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So I went to Indianapolis. (I had hoped that I would feel differently about it but no, still hate hate hate Hate HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE Indy. Or more accurately, I hate the original city planners, whom I hope are lying at the bottom of the White River with cement blocks attached to their feet. I also hate this "there are no through streets and all streets must be one-way streets" bullcrap.)

Now I'm back.

More on this subject later, but right now my top priorities are throwing my laundry in the wash, humping my suitcase upstairs, turning on all the fans, and going to bed.
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This has been the Week from Hell, culminating in seven hours at work today. On the plus side: it's Presidents Day weekend, so I don't have to work Monday, meaning I actually have a two-day weekend!!!! omg, and tomorrow I dine wherever is reasonably priced in Bloomington.

("Tomorrow" is secret code for "Sunday", due to this weird mental quirk I have whereby if I haven't been to bed yet, it's still the same day, regardless of what time it is.)

Also, I got my labwork back from my doctor. My blood sugar is 93, so if you consider that the mid-90s are the start of the prediabetes danger zone, I am well and truly out of it. (For now.) Plus: no girlbits cancer! RESULT.

On Tuesday, I call Dr Gynecologist about Essure, and hopefully that will be the start of never having to worry about reproducing again.

I am tired and stressed and just really, really want a cigarette, but I know if I have one, it'll turn into two, which will turn into the rest of the pack, which will turn into my quitting when the overtime is over, which will mean I quit sometime in 2014 and I just don't know that I want to go down that road.

The End

Dec. 17th, 2010 10:33 pm
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Lee's Stint at Lol-Mart
28 August 2008-17 December 2010

It is finished, and now I can focus on really productive things, such as getting ready to start my new job on Monday. I am excited and also nervous and am mostly just trying to focus on getting through the first day. @__@;

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So: I went to Bloomington! Books were had! YAAAAAAY. (Some jerk has Giving Up the Gun in his or her carrel, meaning it will disappear into the ether and never be heard of again. Why can grad students recall books from everyone else but we're not allowed to recall them from grad students? Seriously, I've nothing against grad students other than JUST BEING JEALOUS, which I admit, but I want that book more than they do.) Some other jerk borrowed and lost Samurai. And somebody else, unbeknownst to me, decided that A Study of Samurai Income and Entrepreneurship should go to the auxiliary facility, which is not insurmountable because it can be ordered, but which still is annoying because had I KNOWN this I could order it. So no samurai for Lee this time out, sadly. (And her flist breathed a sigh of relief.)

It started to rain when I left the library (and it apparently had been raining for some time before I got there, because the grounds were a sea of mud), so I went to Turkuaz Café, which I'd been wanting to visit for some time. The ambience is ttly awesome, and perfect for a rainy Saturday when all you want is some tea and a nice hot meal. Also, I made the acquaintance of pide, which is a wonderful miracle of Turkish cuisine and, when stuffed with eggplant which has been flavored with garlic and paprika, is so delicious that it causes me to forget that I don't like eggplant. (Or maybe I do like eggplant and I just didn't realize it all this time. The mind boggles. All I know is, I've eaten a lot of stuff in the past year that I wouldn't have touched earlier.) I saved half of it and brought it home for the lolmom, who enjoyed it.

In conclusion: The weather was okay to drive in (not optimal, but I can handle regular rain; it's the freezing variety I don't enjoy), and I got to be home and get books, and it was The Best Day Ever. I hope your Saturday was, if not The Best Day Ever, a good day.

([livejournal.com profile] pixelation: As soon as the fig bars come out of the oven, I'll put them on the treatcopter and send them over to you :D)
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Nothing went right on Sunday. I slept until about 11:30 in the morning (after going to bed at 8 last night), because retail hours are fucking with my circadian rhythms. The computer was (and remains) borked, though less borked than it was earlier; I know we've been living on borrowed time with this thing, but I wish to God it would hold out long enough to let me get back on my feet and buy my own. (It's actually not the computer proper; we're having Monitor Issues, and essentially if I want to see anything at all I have to blow it up to 400x600 resolution. RETRO MANIA! [livejournal.com profile] aeromancy, I suppose this too is part of your evil plot?)

