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This has been the shortest work week EVAR. I was off Monday for MLK Day, which I spent mostly doing laundry and also driving my friend Michael to Lowe's to pick up some boxes (he's moving out of Spavinsville, lucky stiff). I worked Tuesday and Wednesday, and then on Thursday I went home early because I caught The Plague from lolmom (who had it last week) and had to call in yesterday as well. I'm feeling better (albeit heavily medicated) now that I'm not coughing until my eyes water every fifteen minutes, and I was well enough to do some errands today (if by "errands" you mean "I got my every-two-weekly pedicure" and "oh yeah, I went to the bookstore and spent the FUCK out of the $50 gift card my father sent me for Christmas and still wound up going over because I am constitutionally incapable of avoiding the bargain rack").

Also, you can always tell I am really out of it when I can't follow a battle scene; I watched Samurai Banners last night and towards the end, kept going, "Wait, what the fuck?...Oh, right, there's the vanguard, yeah. Did Takeda win this one? I don't remember." (He said he did, though a lot of Takeda Shingen's battles with Uesugi Kenshin were pretty inconclusive.) Also, if I were lost in the snow and some guy who looked like Toshiro Mifune were following me, I'd let him find me, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm shallow.

So that's it. Now, it's time to get back on the wagon, I guess.
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TEETH update: Behind a cut because I realize this shit is getting kind of tedious and you've heard a lot of it before )

X-chan is here! She came up yesterday and we went out to Iwataya for dinner last night, where I had the sushi and sashimi platter. Omg raw fish so goooooooood. :9 (Lolmom does not care for raw fish, which I love, and I don't like to go to decent restaurants by myself. IHOP or Denny's is one thing, as are lunch spots and fast food, but if it's the kind of place where I'm actually going for the food, I like to have someone with me. I'm just odd that way.)


[livejournal.com profile] duokinneas, I heard there might be pr0n this weekend!
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Allergies still present, but greatly assisted by DayQuil. I called in today and spent most of the day asleep, which was really nice though it has now done a number on my sleep schedule and I am going to have to tinker really hard in order to get that working properly again. D: I really just want some vegetable soup, but we have none (we have the wherewithal to make it, but I am lazy and do not feel like moving), so have been faking with tea and bouillon. Other than some boiled eggs I haven't really had any solid food in the last 24 hours. At least my head no longer feels like it might explode.

Emotionally I'm feeling pretty crappy at the moment, probably due to being sick and also to it being September which means HOSHIT IT'S FALL THIS YEAR IS ALMOST OVER AND WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE BESIDES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but that'll pass. I hope. The temptation to move to Alaska is pretty overbearing at the moment, though. Because obviously moving somewhere where it's more dark and cold would fix me RIGHT UP.

It's a good thing that The Lower Depths is next in my Netflix queue, because I don't think I'm ready to mentally break up with Toshiro Mifune yet.
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1.) To whom it may concern: Please stop eating my FUCKING peppers. They are my peppers. I potted them. I water them on a daily basis. I pick them when they are ripe. They are not your peppers. I planted them for me to eat, not for you. You have already ruined two of my yellow peppers.

...Wait a minute. Is this [livejournal.com profile] duokinneas? Is this Talyn pretending to be some sort of bug? If yes: God damn it, Talyn. I'm going to cover you with Sevin dust and then put your desiccated carcass out with the trash and I hope you learn an important lesson from that. Like specifically DON'T BE ALL UP ON MY PEPPERS.

2.) I made codfish pie and then totally forgot to have any until like three days later. Oops? It actually isn't that bad, though it is kind of bland. I would totally eat the potato topping by itself as a side dish, though.

