles down and scarfs up her kibble; at her sole discretion, it may or may not wind up on the living room floor later.

(I seem to have gotten it into my head that my next cat should be a Himalayan, but Callice really needs to be an only pet, or else I'll come home to find this entire part of Indiana submerged in cat pee. And when she does go, I'll probably wait until she's been gone a decent time before getting another cat. But there will, eventually, be a next cat; I've always had one, and I'd like to continue to have one.)

Now that I make enough money, I should really let a professional deal with the ol' toenails. They'd probably look better. Also, at the risk of TMIing anyone, my two smallest toes on each foot are congenitally deformed, which does not make it easy to cut the nails on those feet. You know, I really can't get inside the brains of people with foot fetishes, because my feet are incredibly ugly and I imagine most people's are too. Feet aren't about aesthetics.

For some reason, I seem to do my best RPG planning in IHOP at about one in the morning. I'm not sure why this is. At any rate, I've got the bare bones of the projected samurai game hashed out, and a couple of revisions I'd like to make to TI when it comes back (nobody hold their breath on that one; it will return, but I couldn't tell you when). Now, of course, I just require motivation to sit down and work on said game, and also constant reminding that I am not writing a doctoral dissertation and can do a respectable job on this with a handful of sources, even if I'm the only person not satisfied with it.

Also, I should stop frying my brains with Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics page.


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