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This morning, I rolled out of bed, went to go get my every-other-weekly pedicure (because my feet get nasty without much provocation and I'd rather pay someone for them than do it myself), and found that it was much colder in the house than outside. My toenails are relatively subtle this time, if one can consider fluorescent pink to ever be subtle. (We're moving into sandal weather, so I have to look normal for a while. I don't favor shy and muted colors.)

Then I went to go get my ears pierced. (This is going to be the last hole in my lobes; I'm going to gradually move on to other stuff after this.) This is my third lobe piercing (for both ears), so I know the drill by now; the pain wasn't as bad as when they try to draw blood at the doctor's office, but now we've moved on to the HOLY SHIT MY EARS ARE ITCHY AND THERE ISN'T ANYTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT stage.

And THEN I went to the library downtown, where they were having a small book sale, and since I cannot help myself if I see books, I immediately relieved them of a stack from the history and biography sections and they relieved me of $13. I got A Delusion of Satan (about the Salem Witch Trials), which I'd only been wanting forever, and Chrysanthemums and Thorns (which I seem to recall [livejournal.com profile] duokinneas read a while back but that was about 5 years ago so I don't even know). I got other stuff, but that's what springs immediately to mind.

Anticlimactically, I then came home and made dinner. We had smoked turkey sausage on the grill pan (I'd wanted to grill outside, but the sky kept making noises like it was going to rain), cheesy biscuits, and coleslaw. The coleslaw was a little on the Cajun side, so I halved the cayenne pepper to avoid cruelty to lolmom, whose delicate system cannot tolerate the spicy food.

Lolmom has finally had the porch roof fixed, after lo these many years; one of the parishioners at her church is in construction and does roofing, and they're friendly, so when he hit a slow patch, they came over earlier this week to fix the roof. No more need we worry about it caving in and killing the next person who steps foot on the roof! Lolmom is very excited about this, as it means that once the porch is hosed off, she can go outside and enjoy the weather. She's especially looking forward to this on Mother's Day (for the British and Australians on the flist, our Mother's Day is in May), when X-chan will come up again to help her clean out the garage and we'll have tea for dinner. (I told lolmom I could either spend the day in the garage or the kitchen and to pick what she wanted. She chose the kitchen. I have no idea what the tea menu is going to be, aside from turkey and avocado sandwiches.)

I am looking at the beginnings of a draft and I have given one of the main characters a tail and I do not for the life of me remember why this is. I assume it will be important at some point.

Also: [livejournal.com profile] arisha, I owe you a response to your lengthy comment on Troy, Achilles' character arc, &c. Will get to that but probably not tonight; still have things to do that aren't done. (Go me.)
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This will be brief, as X-chan is here and in any case I don't want to spend Easter weekend on the Int0rbuttz, but we were talking about my father's people. X-chan has been doing the genealogy on that side, which so far has eluded me, and I asked if she'd been able to find out anything about Great-Grandpa's parents, which is where the line ends.

Turns out, it was quite a lot. They came through New York (just as I suspected), where my great-grandfather himself was born (not in Philadelphia, as I'd always believed); X-chan was able to get census records for the 1920s and 1930s, and it turns out that quite a lot is different to what I previously thought I knew. Great-Grandpa had a sister named Violet (whom I didn't know about) who worked as a newspaper clerk for one of the Philly rags along with Louise F*******, Great-Grandma's sister, which seems to have been how my great-grandparents met. Great-Grandpa himself worked for the WPA as a timekeeper from about 1937-1940 when Grandpa was a kid.

And then there was this capper:
X-chan: Great-Grandpa's parents came through New York. His father was Russian and his mother was Hungarian. I think they married in the United States, since Great-Grandpa's father was married once before. Either it didn't take or he was a widower.
l33: I always heard it was the father who was Hungarian and the mother was a Romanian.
X-chan: Nope, Russian. Says so on the census. They might have misheard him, I guess, but...[shrugs]
l33: Huh. We are Russian. How 'bout that.

Furthering the Russian connection, Great-Grandma had another sister, Stephanie, whose husband Julian fought for the Tsarist army during the Great War, although he was an American citizen. (You could do that in those days. Why is the world so small now.) After the Revolution, he joined up with the White Russian army (the loyalist forces who battled the Red Army and ultimately lost). Then he came home and was a lawyer for 45 years, which seems rather pale next to the epic struggle of good and evil. I thought this was interesting even if I am a little embarrassed that anyone in my family fought Communism.