Also, the lolmom made sautéed zucchini and tomatoes, that bête noir of my childhood, for dinner tonight. (I was hungry on account of my dinner was forty minutes late, so Cheesy Poop Fries would have tasted pretty good at that point. Assuming that such a recipe exists, and that I could suppress my knowledge of what was in it.) It was less heinously offensive than I remembered, even if the zucchini was limp, but then it combined noxiously with my meds and gave me some gastrointestinal issues and now I take back that assessment. (In conversation, it was revealed that the zucchini was already starting to go bad.) Sautéed zucchini and tomatoes shouldn't be awful, because there's not a thing in there I don't like, but they are. DDDD:

3.) I think I might be getting better, because I've gone aeons without watching anything with Toshiro Mifune in it and I'm fine. Relatively speaking. I'm not sure if I'm ready to mentally break up with him, though.

4.) I have been overthinking a bunch of things that nobody cares about. [livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar is, as ever, requested not to spill my secrets to the entire Int0rbuttz.
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+ Had my performance evaluation at work. I get a raise (w00p, in the immortal words of [livejournal.com profile] galhea) and there are some indications that I am possibly being Groomed For Promotion at some date in the distant future. In all candor, I hope to fuck that I won't be around for that, preferably by virtue of having gotten a different job or gone back to school or both.
+ Am a powerhouse of activity today. Plants are watered, car is clean, I only need to pick up a little of the floor in my room (and under the bed and nightstand), I'm almost done with the book I'm reading, and I'm getting ready to prepare resumés. This after a full day at work. I still have a lot to do, though.
+ Toshiro Mifune in Shôgun: Yep, still hotter than Hell in the summertime.

+ Still not done with laundry.
+ Am sick. Initially I thought it was just a reaction to dust I had angered by kicking it up while I was cleaning, but usually when this happens I sneeze a few times and then get over it. I am completely stopped up (in the sinuses, you guys) and can't go lie down because I'm not finished with the shit I have to do. DayQuil and liquid are my friends.
+ Also, because I am lazy and never got around to writing it, Hittite Week is not this week and will appear whenever I finally get to writing some actual content. Please look forward to it, though.
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Last night, I engaged in the following exchange:
l33: (quietly sits at computer, looking at Int0rwebz pornography or something similar)
l33: (grabs can of Die Spider Die and engages in chemical warfare) OH YEAH? YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME? ARE YOU ALSO BETTER THAN POISONOUS DEATH? WHERE IS YOUR SPIDER GOD NOW???

I have yet to see the spider again. Such will be the death of all freaky eight-legged nightmare beasts which have the misfortune to cross my path. My paranoia has taken some very embarrassing routes that I'm not going to share with you because they're that stupid and paranoid.

Also: OMG YOU GUYS THE TOMATO AND PEPPER PLANTS ARE STARTING TO FLOWER. The Japanese eggplant and yellow pepper plant are delicate snowflakes and tend to wilt easily, but hopefully some more water took care of that. Also, the herbs are doing really well. (The lolmom's diabolical plan involves letting the caraway plant waste itself to seed and then using the seeds for rye bread.)

Also also, further thoughts on Shôgun, hidden under the cut in case there are spoilers and you haven't seen it yet for whatever reason )
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Here are some other things that happened while I had no Int0rbuttz:

All beings shall know the bounty of my produce, and also some stuff about samurai! )
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Jesus Christ. Did y'all miss me? (Ha! You probably didn't notice I was gone!) We've had no Internet for the past week, due to a tale of fuckery and woe, which is why all my posts have been goddamn Twitter.

Behind a cut because this is a long story )
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By any objective standard, my life hasn't been very entertaining of late, but I'm feeling chatty, so you're stuck with this post. Read it and squee, or don't.