The lolmom was going to go to the store so we can get more food on account of she got paid, but on her way she stopped to mail some bills and accidentally dropped the grocery list in the mailbox with the bills. Needless to say, it was not possible to fish it out, and I had to reconstitute the entire grocery list. I am proud of her for actually remembering several of the items thereon.

I then discovered that the University in its infinite wisdom has now moved all of the back issues of Iskra, which I was going to translate for the lulz, and they seem to now be in the Lilly which means I need to provide three kinds of photo ID, a full retinal scan, and a note from the lolmom merely in order to caress them with my burning, myopic eyes. I understand the purpose here, which is to protect them since Iskra has been out of print for about a hundred years and the print run was limited and a lot of copies got destroyed for obvious reasons. Still, I wish they could protect them in a manner which causes less inconvenience for me personally. LEE: CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

(For the four people who don't know, Iskra was an underground Communist newspaper in the days when the Communist Party was still called the Russian Social-Democratic Party, and it was printed out of Geneva in Switzerland because there one could be relatively sure of being beyond the long arm of the Okhrana, the Tsar's secret police. Eventually, of course, the Party split right down the middle which resulted in V.I. Lenin taking his toys and going home, but not before making rude noises at Georgi Plekhanov. This was actually more complicated than it sounds, but I won't bore you unless you indicate a desire to be bored. On account of the University has most of the issues and Iskra ties in with several of my historical interests and I require a constant feed of lulz lest I get bored and burn something, and I sortakinda know Russian in the most rudimentary sense of that phrase, I would like to translate it. THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH COMMUNISM.)

I am proud of me for not putting my fist through the wall.

On the up side, the University library contains about twenty-some-odd years' worth of The Boys' Own Paper, a delightful reminder of a simpler time and place when men were men &c., in the days before subtext ruled the earth. It does not, unfortunately, have a complete run; it stops in about 1903 and resumes for a little while in the early '30s, so the issues leading up to and during the Great War aren't there. My new goal in life is to find old issues of Boys' Own and buy them up, with the intention of bequeathing the lulz to the University libraries in the event that anybody else finds them at all amusing.

So. I have interviews in Evansville tomorrow and Friday, and I'm going to Bloomington on Thursday. My existence is pastede on yey.
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Mom was right. People around here like their booze way too sweet. Ugh.

I have many elderly LJ entries that I really need to get to posting, and I shall endeavor to do so in a reasoned and controlled fashion so that nobody's friends page is spammed. More than usual, I mean, because I can be one with the spam if I'm bored enough. Anyway, "highlights" (put loosely) of the weekend, more because I am amused by them than for any other reason. I've thoughtfully placed them under a lj-cut. )

Also, I got a job. It's just part-time at the House of Wal, so I figure it'll be some income and an opportunity to engage in some rabble-rousing in the best Red tradition hone my customer-service skills. Plus, they have now required the dowdiest outfit EVAR for all employees: khakis and a navy blue polo shirt. The khakis don't bug me 'cause I like them, but I have to pull a navy blue polo shirt out of my ass (I own very little in navy blue and no polo shirts whatsoever) at some point in the duration, because I can't keep wearing the lolmom's forever, especially since it has her company logo on it. A navy blue polo shirt that I will in all probability never wear again after I quit this job.

My ultimate plan is to get a full-time job in addition to the Wal-Minionage, because I need insurance, my bills aren't paying themselves, and my move to Bloomington isn't financing itself either, so once this happens, batten the hatches and prepare for a lot of me being tired and bitchy and cursing myself all the time. Oh hot damn I am going to be so fucked when Christmas rolls around D:

At least it's a job and I'm not out of work for six months like I was last time, as those of you who were around in 2005 may recall.

Also, we are experiencing some technical difficulties! )

H wrote, which I may or may not talk about, and I'm tired, so I'm going to bed. [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity, I'll try to get to you sometime this week, but as ever I make no promises.
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I have many old LJ posts stored up in my hard drive, but this is all you get right now because I have stuff I need to do today.

I find it hilarious that the mailman cannot be arsed to deliver our mail before 3 in the afternoon during the week (which is an improvement, considering that it used to be 4), but is Right On The Dot of 8:30 on Saturday mornings. You know, when I'm just downing my fourth cup of coffee and starting to behave like something that read a book about being a human being once and haven't yet mailed anything that needs to be mailed.

