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This post is pre-recorded for your convenience, and has been cobbled together from Friday and also from stuff that happened today. Thus, it is the Post That Ate Suburbia and contains all kinds of boring minutiae about my boring life.

Like, for instance, this. )


May. 8th, 2007 11:35 pm
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1.) I spoke too soon about the election. Turns out the courthouses at Salem and English were open and I had to go there. Blecch ptooey. Even worse, I have to go BACK to Salem tomorrow even though all my other work is IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION, because the clerk's office was closed for non-election business and by no stretch of the imagination could my judgment running be called election business.
1a.) Dear client: suck asshole! Yours sincerely, Akita Yukichi Lee.

2.) Two more weeks until vacation. Two more weeks until vacation. Two more weeks until vacation...

3.) [livejournal.com profile] momo, I made my pairing claim. My first fic is due on 8 June. Let the harrassment begin. Only your speshful help stands between me and certain d00m.

4.) NOTE TO USERS OF XFO, and anyone else who gives a shit about XFO: I've got a car payment to make and a few other bills to settle, but after that I will renew the hosting. That's the good news. I don't know if our files will still be there, though, but let's cross our fingers.

5.) Oh hey, you made it to the end of this post. Here, have a heart: ♥
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Found via Four Stone Hearth. I figure some of you are sick and twisted enough to get a kick out of this.

However, I totally want a robot sommelier.

In terms of actual news, nothing to report, other than that my workload is about to be increased on account of Joy and I share a client and she is leaving to work for a new title company. I am told the client doesn't get that much in the counties Joy covered, so one hopes the transition will be relatively painless.

One hopes.
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We spent most of the weekend cleaning, since we're appealing the reassessment of Mom's house and the assessor ladies are coming tomorrow at some ungodly hour to look at the basement and the upstairs (the prime bone of contention). My room now looks rather less like a fucking pigsty. This enables me to tell the client to fuck off as there was no earthly way I could have a particular job done before 9:00 a.m. tomorrow anyway.

I have to put resum├ęs together also.

I had a dream, over the weekend, that I just went back to Bloomington without having a job yet, which is sorely tempting except for the bit where I don't have enough money in the bank to pull it off and be okay financially. That said, I do think it would be in my favor if I had a Bloomington address. I'm sure there is some way to get one without a lot of expenditure. Must look into PO boxes the next time I'm up there.

Off to dork about. :D
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My first stop today was Jasper for a crummy update, and then I had to run up to Terre fucking Haute for a recheck, so I took US-231 northbound to Bloomfield, and then decided to take westbound IN-54 to US-41 northbound, which will take you right into Terre fucking Haute. I figured it couldn't waste any more time than getting back on I-64 and taking that to 41, anyway.

IN-61 north to I-64 east to US-231 north to IN-45 north used to be the route I took to Bloomington, and Bloomfield isn't all that far off; I hit the turn-off where I had to turn left to stay on 231, and I looked at the road sign and thought, If I get on 45 instead, in an hour, I will be home.

I didn't. I did what I was supposed to do, and went to Terre Haute. And that fucking sucked.

I'm tired, and I've got to go get the ol' taxes done in about an hour or so. And tomorrow I will be home, and tomorrow maybe something will turn up for me, and tomorrow will be better.
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This week cannot end fast enough to suit me.

More on this when I am not dead.
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Because [livejournal.com profile] jurhael did it, at the time of writing it appears that we are having turkey with cornbread stuffing, rolls, cauliflower pie, cranberries (real cranberries, none of that suckass canned shit), coconut cream pie, and chocolate and pecan pie. (The latter is m0mmy's birthday pie, which I still owe her because I am of the suck.) I foresee leftovers in the immediate future. (We're freezing some of the turkey--it's a 16-lb. fresh turkey and there's only two of us. You might ask why we bought all that turkey. We didn't. Mom's workplace has an agreement with the turkey farm, so everyone gets a turkey voucher for Thanksgiving.)

Also, a happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] treyvadi, because I suck. NO KILLING, PLZ KTHX.

Not very much of interest has happened this week. I went to Terre Haute and had a milkshake! :D Not that those two events are causally related, but I did get to flee Terre Haute at 3 p.m. instead of the customary 4 p.m. I'm getting paid for three 30-year searches which are basically the same search that I cannibalized twice in order to get the chain WHEEEE.

We may also be painting the guest room this weekend. I'm trying to goad m0mmy into having someone look at the TV, because if she doesn't I won't know whether to get her one or not.