+ I actually have some money left over after bills are paid. I am totally buying a few things. Like a dress, which I don't need, and some new tank tops, which I can technically justify, and more Samurai Deeper Kyo, which I can't but it's cheap.
+ My period has finally stopped. ABOUT GODDAMN TIME.
+ I have an arm full of yet moar Depo, and my bloodwork was just like "keep taking your meds, k?". Since I flip out every time my insulin levels have to be checked, this is a good thing.
+ At the end of last month, the lolmom bought a half-share in Seton Harvest, the only CSA in our immediate area. Today was our first pickup, and we are rolling in produce. We have green leaf lettuce, some garlic shoots (the green parts cut off the top so the bulbs can grow larger), kale, radishes, two green onions of unusual size, and something whose name I forget but which is a member of the cabbage family and resembles bok choy. Immediate plans for all this bounty include a salad with some of the lettuce and radishes (also avocado and roast corn, since corn at the 'Mart is like twenty-five cents an ear) and stir fry with beef, green onions, and bell peppers. I have no idea what we're going to do with the kale; I don't like kale, but I'm willing to give it the old college try. Lolmom doesn't know if she likes kale or not, so this will be interesting. Food faggotry ftw!
+ Two more days and then I'm off.
+ I saw The Twilight Samurai the other night. Despite the dearth of Toshiro Mifune, it was made of awesome and win, as anything based on the work of Fujisawa Shuhei should be. I got a little teary in parts SHUT UP IT'S PERFECTLY FINE TO CRY OVER A SAMURAI MOVIE IT DOESN'T COMPROMISE MY MASCULINITY.
+ I have a fun new RP going, in which I play Mr Meanypants, and may possibly have another fun new RP going shortly.
+ In conclusion, OMG YAY.
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Hey, [livejournal.com profile] galhea, sorry for cutting out on you last night. We had a minor-league thunderstorm and I lost my connection. Also, I had surprise cake for breakfast and it was indeed the greatest thing ever.

A lot of blather about movies and some hefty fangirling under this cut )

Also, I am filled with loathing and disgust for this romance novel I am reading at present. Seriously, I realize that romance fans have certain expectations of the genre, just as I have certain expectations of fantasy or sci-fi or historical fiction or samurai movies, but just once it would be nice to read a romance that didn't reinforce traditional gender norms and roles, even while it's trying to tell me that it's up to date and empowering and feminist because the heroine has a high-powered career. (And mind you, I don't consider myself a feminist, but even so, a lot of the subtext in these novels makes it seem as though the heroine is only pursuing her high-powered career until she meets Mr Tall Dark Stereotype and they get married and she starts crankin' out the babies. Because love isn't complete without marriage and babies, y'all.)

Dude, if I had written this novel, which has an OH NOES UNEXPECTED PREGNANCY subplot, the hero would be all, "Look, if you decide to keep the baby, I'm more than willing to pay child support and be an involved father. But it's up to you to decide what you want to do about this, and I'll support you in whatever your decision is." Because to me, that's a lot more fuckin' sexy than the actual unsubtle harangue that appears in the book. Granted, I might feel very differently about it if I were pro-life.

Why do I read romance on occasion? For the lulz, and in the hope that I may actually find a book or two that's worth a re-read.

Also, because public shame is a big motivator for me:
One final cut, I swear )


May. 2nd, 2010 01:21 am
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So the sequence of events goes like this:

1.) H leaves.
2.) I watch a shitton of chanbara films as part of the healing process.
3.) I develop a stupid crush on Toshiro Mifune and will not shut up about it.
4.) I make the icon featured above.
5.) Everybody defriends me.

That is all. XD
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1.) Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] daturabelle!

2.) For someone who was going to crash immediately upon arrival at home (after a 6-2 shift), I have done a pretty respectable job of staying up late. [livejournal.com profile] galhea and [livejournal.com profile] imperfectkatoru are good for that kind of thing, though.

3.) I have decided to save Duel at Ichijoji Temple for when I'm a.) not RPing and b.) less tired and can appreciate Toshiro Mifune its rich tapestry of themes and leitmotifs and oh shit are those SAMURAI??? better.

4.) T minus about 36 hours or so (leaving for weekend trip). Wheeeee!

5.) Note to [livejournal.com profile] duokinneas: NO PART 3 UNTIL YOU COMMENT ON PART 2. Or I'll eat all the waffles myself and not let you have any. (j/k you know I can't refuse you waffles, or anything for that matter ♥)
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This is the thing that should not be. Oda Yuji is cute, but way too young to be a convincing Sanjuro. Also, this movie really did not need to be remade because it is already made of awesome. (Ever wanted to see Toshiro Mifune pimp-slap somebody? I didn't even know I had that desire until I saw Sanjuro, and then once I got to that scene I kept rewinding it and replaying it for the lulz.)