Bonus points if we subsequently find out that someone in my family lived in Ukraine in the 1890s and knew the family Bronshtein (and their rabble-rousing kid). I'd be surprised - the H*****es prefer colder climes - but one can fantasize.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.
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So at least I've had one good year, even if it all goes pear-shaped in 2012. (I don't know why we use "pear-shaped" to refer to things getting fucked up, anyway. I love pears.)

Notable events of 2011 )

Now, on to Xtremely Srs Bsns that should be taken Vry Srsly: [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity, your package came today! Thank you ♥ I hope we can hang out more on e-mail and LJ and the like too. It's been a long time since we've talked properly! Also did you make the chocolates yourself?

Life proceeds apace. Lolmom took some wing chairs of my grandmother's up to my aunt Paula in Lafayette (these wing chairs had been sitting around the house for a couple of weeks). There is some familial drama but I don't want to talk about that in a public post.

Those of you who have me friended at Dreamwidth will be seeing a lot of things twice from now on, I'm afraid.

And that's all, folks!
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+ Boiler has been replaced, to the tune of $10K, but at least the heat works now. YEAH.
+ Christmas came and was somewhat uneventful. X-chan was going to go up to Grandma's but sprung a flat, and of course there was no place to fix it on Christmas Eve, so she stayed with us. We watched A Christmas Story (after I struck out in my efforts to find White Christmas at the 'Mart) and the MST3K version of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, also ate salmon with avocado and pomegranate salsa for Christmas dinner. (Nomnomnom.) Lolmom loved the new slippers I got her, will probably like sweaters but we don't know how they fit yet. X-chan was pleased to receive the dinosaur necklace so at least that was a hit. (I also gave her Flambards, the BBC series after which she was named.)
+ Went to investigate whether the toilet had overflowed just now, slipped on wet floor, came down heavy on my ass. OW. I can feel a bruise forming, ready to wreak havoc at a time known only to me.
+ Back to work tomorrow. Then I have another three-day weekend and another four-day work week. Then I will have a normal work week, crowned by ANOTHER three-day weekend. Experts anticipate I'll be fucked up until February!
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+ I don't even know how I'm going to manage this weekend. I have arranged to change the oil in my car and have the power steering flushed (my car needs an awful lot of work, but this is the last of the "expensive" repairs. Well, until it's time to replace the tires in another few thousand miles, anyway). Also, it is likely that I will have to work again.

+ X-chan and I were talking about wisdom tooth removal (...in a couple of weeks, zomg how did this happen), and she was surprised that I'm not going to be put under. I said people die under that shit. X-chan said people die under nitrous, too. X-chan is a notorious hypochondriac and I shouldn't have listened to her, but due to having never had any kind of surgery, I freaked right out and hopped on Google. Most of the people who have died as a result of nitrous? Were stupid idiots who were ABUSING IT. I'm sorry, but if you open a can of pure nitrous in a small, enclosed space and start huffing away, you're pretty much asking for it. At least the dentist mixes it with oxygen first so you can breathe! (Also, I don't have contraindications--i.e., I don't smoke, I don't have long-term respiratory problems other than seasonal allergies, and I breathe through my nose unless I've been exercising or am in the throes of said allergies.)

+ I have lost about 6-7 pounds total in the past 3 weeks and now my smaller jeans are starting to be loose, which is just ridiculous. I am, of course, a notorious cheapskate who will not get smaller pants until she's out of viable options, so there we have it.

+ Guess who has Cosi fan tutte tix at the will-call window in Bloomington? MEMEMEMEMEMEME~

+ If any of you remember the heartwarming kitten story, there's a heartwarming update! Lolmom gave Rob and Lisa (the terribly sweet people who had the nursing cat) a call, only to initially get their eight- or nine-year-old daughter. Cue the following:
Lolmom: lol hi. i r teh lady who brot teh kitten? :D
Eight-year-old daughter: OMG MY KITTEN!!!!!!!111!!1!kitten!!!! :DDDDD

Well, at that point we knew the kitten wasn't coming back to live with us. I mean, there's no way you can take a kitten from an eight-year-old without ensuring a special place in Hell when you die. In conversation with Lisa, it was revealed that the momcat was something of an indifferent foster mother; she would occasionally get tired of nursing before the kitten was done, so they started supplementing with formula. The little girl would give the kitten its bottle and started calling it her baby, and although they hadn't been planning to get another cat, there really wasn't much choice once she became attached. Lisa said the kitten has a good personality and gets along with everyone (including the dog and the other two cats). The main thing is that it will have a loving home, so I'm not upset that it's not with us.