Two orders of business:
1.) I would encourage them what's into this kind of thing to celebrate Buy Nothing Day. The website speaks for itself, but in the spirit of devil's advocacy, it's not like you wanted to get up at 5 a.m. on your day off to go fight a bunch of rabid shoppers for consumer goods anyway.
2.) Them what wants Xmas cards, which I promise I will do this year because I don't have to be in fucking Sullivan five days a week, should shoot the ol' address here or leave a comment. Comments will be screened; if you just had a comment and don't want to leave your address, they will be summarily unscreened as soon as I see them, whenever that will be.
3.) ♥
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I did have to work today, though it wasn't much; not too many courthouses are open on Veterans Day. However, I did stop at the used bookstore in Salem. SCORE! Dragged home a stupendous haul, because I am constitutionally incapable of ignoring the temptation of used bookstores. I count it as a moral failure on my part that I haven't been able to visit the one in Corydon.

Also, I spent entirely too much time screwing around on assorted genealogy sites last night and it appears that my mother's people have been in this country 300 years (previously it was believed that we were only here for about 200). I have also learnt that if you are descended from Ashkenazim, having my surname is kind of like being named Smith in that WE'RE FUCKING EVERYWHERE. Although I suppose it would be worse if my surname were Cohen or Levy or sommat.

In unrelated news: I took a bet that the bottom was going to fall out, and I'll be proven right, too. All the same, that doesn't mean I'm going to sit about and let it be shoved in my face, because unlike some of us I am not completely fucking stupid. Previous containment measures have been reinstated. [/cryptic]

I really haven't felt like being online lately, which is no doubt a promising sign. [livejournal.com profile] anjala, I know I owe you e-mail (I really don't want to put up my real name for the Int0rwebz to goog at, which is why I haven't replied to your comment yet), and I swear I will get to that at some point over the weekend.


Oct. 31st, 2006 12:17 am
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1.) Get searches out.
2.) Read.
3.) Locate and watch appropriately escapist movie; extra points given if it does NOT contain Gael.
4.) Flop onto guest bed like unto sloth. Rouse self only, and to near-hysteria, if suggestion is made that a l33 might want to do something else.
5.) Try very hard to not think about smoking.
6.) Remember: there's only four work days left in the week, and you're way behind! Have a nice evening. :D

A Letter

Oct. 25th, 2006 10:42 pm
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Dear Lee,

You may make cookies and curl up after you a.) get today's efforts out and b.) return your hideously overdue movie to the video rental place.

Also, if you already want to watch Amores Perros again, perhaps you should just consider slapping it on the ol' Christmas list. We all know that you're just going to fastforward and rewind to the parts where Gael has his shirt off, because you are gay for him like that.

No love and scant tolerance,
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I have the beginnings of a headache for the third night in a row.

The cat has been peeing on things again, so I lost my temper, sprayed the wing chair down with cat repellent, picked her up, brought her to the chair, and waved her in its general direction, yelling, "NO." I figured it was the strongest thing I could do that wouldn't hurt her, but that she wouldn't like. Of course, now she's curled up at my feet purring, so who knows how much of that she actually absorbed.

If I ever get an order from KTC that does not come through LLS, I am going to send it back unworked and write on it, in big angry letters, By no means will I retrieve these documents. They appeared on the prior title evidence, and no competent title company would throw them away...or need to see them again. Either learn to keep decent records, or refrain from wasting my time with this nonsense. NO FURTHER ORDERS FROM YOU WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Persons waiting for t3h n0v3l will have to wait until the end of September, because all I've got right now is horrid pabulum that I can't force myself to make you read. Dammit.

Persons who would like to wait for t3h n0v3l, but have not yet indicated any interest in so doing, can comment here.

Randomly, have realized that August is over to all intents and purposes and that it has been three years since my last cigarette.

Am very, very excited about this weekend, as it is three whole days for a l33 to sit on its ass and read and catch up with things and otherwise be unproductive :D


Jul. 18th, 2006 06:17 am
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Three counties, four searches, one update, Christ knows how many miles.

By the end of today, if I do it right, I should be so wiped out that I can't think about much of anything.
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I appear to have agreed to do a few extra counties, with the understanding that I may have to drop them once I get my E&O and can take on other clients.

Today was nothing special. Drove all over God's green acre (i.e., up to Washington and then over to Vincennes; I was going to try to make it to Jasper, but thankfully those searches were pulled because I'm needed elsewhere). I hate the street layout of Washington, because I think it's been specially designed to keep people in. Most importantly, however, I went to THE BIG PEACH, because it's open only seasonally and one should make hay while the sun shines.