Also, I got one of them-there Twitter devices, because [livejournal.com profile] pixelation basically talked me into it, ZOMG IT'S ALL HER FAULT. Well, I'm going to blame her because blaming Pixel for everything is FUN. Everybody blame Pixel for something today! So if I feel like saying anything profound in 140 characters or less (suspect this will be "argh how am I supposed to condense Deep Thoughts™" and "CURSE YOU PIXEL"), it will be twittered here at the end of the day.

My username, it is xifeng, in case you feel compelled to follow my brain-shriveling thoughts. You know, the same username I use for more or less everything, except for the places where it was already taken and I said bad words because clearly having the same Int0rbuttz username everywhere is SRS BSNS. (FTR, I am not the Wang Xifeng on Facebook. I think that person might be an actual Chinese as opposed to my pathetic Cao Xueqin fangirlness.)

ALSO also, in l33's infrequent commitment to public service: [livejournal.com profile] _graywolf_'s beloved pet ferret has been severely burnt, and the costs of treating him are expected to be high. You can read about the incident here, and what you can do to help (if you feel so inclined or have a couple of extra bucks that you don't know what to spend on) here.

Oh, and I've been meaning to provide free advertising for a while, but: If anybody enjoys snoods, fingerless gloves, and other fine crocheted wares, [livejournal.com profile] anjala is premier crocheter. She has won awards for her snoods. Well, okay, AN award. But it's the first in a series.
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(Warning: May not actually contain excitement or adventure.)

Long post is long. )

Also, a minor rant:

My Fandom, Let Me Show You It )

Also also, ♥ for [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity, because she didn't say I couldn't give her a heart. Callice has expressed a desire to be sent to Denmark, there to sit on Cat's lap and purr.

H wrote. I'd better get cracking.
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I have the distinct feeling that I am not supposed to be overjoyed about being packed home on account of my shit performance, but I am. I mean, hey, three hours of work vs. five? Noooo argument.

Mom and I went to the movies yesterday, on my urging; we saw The Other Boleyn Girl at the cheap seats, and then went to see Prince Caspian at the not-so-cheap seats. I had been afraid it would suck, because I remember the Narnia books fondly from my childhood and the first movie was so good, but was not let down; Mom spent the last half-hour of the movie afraid to go to the bathroom and miss anything.

Also we went to the Tin Fish today; I ♥ the Tin Fish, and had a really good grilled salmon with coleslaw.

I have to work tomorrow, but who cares because it's only six and a half hours (max), and then I'm free like cheesy bread until 4 p.m. on Thursday. There is definitely going to be PSG on Tuesday night, and there may also be a trip to Bloomington.
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I was on Epicurious, looking for something to make that I have not yet made, and they happen to have a St. Pat's feature. Okay, I was curious to see what food that entailed, since one doesn't really go out for Irish cuisine (...at least not in the Midwest), so I clicked on it. In fairness, it was an interesting read, though I maintain that soda bread should not be all pimped out to contain anything but flour, baking soda, sugar, buttermilk, and raisins.

And Google AdSense happened to have some ads up. Okay, no big deal. That happens sometimes. I've even clicked on a few, if they seem interesting enough.

In which Google AdSense spectacularly falls down on the job. WARNING: It's gross. )

In totally unrelated news, it's MAAAARCH, yay, it's MAAAARCH, and I didn't go to Bloomington (I'll try to go next weekend) but I did order a pizza and tonight I think I'm going to see Be Kind, Rewind, largely so I can tell H how it is. (H gets the movies some months behind me, and apparently stupid comedy is not a popular genre in Japan.)

♥ j00 4ll.
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Things that happened this weekend:

+ I slept all I wanted on Friday night/Saturday morning. Whee.
+ I saw Elizabeth: the Golden Age, which I enjoyed even if there was blatant oversimplification of historical elements for the sake of a good film and Philip II (the Spanish one not the Macedonian one) was not quite so neurotically religious as was made out.
+ After this, I went to IHOP, read The Hours by Michael Cunningham in one sitting, and drank coffee. It was nice to have coffee because that was what I wanted to drink, rather than because I needed the caffeine in order to stay awake.
+ I think one of my wisdom teeth is erupting. I'm trying not to panic or think too far ahead, because at least one other erupted and I barely felt it, but if something needs to be done with it, I don't know what I'm going to do or how I can pay for it. Obviously it's stupid to panic--I have no reason to believe that my wisdom teeth are impacted in bone or anything--but thinking about this sort of thing is how my mind runs, for good or ill.