And that's all I've got, d00d.
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TEETH update: Behind a cut because I realize this shit is getting kind of tedious and you've heard a lot of it before )

X-chan is here! She came up yesterday and we went out to Iwataya for dinner last night, where I had the sushi and sashimi platter. Omg raw fish so goooooooood. :9 (Lolmom does not care for raw fish, which I love, and I don't like to go to decent restaurants by myself. IHOP or Denny's is one thing, as are lunch spots and fast food, but if it's the kind of place where I'm actually going for the food, I like to have someone with me. I'm just odd that way.)


[livejournal.com profile] duokinneas, I heard there might be pr0n this weekend!
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THERE WAS HAIL YOU GUYS. It was kind of horrifying, since I was in the shitter and I didn't see what it was at first and the emergency siren went off and all I could hear was things knocking against the windows, so here I am trying to hurry things along and conclude my business (the meds were all "lololol @ l33") and thinking "ofux limbs are down on the house IT'S A GODDAMN TORNADO I need to be in the basement now we are probably going to die". No limbs appear to be down, but the hail was certainly having a grand old time. Now, of course, it's 75 and sunny. WELCOME TO SOUTHERN INDIANA~

The Easter report: X-chan came up from Tennessee on Saturday, and we mostly hung out and shot the shit. We had pizza and watched The Ten Commandments, which ate our entire evening, but we always have fun yelling advice to the characters. X-chan was hoping that The Robe would be canceled and Ben-Hur shown in its place, so that we could have a Charlton Heston double feature, but no luck there. Instead, she tortured Oliver by scooping him up and telling him she loved him; Oliver has forgotten her already, so responded by going "WHAT IS THIS HORRIBLE THING IT EATS ME!!!" and scrabbling to be let down. Oh, and we dyed eggs and did the traditional Army-green egg.

We had lamb, gnocchi with herbs, and green beans almandine for dinner. Lolmom was delighted with her Easter surprises (X-chan got her a bunny-themed oven mitt and hotpad, which she thought were too cute to use, and a tea caddy filled with Twining's; I got her a springform pan, which we needed after the church jacked hers, some spring-themed cookie cutters, and a Chocolate Bunny Of Unusual Size, which I picked up in St. Louis and hid from her for about a month. (Victory!)

And then Monday crapped all over me with a series of minor annoyances, including the inability of the entire Evansville area to pull its head out of its collective ass on the driving front, being locked out of my work computer account for an hour and being on hold with IT for most of that hour, and dropping lunch on my shirt. The rest of the week will, hopefully, shape up.
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We had a Severe Thunderstorm that resulted in a limb falling off the Undead Zombie Tree, JUST MISSING the house and taking out the Internets. So I've been gone. The Internets were fixed about an hour ago. X-chan is here so I will catch up LATER. Nothing exciting happened here.

That's all!

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Good things:

+ My performance was rly good last month, so I actually got to have incentive pay on this check :D I am forcing myself to put the extra money into savings, on top of what I usually put in there anyway, but hey. My boss says I've shown quite a bit of improvement (I was struggling with a few things earlier, so I'm glad my efforts are paying off, literally and figuratively).

+ My federal and state tax returns have been accepted (I e-filed). I don't know if this just means they went through okay, or if it's more along the lines of "okay you were poor in 2010, plz accept refund". If e-file is correct, I can expect a refund. I am torn between putting that in savings vs. putting it towards my MasterCard (it wouldn't knock out the ENTIRE balance, but it would leave me with a much smaller debt there, and I would really like to get this monkey off my back). I tend to be pretty conservative so it's probably going into savings.

+ We have delicious leftovers. I made asparagus-and-salmon spring rolls over the weekend, and last night lolmom was home early (she went to some job thing in Louisville) so we made chickpea-and-avocado tacos. Tomorrow night, I definitely see some reverse-engineered asparagus salad in our future. Also, the new Cooking Light came and there is a picture of shrimp Cobb salad on the cover and I need to eat that nau plz.

+ X-chan is coming to visit for Easter! She wants us to color and hide eggs for her. (This was one of her favorite things about Easter as a kid, and lolmom had to get more and more savvy as we aged.) The bitch of this is that we have to plan a real meal, though, for various reasons; Mom wants a cake, which I am all in favor of, but we kind of need to see what X-chan wants. Worst-case scenario? OH NOES, DELICIOUS FRUIT SALAD!

+ I don't think I remembered how much I love classics--I mean, I know I do, obviously, but sometimes it kind of gets pushed to the back--and I just finished the Iliad (again, I re-read it every year, IT NEVER GETS OLD U GAIZ) and I might be talking about Homer in here because Greek epic poetry makes me happy and so do Homer and the Trojan War. Oh my God you guys this is so vital to me, for fuckin' srs.