THE BIG PEACH is a real country store, as opposed to that Cracker Barrel nonsense (not that I don't like their food), and I took one look at the produce and wanted to buy out all their stock. Srsly, I told teh m0mmy not to get tomatoes at the store last night because THE BIG PEACH'S were so much larger and more appealing. I may also have gone totally nuts in the canning section.

Also, the eponymous Big Peach (which is right out front) has gotten a paint job. It used to be a flat orange, but now it looks like a real peach with some more red and yellow added in, and it's gotten a better stem and some leaves. Yay Peach!

(...with apologies to [livejournal.com profile] aeromancy.)

Also also, am re-reading Henry VIII by Alison Weir. Squeeyay. [livejournal.com profile] faire_damsel, if you haven't read Alison Weir, you're in dereliction of duty. ^_-

Not much to report. Am looking forward to weekend, bounceyay.
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1.) Fax line is now hooked up, or at least gotten inside the house. Due to some complication (i.e., Mom's already got two lines hooked up so the service guy had to run a new line), they'll need to come back at a later date to hook it up to the jack, but that shouldn't be any trouble. We've already got a phone upstairs near where I'm setting up shop (X-chan's old room), so that shouldn't be any trouble.

2.) Business cards are in.

3.) I should be getting my E&O form soon, so then all I have to do is fill it out, send it back, and wait on the quote. (It shouldn't be too bad; I've been in this profession five years, and there are no pending lawsuits against me for being a crappy abstractor.) Once I've got my E&O, then I can solicit more business, so this is a Rly Big Deal U Guyz.

4.) [livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar, my love for you is true, but your LJ layout breaks my Firefox. D: If you notice me not saying anything, that is why. ♥ I do not know what exactly the problem is, because it's just started breaking Firefox in the past week, so I'm inclined to think it's Firefox, not you.

5.) Re: comments, I haven't been getting them for some reason--possibly my e-mailbox is full and I need to clean it out. So if you're waiting on a response from me, I'm not ignoring you--I probably haven't seen it.

6.) Re: someone's recent post, I'm not even going to legitimize that with a response, above and beyond the fact that it is not making me feel more favorably disposed towards the person in question. You're only dragging out the drama, and I don't appreciate it.


Jul. 12th, 2006 01:39 am
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Just checking in before I hit the sack. No work yesterday, so sat on ass and did a few things here and there. Was in Warrick today, ran a thirty-year, gave Joy crap about following me, went to lunch with Teresa and Julie. It was fun, but there's not much to report. Teresa said she might kick some work my way, and as soon as I get my E&O (yeah, still not there yet) I'm going to be soliciting business from at least one other company.

Tomorrow, I'm an hour north, after the fax guy comes 'round to install the new line. Also my business cards are in. Hoshit I am a real independent.

Would like personal life to be conveniently resolved soon so I know what to do next, but am not holding breath.
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Not much to say here. I've got copy accounts set up in Evansville and Jasper, and I'm probably going to need one here before long. It's been great to see everyone again; it doesn't seem like two years since I last did mortgage title. I've got proofs in for my business cards, and the title and payment book for the car came. We were initially somewhat worried because the payment book had my mother's name on it to the exclusion of mine, although my name is on the title. Turns out that the bank's policy is that all loans must be matched to an account number, and since Mom banks there and I don't, she was the natural choice. So we're good.

Jean told me that BHKM is looking to hire someone to fill Jennifer's place, since she's leaving on the 14th. (It sounds so weird to talk to you all about people I know in real life; not that some of y'all aren't also people I know in real life, but I keep forgetting that only [livejournal.com profile] anjala and I are in the same profession, and even then, Anj works up north in Indy, so our intrigues down here aren't things she hears about.) I'm sorely tempted, especially because I know I stand a good chance, and I'd be really glad just to have some visible means of income during the winter months, but I'm not hard up yet.

Oh, and I also returned my library books and reinstated my Y membership and went grocery shopping because now that I can cook decently and exercise, I should. And I've been banging away on site-building and RPG-building and a bunch of other stuff. It's a good weekend.

Not much else to report. Tomorrow, I've got to call around about getting another fax line and about getting my E&O. I got my credit card statement for the Best Buy card, and since the dishwasher is paid off I've got $300 worth of credit on it, which should be more than enough to pick up a new fax machine. We'll see.

Also, the Fourth is coming! *squeebounce*
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(...with apologies to Seanbaby).

I know I owe several people comments etc. and will get to those, and I know I owe people e-mail and whatnot, but the past three days, while fulfilling and rewarding and that, have been really hectic, and right now I just want to sleep. My searches can go out whenever I wake up; it will take no time at all to put them together.

Also: [livejournal.com profile] ukekenshin, your present came. Thank you. ♥


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