Back Now

Sep. 30th, 2007 09:34 pm
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So teh m0mmy and I went to Madison for Chautauqua Weekend Saturday yesterday. :D Mom hadn't been there since probably the mid-to-late '70s (two of my aunts went to Hanover, which is in Hanover, IN, just a few miles away). It's a pretty little town, and we like street fairs, so I twisted her arm into going with me. (We were going to go on the historic home walking tour, but that was a 5-and-a-half-hour commitment, which was really more than we wanted to make; plus Mom had to get home in order to sleep at a decent hour because it's Religious Ed season.)

I navigated, though I didn't drive (look, I drive around all day during the week, and driving on the weekends is not a treat). We stopped at Adrienne & Co. for lunch--I've become a regular over the past month or so, and the girl behind the counter was all, "OMG, you brought a visitor! Awesome!" Mom bought a loaf of day-old bread, and carbs were had by all.

Madison was gorgeous, if congested. Due to the drought earlier this year, the fall foliage really hasn't been what it should be, which is disappointing, but Madison has some great houses along the main drag and environs. (I don't even get into the whole home and garden thing, and looking at the little houses with their pretty gardens and wrought-iron gates made me jealous. Then we looked at a prospectus for one that happened to be up for sale, and realized it was way more than either of us will ever afford unless t3h n0v3l is some kind of big success.)

Mom had read in Midwest Traveler about a chocolate shop in downtown Madison, so of course we had to go; chocolate really leaves me cold for the most part, and the only chocolate-bearing dessert I absolutely can't pass up is tiramisu (and Napoleons), but the place smelled divine. I was impressed that Mom left without buying anything; I wasn't so strong-willed and wound up caving and buying fudge at the fudge shop.

A lot of artisanal types come and set up shop at the Chautauqua; we meandered in and out, and I'm impressed by the dedication that people have to their craft, but on the whole I'm not willing to spend a bazillion dollars on it, alas. (That, and I'm just not the kind of person who displays stuff, partially because I'm indifferent to interior decorating, and partially because I don't have a lot of tolerance for stuff that needs to be dusted.) Still, I got a little of my early Christmas shopping done, and I might have accidentally bought something for [livejournal.com profile] duokinneas, who no doubt will receive a conglomeration of items with a card saying HAPPY OCTOBER!!!! or something. Or she will as soon as I find a bigger box.

(I did look for seahorses, and Pond Scum Inc.'s booth had some really cute sea creatures and suchlike in bright colors, but their seahorses weren't cute enough. Or pink.)

I suspect that it is a measure of our priorities that Mom and I were totally willing to spend $23 for a handcrafted rolling pin and not $80 for a rug knitted from old socks. Those were some damn fine rolling pins, though. Mom pointed out that they didn't have the central rolling mechanism and would require elbow grease on the part of the cook, but we're pretty h4rdk0r3 about cooking anyway--I mean, for God's sake, as much as I'd like to make some of the kwik-and-e-z meals in Cooking Light every month, a lot of them require convenience foods that we just don't keep on hand.

We sat by the fountain, which is just beautiful--it's on a peripherally classical theme, and so old that it's now mostly verdigrised. I always want to climb into fountains and splash around, but I am informed that this causes people to stare. And then around 5 or 6, we headed back home after a stop in Corydon for something to eat.

Today was uneventful: did some laundry, read some Balzac, heard from X-chan. She had been worried about possible dire health issues, but the worries turned out to be unfounded, thankfully, and the pain that precipitated them is going away. Made corn muffins with green onions and cheese for dinner, also ham steak.

I'll mail t3h n0v3l out in a few minutes, to those whackjobs who wanted to read it. You people are all masochists, but I love you anyway.

Life is good. ♥
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Four more days until Chautauqua Weekend.