+ My package full of jewelry came. (This sounds really extravagant until you consider that it was more at costume jewelry, but hey.) Pictures to follow, eventually.

+ Hot guy is profile-stalking me on OKStupid. Possibly he's just laughing at my venomous harpyness, which is fine by me, but hey! Something pleasant to look at! (Unfortunately a lot of the women who profile-stalk me are looking for threesomes and I have a rather snippy note in there to the effect that Madame Lee don't play that. Tragically, no lesbian couples have ever approached me about their threesome fantasy. Also as a parenthetical aside I think I might be a happier person if I would just, you know, stop being so repressed about my queerness. And maybe say Hi to girls once in a while.)

+ Mmm. Talenti Gelato's pistachio ice cream, so good. (They also make the only chocolate ice cream I actually like.)

Minor-league annoyances:
After the jump so you can ignore them, because seriously if these are my worst problems I'm doing pretty well )

All in all: l33 up, circumstances down. Peace.
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Last night, X-chan drove up from Tennessee. I saw her pull into the driveway, so opened the door to let her in; she was carrying a Tupperware baking pan. The light wasn't too good, so she handed me the baking pan, and I made a joke about getting Tupperware for Christmas.

l33: It's just what I've always wanted!
X-chan: I wouldn't hold it too close to you. Also I'd wash my hands. It's got poop in it.
l33: Poop.
X-chan: Yup.
l33: You brought us poop for Christmas. This isn't your poop, is it?
X-chan: No, but I do have a surprise for you! :D
l33: Oh? Is it pee?
X-chan: No! It's out in the car. I'll go get it now. :D :D :DDDD

Presently, X-chan returned with a cat carrier. At first, I thought, "Why the hell did she bring the SpastiCat home with her?", given that X-chan is happy to leave the SpastiCat to her own devices for a few days if it's a short trip, and then, when X-chan set it on the dining room table, it became obvious that this was not the SpastiCat.

l33: Is this. Is this a KITTEN???
(For those of you who just met me earlier this year, my last cat died in '09 and I wasn't ready until a couple of months ago to think about getting another one. I figured it would be sometime in 2011, but the lolmom and I had wanted to pull up the carpet in the living room etc.)
X-chan: Yes. Don't worry, Mom knows. :D

The kitten is black and white (X-chan kept calling her "little tuxedo cat") and gives the impression of being carbonized on the top and undercooked on the bottom. We are pretty sure it's a girl, though obviously we're going to have the vet make sure. X-chan thinks the kitten is about 3-4 months old, though neither of us has had a kitten in years so we're not sure; she's friendly and sociable, not afraid of people, and basically stalked X-chan until the latter gave in. The new surroundings were very interesting to her, but she let me pet her and purrs obligingly, and we think she can be trusted not to repeat Callice's toileting offenses. She is slightly damaged; something bad has happened to her tail (it looks like it was run over or possibly like something took a big chomp out of her there), but the injury has healed (she doesn't cry or run away if her tail is touched), and it may need to be amputated, but I'll let the vet make that determination. She's also a sneezy little thing and has some discharge coming from one eye; since the injury to her tail is healed, X-chan thinks she was likely deliberately neglected or turned out of doors and that she's not someone's beloved pet who got out or ran away, and I'm inclined to agree.

Look at the KITTEN. )

Orders of business:
[livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar, thank you for the v-gift :D

[livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity, I received your package but have not opened it yet, in a rare show of restraint (also, KITTEN). Thank you :D

Finally, I leave you with this, the second greatest Christmas story ever told. (The greatest Christmas story ever told is "Duel in the Snow, or, Red Ryder Versus the Cleveland Street Kid", by Jean Shepherd.)

Everybody have a happy Saturday, since people of all cultures and creeds can agree that tomorrow is that, and if Tara makes a smart remark about her hemisphere and time zones I shall take her away and have caponata shoveled down her throat and THAT will show her. :P
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So I got a call from RMUTA HR Man today, or rather I got a message he left on his answering machine, about I-9 documentation, which surprised me as that isn't usually requested until you actually start work. This, of course, sent me into a frenzy of nerves about OMGWTFBBQ I WAAAAAANT THIS JOOOOOOOOBBBBBBB.

(Explanatory note for the non-Americans on the flist: I-9 documentation establishes your right to work in the US. All employers are required to verify your eligibility for employment, and you can do this by providing certain kinds of ID; the government provides employers with lists of what constitutes acceptable ID. You can provide something like a passport, which establishes both your identity and your citizenship, or you can provide, say, a driver's license to establish your identity and a Social Security card to establish your citizenship/right to work in the US. Employers must accept any documentation that is approved by the government for employment authorization purposes; they are not entitled to specify which documents are okay and not okay. Moreover, your I-9 documentation must be submitted to the federal government by your employer within three days.)

As I think I mentioned in my previous post about getting the job, RMUTA originally wanted me to start on 6 December; however, they didn't call me to offer me a job until 2 December, which was very short notice and probably wouldn't have been enough time to get all the pre-employment screening back. I also mentioned that, uh, I was currently employed and would need to give notice, so it was decided that I would start on 20 December. Turns out, HR Man put me down in the system as starting on the earlier date, with the result that the Powers That Be are all like WHERE IS THIS WOMAN'S I-9 DOCUMENTATION AND WHY IS IT NOT IN YET. Fortunately, it's fairly quick and easy to fix.

Also, after talking to the HR lady at work today, I learnt that I am getting two more checks, not one as I had previously assumed; I will get a direct deposit (final paycheck for, like, work I actually did) and then be issued a live check for vacation pay. :D

Life stuff, mostly an outing )
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+ I had lost 16 pounds by the beginning of August. Despite making the worst possible food choices and never exercising, I have managed to not gain any of it back. I'm trying to see if regular exercising and at least taking my meds will help me drop a couple more. (Okay, so I have a ways to go before we're going to see a significant difference, but hey.)

+ Lolmom and I went out to El Maguey for her birthday yesterday. X-chan had said she might come up, but was tired from the long drive between Arizona and Tennessee, where she's beginning her new job, so didn't. X-chan did, however, come today; I had to leave to be at work by 3, so I missed lolmom's second birthday dinner (they went to Los Bravos). I did get to hang out with her for about an hour, hour and a half, during which time the conversation took the following tangents:
I Want My Dinosaur Book Back You Bastard
Kenny Rogers (and men who look like Kenny Rogers; fuckin' thank you, X-chan, now I have "The Gambler" stuck in my head)
Hey, X, Remember That Time You Asked Me To Help You Get Silly Putty Off The Hotel Ceiling?

+ Amazing things accomplished today (or not): Didn't oversleep, took my meds, exercised, paid my therapy bill, e-mailed resumés and wrote cover letters for printing tomorrow, worked on That Shitty Writing Project I Hate, did laundry, and hacked through the thicket of hair on my legs. (Some of you may be wondering why you are unfamiliar with this shitty writing project. I won't let anybody see it. It's that bad, seriously.) Also, replenished our butter and sugar coffers, as lolmom's birthday cake, a pumpkin pound cake, pretty much knocked out what we had. Also also, lolmom and I tried and failed to replace the lightbulbs in the basement (the long, tube-shaped incandescent kind), and have come to the conclusion that we may have to start buying only one brand since they seem to be the kind that work.

+ I have been really AIM-avoidant lately and not for any good reason. This only affects like two people, but srry gaiz anyway.