Today sucked ass towards the end. I turned out Scott and Washington without much trouble, had to skip my lunch in order to get back home (had something here for a change), and no sooner did I park at the old courthouse (the new one is right across the street) than it started pissing and pouring. I grabbed my folders and my umbrellas and hightailed it in, and still managed to get soaked.

I got inside, opened my folder, and realized that the order form was not in there. Figuring that I'd picked up an empty folder by mistake (I keep them in my car, in case something comes in during the day), I said some bad words and then went back out to the car, where I discovered that the order form was not in the car. Turns out that the guy who mans the metal detector only really stupid terrorists would want to bomb this shitpit off the face of the earth had picked them up--somehow they'd fallen out of the folder--and was about to throw them away. By this time I was drenched up to the knee, wearing sandals, and my shirt was plastered to my back.

I was really looking forward to going home and changing into dry clothes.

It should be mentioned that I am about routine, even though I realize that some of my routines appear nonfunctional to other people (as if I really give a shit, because most of what I do is not about other people, or about how it's going to be perceived outside my own frame of reference. Solipsistic? YES). I react poorly to things I can't see coming a mile away. I've been known to rehash my schedule for the day, out loud, two or three times when I'm by myself (at least I retain the grace to not talk to myself in front of other people). Disrupt my routine, for any reason, and I become visibly agitated and say bad words. I will not be happy until everything is put right again.

You may imagine my displeasure when I saw that the road by my house was blocked off because of utility work.

You may also imagine my trepidation, because I couldn't actually see very much of my house and couldn't determine whether a limb had come down on the roof. (If you'd like, you can also imagine my unalloyed glee when I saw that a big ol' fuckin' limb had come down in the Podunk Princess' yard, and yes I am aware that it is generally considered wrong to gloat at the misfortunes of others.)

We hadn't escaped the Curse of the Undead Zombie Tree. (There's a large old maple tree, probably older than the house, in the backyard, which has steadily been losing limbs in the summer storms over the past 9 years. We think it's rotting from the inside.) Thankfully, it missed the garage (which is a separate building from the house, and probably also predates the house) and came down on the part of the driveway where I usually park. The other half was unscathed, but the limb is HUGE and Mom and I can't drag it away by ourselves. As far as I was able to determine, the bushes in the front yard really copped it, but the house is untouched, thankfully.

The power came back on just as I was about to head into Evansville, which is as well because I really didn't need to be spending any more on books, not that I'm allowed to buy books until I'm done with the Balzac AND the stuff I bought in Salem in August. Not that I cared, given the mood I was in.

So yes. This afternoon was made of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH.
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Five more days until Chautauqua Weekend. We're going to Madison. SQUEE!

Callice had her shots on Saturday, which she bravely dealt with by heroically hunkering in the back of the Kitty Taxi, averting her eyes, and going limp. She's a much easier patient than Lotus ever was. (Lotus had to be tranquilized to even get her near the Kitty Taxi.) I was forgiven for the indignities perpetrated upon her after about forty-five minutes elapsed.

Next weekend, the hunt for the Son of Bachelor Pad begins. I hope I can find a decent place that has everything I want and won't cost too much. The realization that I'm going to have to replace most of my furniture is pretty sobering; hopefully, I'll at least have something decent for H to crash on when he's here next year (or possibly in '09).

I was going to make corn muffins with cheese and green onions for dinner tonight, but I forgot that t3h m0mmy used all the sour cream making a coffee cake for the parents' meeting on Sunday morning. (The wheel in the sky keeps on turning, and so does the Confirmation-go-round.) Needless to say, I discovered this only AFTER I returned home from the store. Using the gifts of the Spirit or whatever one receives during Confirmation, m0mmy immediately felt bad, despite repeated entreaties not to.