+ I only have to work tomorrow and then I am going to Bl♥♥mingt♥n on Tuesday when I am off next. :DDDDD
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2:40: Go to bed.
7:00: Alarm goes off.
7:15: Finally get out of bed.
8:10: After showering, brushing teeth, getting makeup bag and jewelry together, grabbing interview outfit, moving ironing board, ironing shirt, burning arm, finally get out the door.
8:22: Realize that arm was burnt whilst ironing.
8:30: Lolgreens to pick up Depo syringe.
8:45: Doctor's office to get shot. Almost have meltdown in waiting room. Decide that do not have spoons for meltdown at the moment.
8:50: Get shot. Learn that have already scheduled next physical. Good job, nine-months-ago l33!
9:10: Arrive at Kinkos to print out PDF application for clerical-skillz tests. (Our printer is not compatible with Vista and I have yet to dig out mine, which is why it can't be done at home.)
9:20: Realize that do not have unexpurgated resumé in purse. Pay for printouts and drive back home.
9:45: Arrive at home. Check messages. Take down Title Lord's number, since we've been playing phone tag for almost a week. Finish filling out application from unexpurgated resumé, whilst changing clothes and getting made up.
10:25: Leave for interview.
10:58: Google Maps is a ditzy bitch who is apparently unaware that Mulberry Street (downtown Evansville) cannot be accessed from Riverside. Realize that will be late to interview. Try to call interviewer. Don't get through. Almost have meltdown, then decide that spoons for meltdown are not available.
11:10: Show up at test site, apologize profusely to tester, who is gracious. Take first battery of clerical-skillz tests.
11:30: Done with first round. Take typing test.
11:40: Done with typing test. Take Excel test.
11:50: Flub Excel test phenomenally, since have only ever used it for data entry and not to, like, balance books or whatever. Have been assured by tester that it is not a big deal. Also flub bookkeeping test, as no bookkeeping experience outside of balancing checkbook.
12:00: Asked if there is time for an interview. (When I agreed to come in for clerical-skillz tests, I was told it would only be a series of tests, and that if they decided to interview me they would call me in at a later date.) Interviewer inexplicably impressed by ability to type, alphabetize, spell, do math with assistance of adding machine.
12:30: Drive to library; dump books, change pants and shoes in bathroom. Call Title Lord; leave message with cell phone number. Tag!
1:00: Call lolmom, tell her not to panic if do not arrive home before she leaves for work. Enter bookstore. Plan to not buy anything.
1:15: Title Lord calls whilst in middle of Russian history section. Arrange phone interview for tomorrow morning, become person you hate who yaps on her cell phone at cafés. NOT WORKING AT LOL-MART IS SRS BSNS U GAIZ, I AM NOT GOING TO MISS THIS PHONE CALL.
1:25: Fail spectacularly at not buying anything, though srsly needed Everyday Life in Traditional Japan for Legitimate Scholarly Pursuits and was going to buy The Last Days of the Romanovs anyway. Money is there, though. Also, fuck Lol-Mart for not carrying my magazines anymore. Also also, Archaeology has entire feature article on Etruscans.
2:19: Sated with biscuits, gravy, drive home.
2:48: Arrive home. Find lolmom, yap at her. Learn that X-chan is en route to new job in Tennessee, might come up on Saturday and join us for lolmom's birthday lunch. Yay!
3:38: Arm really, really sore from Depo.
4:05: Get on Int0rbuttz. Find something that really, really did not want to read, refrain from making snide remarks (appease inner asshole by typing them all out on Notepad and closing file without saving), as do not have available spoons for meltdown, fight. Play Text Twist but do not really enjoy it.
6:12: Momentarily writers-blocking, will get over it. Afraid to respond to e-mail/LJ comments because afraid of being a complete and total bastard to correspondents. Will have to respond anyway.
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I should be in bed, but I'm not. Consequently, this is a stupid rambly brain-dumping kind of post.

Important shit: Happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] hatefulsandwich, and also to X-chan, who got some sparkly seahorse stickers that have to be hidden from [livejournal.com profile] duokinneas.

Some stuff about fairy tales and female roles and I don't even )
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1.) I feel as if I've been through the ringer, and there is absolutely no reason why I should feel this way. I did nothing whatsoever on Monday and Tuesday, other than some minor picking up.

2.) Last night, I dreamed that I was going to fuck [livejournal.com profile] imperfectkatoru, except then I woke up and it took me a minute to realize that I wasn't still dreaming so I was all like "wait wtf how did this happen". Then cold, hard reality set in and I realized that I was not going to fuck Fred, at least not imminently. On the other hand, it was certainly much better than the dream I had the other night where I killed the neighbors' daughter (who oddly looked like Lindsay Lohan, wtf brain) and was on tenterhooks waiting for them to find out and have me prosecuted. (I forget why I killed her. I think it was an accident. Since it was a dream, I'm not terribly worried about it now.)

3.) Hours are being cut at work. Oh joy of joys. FUCK YOU LOL-MART SALARIED MANAGEMENT. Oh and also the state road I need to get to work is closed between Buehler's (another grocery store just down the street) and Lol-Mart, so what used to be a 10-minute drive now takes a good 25-30 minutes. FUCK YOU INDOT.

4.) So the S******* family reunion (lolmom's people) is this weekend, and X-chan flew in today. It's nice to see her, despite the fact that I had to swill out the shower this morning, and we spent most of the afternoon talking about Star Wars. (X-chan and I will talk about the most bizarre and random shit if left to our own devices. This quickly segued into why the Vader Sues on AFFN aren't more creative, because seriously if I could use the Force and read my partner's feelings and fantasies and grope him/her from afar, y'all would be lining up for my sweet, sweet midichlorian loving. Don't pretend you wouldn't.) Then I went to work and then came home, whereupon X-chan informed me that she was watching Toddlers and Tiaras, which is seriously the greatest trainwreck on earth. I now know what to expect when I die and go to Hell. At least X-chan reassured me that I wasn't a terrible person for taking a virulent dislike to a bratty four-year-old contestant (and her idiot parents).
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+ First, though this comes very belated, things came from [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity, [livejournal.com profile] beldar, and [livejournal.com profile] dethorats arrived, and were opened and squeed over and greatly appreciated in general. Thanks, guys. ★
+ X-chan was home for Christmas, which was nice and drama-free; I had worried that there might be drama. But it was great to see her again, and I'm pleased by how well she's doing. (No explanation forthcoming, the end.)
+ I am feeling very self-loathing at the moment, due in part to the fact that I a.) have paid my auto insurance and am now poor, and b.) seem unable to touch anything without immediately breaking it. My trail of destruction has continued with a box of Christmas ornaments and the towel bar (again). Also, more stuff that I'm going to be cryptic about; I'm not worried so much about the stuff itself but about what I've made up about that, and I'm going to have to wait one way or the other in order to find out how accurate it is. ASDFLKAJSDLFKJASLDFJ.
+ I am trying to counter the above with hefty rounds of Int0rbuttz games, fanfiction, and "Ladies" by Sarai on constant repeat, because there's just something about it that makes me happy.
+ At least I have New Year's Day off.
+ Uh, I think that's it then.
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I haven't a thing to say at the moment other than
a.) just terribly pissed off and disgusted with myself for the usual reasons, and some that aren't
b.) just terribly, terribly pissed off with my father for more than the usual reasons because you do not dick with X-chan if you expect me to not rip your lungs out and beat you to death with them and then take all your bronchi and bronchioles and JUMP UP AND DOWN ON THEM, end of story, full stop. This is about all the information that you're likely to get, by the way.

In conclusion, FML, even if I totally deserve it and I probably do.
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LOL-MART SUCKS. Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to order a copy of my birth certificate (the original is somewhere in the house, but we can't find it; if it turns up, great, if not, I have a certified copy), so I can now visit all the temp agencies. :D Seriously, I am getting very tired of having to smile and be friendly all the goddamn time.

[livejournal.com profile] pixelation: I am ttly going to jack your pizza idea, if we can ever find scallops (decent ones are in short supply here, though unscallops are plentiful). Because pesto pizza is delicious, and I fail to see how sun-dried tomatoes and scallops could do anything but improve it.

I now have a St. Paddy's Day T-shirt which reads "Let's Get Ready To Stumble". Also, I got my schedule through 20 March and actually have St. Paddy's Day off, so have the luxury of stumbling if I want (or at least drinking one and leaving, since I'm still pretty much sober after a single beer and there's something about calling the lolmom for a ride that just puts a damper on the whole thing for me). This pleases me.

I was so hungry for fish the other night that I bought a box of fish sticks, and actually chomped on the frozen ones while I was waiting for some of them to cook. Seriously. Ew. I have lived to regret this.

X-chan got me Savage Darkness by Cassie Edwards for Christmas, as a gag gift of sorts, and it is one of the most unintentionally lolarious things I have ever read. Seriously, it is impossible to be in a bad mood while you're reading a Cassie Edwards novel, and it's not because she's so delightfully uplifting. If this stuff can get published, I think my little island faggot has a fighting chance. (OHWAIT. Fantasy writers get pigeonholed. Because fantasy isn't about using your imagination anymore, it's about trying to be Tolkien except for the bit where YOU CAN'T.)

I am busily organizing my time and my life. FOR NOW. :D Actually, I dropped by work in my pavement-pounding clothes--"o hai i look nice i can haz job???"--and Miley told me I looked hot. I didn't think there was anything really special about my outfit--basic nice grey dress slacks, also my new red sweater--but hey, it was a nice boost to the ol' self-esteem. (Speaking of clothes, I've kind of been toying with the idea of sewing--I'm not by nature a crafty person, so that in and of itself is a hoot--and when I looked at the patterns for fat chicks, I was just disgusted. I'm in my twenties, for fuck's sake, and people my age typically do not wear housecoats. Nor am I interested in old-lady pants or tunics the size of Cleveland. Madame Lee is not having this shit today, thanks all the same.)

I have about an hour before I have to leave for work. Atypically for a Sunday, I'm only on four hours today, which means plenty of time to get shit done in the afternoon.

Also, a happy belated to [livejournal.com profile] _graywolf_.

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Hey, [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity, I got the stuff you sent! The Daim bars came a few days ago; unfortunately, they had consumed most of the babies in transit (apparently they resemble turnips in that), and then the adult went for X-chan, so I had to take it out by a chomp to the neck. Its flesh is deliciously toffeelike. :9

Also, the basket was greatly appreciated and has been enthusiastically enjoyed; we all loved it. :D I did share it, simply because I couldn't eat all that myself.

♥ for [livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar and [livejournal.com profile] queen_lily_rose. Just because.

X-chan was home, and we got to spend some time together, but now she's gone. This has been yay, except for the part where she had to leave. I've been trying to convince her to move to Kentucky, but Kentucky doesn't do the greatest job of selling itself, so.