It's pretty sad when one feels that the high point of one's day was lunch. I had a turkey sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce and chipotle mayo on tomato bread at Adrienne's in Jeffersonville, one of my favorite lunch spots, and it was tasty. :9

The second installment of t3h n0v3l omg will go out on Sunday to those masochists persons who have indicated a desire to read it. If you, too, long for the sweet relief that rapidly sporking your eyes out at top speed will bring--IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Just leave a comment, and you too will receive some eye-charring crap in your e-mailbox on an infrequent basis. :D
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X-chan has returned from having exciting adventures in Latvia (where she saw a lot of Stalin Gothic architecture, which we both like in a kitschy nostalgic way but objectively can admit the ugliness of) and Denmark. In Copenhagen, she saw the Glyptothek, which is apparently as pwnz0rz as I had always believed, the Little Mermaid statue, and [livejournal.com profile] forgottensanity. (I may be lying about one of these.) X-chan also encountered Cat's Creepy Guy, or one of his clones; he was some sort of fishing regulatory official in Greenland, apparently, and could totally arrange for her to get the necessary permits, if, like, she were into fishing. She told him that it was 4 a.m. and she had to catch her plane home, plus he was creepy and she was getting a taxi now, kthxdie.

I went to Bloomington yesterday, because abusing my University library privileges is SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS, and was mad when I couldn't find Giving Up the Gun OR The Many Faces of Homosexuality. Also, it poured down rain, which should come as absolutely no surprise. I realize that the sun can, and often does, shine in Bloomington, but it hasn't done so in recent memory (it probably waits until I've left). Most of my memories of the place involve inclement weather of some kind.

Later this month, I start Apartment Quest '07-'08. Already I've gotten into it with Mom about how I flatly refuse to live on the fucking south side because I dislike Indiana 37 intensely, and also none of the things I'm moving to Bloomington for are on the south side. (MapQuest assumes that the quickest way for me to get to Bloomington is to go up 37. This would be true if I lived in goddamn English, but I don't. Also, I've clocked it and my preferred route is actually more efficient. I wish MapQuest had a "Disallow this route" option.) Also, frankly, when the dust settles, Mom's not the one who's going to have to live there, so I'm going to have what I want and all other factors be fucking damned. And what I want is a two-bedroom, all-electric, preferably ground-floor apartment, with on-site laundry at least, which allows pets, ON THE FUCKING BUS LINE.

If I can afford it, I'm going to look into paying someone to move my shit, rather than packing it all up myself. Either way, it's not a picnic, but I'd vastly prefer not to pack my own crap. One just doesn't realize how much crap one owns until one has to move it all.

Also, it's about time we replaced this computer; it is 9 years old and is starting to think that it doesn't need to actually open programs when the icon is clicked. Still, I really haven't got the money at present, and I don't know when I will; we'll see.

God, I'm going to be so glad when this shit is OVER and the dust SETTLES and I'm home again. Yeah, I'm not happy here. Can you tell?

On a happier note, behold my pretty seahorse. ♥
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I apologize for the subject line. I just really needed to scream.

The week is finally 0V4R and I have a headache and my legs ache from sitting in the goddamn car pretty much all day, and I'm going to compound this by going to dinner with Joy. If she makes me pick (even though I picked last time), I'm going to pick someplace with a liquor license. And I have to get up early tomorrow to get the proverbial feet worked on, and I sort of really just want to work on t3h n0v3l. Except I haven't seen Joy in a while, and I need to schlep the produce into the house before it goes bad; it's been riding around in my car all day too. (Don't ask, unless you really want a dissertation on southern Indiana geography.)

Other plans for the weekend involve "seeing The Last Legion" and possibly "seeing The Last Legion and complaining about it here" if it turns out to ping the Bad-History-O-Meter. Also I want to finally finish the disappointment that has been The Dream Thief by Shana Abé. (I read The Smoke Thief last summer, and was also disappointed in it. See under "Really Cool Premise Ruined by Crummy Romance". However, my covenant with reading way the fuck too much requires that I finish it, or I am a moral failure. Plus, if I finish it, I can mock the ending.) And then I want to read a bunch of other stuff.

My point here is that, as of right this very instant, it is the freakin' weekend and I'm gonna go have me some fun. Back later.
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I went to Madison and Vevay yesterday, and you didn't. If you happen to like artsy, pretty little towns, you are jealous, because that's what these are. Madison's a couple miles past Hanover, where two of my aunts went to college, so I got to drive through Hanover on my way there; the college isn't on the state road and it doesn't appear as pervasive as IU is in Bloomington. (Yes, everything is about Bloomington for me, and it likely will be for the next six months or so, whenever I manage to get up. Fair warning.) Ordinarily, I wouldn't go out that far, but one of the other searchers had to beg off, and I only had a couple of piffly little things in Corydon and New Albany anyway (plus I was worried about getting my eight hours in). It's easily about a three-and-a-half hour drive back from Vevay, so I more or less collapsed when I got home.