I had the bright idea to use my day off on Tuesday to go up to Bloomington and return library books. This would have gone off without a hitch if it were not for the goddamned weather (freezing rain); it was supposed to get better here, and Bloomington isn't that far north, but still. What usually takes about two and a half to three hours took all day, due in part to having to stop several times because some yahoo thought four-wheel drive magically granted him immunity to the laws of physics and went skidding off the road. (I am scared shitless of skidding and was frightened when it happened to me near Huntingburg. Fortunately, I didn't lose control of the car and didn't hit anything or go careening into an embankment; I was able to right myself and proceed shakily through the intersection.) The first time, I felt sorry for the driver; after the third or fourth time, I stopped feeling any pity or human fellow-feeling at all. (On US-231, headed northbound through Martin and Daviess Counties? Uh, yeah. They don't believe in guardrails there, apparently. Not that guardrails are your best defense against skidding.) So by the time I got to Bloomington, the library was closed (and has just reopened yesterday, in honor of [livejournal.com profile] duokinneas' birthday), and the roads were still bad (IN-46 westbound was completely blocked off at the Owen/Monroe county line due to the number of accidents, and there were several nasty messes on IN-37 headed northbound), so I wound up having to get a hotel room for the night and shush a panicky lolmom. The Travelodge actually isn't too bad. The weather heated up overnight, it was good to be home, and by the time I left this morning the ice had melted and there was just plain old regular rain, which I can deal with.

I'm getting a little tired of this not-living-in-Bloomington nonsense.

Also, I got to wait on Mr and Mrs Speshul Snowflake on Christmas Eve. The 'Mart closes at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve and remains closed until 6 a.m. on 26 December. :D Anyway, we were herding people out (after multiple announcements that YOUR CESSPIT LOL-MART STORE IS CLOSING and subsequently that YOUR LOL-MART STORE IS NOW CLOSED) around 6, and the Speshul Snowflakes decided to come in to pick up their meat trays from the deli RIGHT THEN and suffered severe butthurt injuries when informed that a.) we were closed and b.) the deli had given their meat trays to someone else.

Christmas was okay. The X came back from Indy (turned out my father and Pweshus Wifey weren't there for Christmas DAMN I could have gone if I hadn't had to work) and we had breakfast and opened presents and watched A Christmas Story and all was yay.

So. I'm back. I guess I might try to write more regularly in this thing. I'm going to try to pick myself back up in 2009; I've been so angry and bitter for so long that I've let myself get stuck in it, and that's not good.
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+ Books are good food.
+ Tonight, somebody's (school-age) kid tore across the front end of the Lol-Mart in which I work, shrieking, "I HAVE DIARRHEA! I HAVE DIARRHEA!" in tones that betokened wonder and delight. I couldn't help but laugh because a.) I am twelve years old and would laugh at the word "diarrhea" if it appeared in a serious and reputable medical textbook and b.) my childhood was pretty fucked-up and bodily functions were considered an appropriate topic of dinner-table conversation. X-chan and I were probably the only kids in America routinely threatened with scurvy and rickets to get us to eat our vegetables. Anyway, I think I'm going to try to get "I have diarrhea!" to catch on, since for the most part "istennoing one's feet" and "Tom Cruise knows the history of psychiatry!" hasn't. Use "I have diarrhea!" to express inappropriate enthusiasm today!

(For the uninitiated, which would be more or less everyone who isn't [livejournal.com profile] driley1 and [livejournal.com profile] imperfectkatoru, X-chan and I have this rule that if we're arguing, and someone says, "Tom Cruise knows the history of psychiatry!", that person automatically wins, because there is no rational reply that can be made to that statement. Unfortunately, since this rule of civilized rhetoric was adopted, X-chan has become a lot quicker on the Tom Cruise draw than I am, which means she wins a lot of arguments by default. Fortunately, we never argue about anything really serious.)
+ I lose at writing pr0n.
+ For some reason I got spam encouraging me to confine the man or men in my life to some sort of male chastity cage (go on, say it, get all the comments out of your systems), which caused me to cross my legs just thinking about it and is certainly not something I'd do to anybody I cared about. Apparently there's a market for that sort of thing. Apparently there's money to be made. If I could somehow combine sex toys and chastity devices with MLMs, I'd be sitting on a goldmine of passive income.
+ GoodReads totally has my number, because the other day I managed to pull up a stack of Stephen Turnbull books I haven't read AND an ad with a cute girl in her underwear. Let's just say that was a red-letter day.
+ A couple-three days ago, I got to yap at [livejournal.com profile] aeromancy on AIM for the first time ever. It was v. cool at least from my own end. WAS IT GOOD FOR YOU TOO???


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