I've got the entire day before me and nobody is going to make me do any title work or anything. Hurrah! I have a stack of things I want to finish reading, and I might try to get things for [livejournal.com profile] ukekenshin in the mail at long last. I might also go buy more YA poo, I don't know; I've read everything I have now. (I've called a moratorium on new books since I have stuff I just got in Salem and haven't finished, but YA poo doesn't really count since I don't read it as religiously; it's generally turning-my-brain-off or waiting-for-my-nails-to-dry matter.)

And maybe I'll fiddle with one of the sites and write up some notes for the samurai game and do some laundry and figure out what to do. It's the weekend; my obligations are all suspended.

Speaking of obligations: a happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] ocarina. Hope it was fabulous. ♥

See you all later.
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This post is pre-recorded for your convenience, and has been cobbled together from Friday and also from stuff that happened today. Thus, it is the Post That Ate Suburbia and contains all kinds of boring minutiae about my boring life.

Like, for instance, this. )
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1.) For the three people who didn't find out the hard way, XFO is on the fritz because I haven't renewed the hosting package because I haven't got my refund yet. So basically mail sent there will not be delivered. So try legioxxvictrix AT yahoo DOT com instead if you need me, kthx, or if you want to be SURE I'll look at your e-mail, ask nicely for the S00par Sekrit Address.

2.) This entire week has sucked large, hairy monkey balls, and I will be so so SO glad when it is over. THE FACT THAT YOUR FAX MACHINE IS A PIECE OF CRAP DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN EMERGENCY ON MY PART. Seriously, if anyone notices an appalling deterioration in my attitude, as though for some reason I just really cannot be arsed with someone's fucking land titles anymore, that is why.

3.) Will be gone for at least part of the weekend (I'm doing the South-Central Indiana Petite Tour: INDIANAPOLIS - BLOOMINGTON), so if you need anything, feel free to call the ol' cell. Or feel free to wait, whichever.

4.) Okay, so I don't do Gundam Wing fandom outside of having watched a few episodes back when it was on Cartoon Network and we still got Cartoon Network, but this has been driving me crazy. Does anyone BESIDES [livejournal.com profile] jurhael (who was there with me in the trenches, pointing at the stupid) remember an unbelievable Mary Sue called Black Suck Sylke? Her site is no longer extant, but can be pulled up through the wonders of the Wayback Machine (punch in "www.treizeandblacksylke.com"). I am sure there is more to the Suedom than meets the eye, and in my fruitless searches I have found hints of wanksplosion and Teh Crazy here and there, but not enough corroboration to piece together a reliable history. And you know how I am with history projects.

Also, I understand that Black Sylke appeared in some deviant and raunchy adult fanfiction, and if anybody remembers where it was archived or can find me a copy, I will grant you deviant and raunchy sexual favors (within reason, as flatly refuse to perform some acts). It is possible that I would find said fanfic rather tame and vanilla, but hey, can't fault a man for trying.

k, l33 out.
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East0r r00lz. :D We watched the tail end of The Ten Commandments last night (of course it wasn't shown today or anything). Mom observed that Charlton Heston had a great voice for Biblical words such as "iniquity" and "smite" and all that, which is fair enough when you see him as Moses; she said, "He could be a lector!" To which I said that if Chuck Heston was a lector, I would totally come to church (albeit for all the wrong reasons).

Dinner was ham and potato loaf and green beans--nothing that took too long to make, but tasty all the same. Oh, and we actually found strawberries (not yet in season, alas), so we had shortcake for dessert. Huzzah!

I suspect I may be coming down with something; I feel that vague kind of offness that suggests something is coming, but I'm not outright sick. Still, my throat is raspy for no real reason, and I've been sneezing all day today. If this is allergies, it's almost a good sign; the pollen means the weather is getting warmer, which would be great.

Bed now.


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