I wound up not finishing Architects of Conspiracy in favor of doing something more productive, like getting books that promised more entertainment. The Rockport library hasn't much in the way of a good history collection, but one makes do.

It's East0r, and the lolmom made lamb with rosemary and garlic, and also the now-traditional garlic potato loaf. Omnomnom. Also, I guilted her into making a peach cobbler. Verdict: DELICIOUSNESS. Oh, and we watched The Ten Commandments last night; I love that movie but not the way the network drags it out so that your entire evening is held hostage (seriously, it's slightly under 2 hours and they manage to stretch it out to over 4). Though there are worse ways to kill an evening.
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So I put together this birthday tribute to Toshiro Mifune over to [livejournal.com profile] phony_boyfriend, if by "tribute" you mean "I resized a bunch of pics in Photoshop and slapped some silly captions on them", and during the process of my *cough* painstaking biographical research, wandered over to Badass of the Week and discovered that I am, apparently, an eight-year-old boy. Because most of the time on a majority of occasions sometimes I don't ever want to think about anything but kickassitude, either. That was how I ever got interested in history and ancient warfare and samurai and WWI and so on: I just wanted to think about badasses all the time. (Also, sometimes I tire of being a fat, pasty white girl with all the hand-eye coordination of a dead geranium. I am working on fixing the fat, but the pasty white will always be with me due to my ethnicity, vanity, and deep fear of skin cancer, and my hand-eye coordination will probably never improve, so I'll be breaking shit for the lulz until I die. So, yeah, going one for three there.)

Do any of y'all ever have this thing going where you get a book out of the library and it turns out to kinda suck (bonus points if you suspected it was going to kinda suck) and you really don't want to finish it but you feel guilty if you don't? The book in question is a lolarious piece of conspiracy theory called Architects of Conspiracy by William P. Hoar; I shave with Occam's razor for a close, sexy smoothness you can feel over the Int0rbuttz, and so I automatically treat all conspiracy theory as invalid. Also, while I've no beef with intelligent, articulate conservatives* who aren't whackjobs, and am willing to give their opinions some consideration even if I ultimately wind up not agreeing, I have to wonder when this particular piece comes with a ringing endorsement from a member of the John Birch Society.

I dunno. I just...feel guilty when I don't finish shit, even if it's boring or stupid or improbable or any of the above. Oh, and this dreck has to go back tomorrow.

Um, in unrelated news, paid some bills (hooray! I can drive my car for another month! :DDD), also ate some strawberries. I picked up some really good ones at the 'Mart for $1.50 a box, which was ttly awesome. Also, I would be deeply appreciative if my body would STOP. BLEEDING. anytime soon. I am tired of blood everywhere.

[EDIT: Also, I located my copy of The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, so you don't have to listen to my epic failwangst about how I can't fiiiiiiiiiiiind it and why isn't it with the oooooooooother books about Japan and what could have haaaaaaaaaaappened to it etc etc etc.]

*I don't identify as conservative OR liberal; there are intelligent, articulate voices on both sides, and there are also fruitbats who make me fucking sick on both sides. Unfortunately, the latter tend to drown out the former.
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1.) V is for Victoly and also for I am going to Bloomington next week. (I would do it tomorrow, but I'm really not feeling up to it as of right this instant and also there is no way I can possibly marathon the 9 or 10 books I couldn't be arsed to read in the past month in 24 hours or less. I hate me, you guys.)

2.) Dear body: PLEASE STOP MENSTRUATING. YOU HAVE PROVED YOUR POINT. WE ARE NOT HAVING ANY OF TOSHIRO MIFUNE'S SAMURAI BABIES THIS MONTH (not that we were going to anyway, but I digress). I GET IT. NO MORE BLOOD PLZ. There's still a couple of days for it to die down. Any longer than that and I'm going to kill myself. I forgot how much I hated this shit until I had to put up with it again because it was such a relief to have my body working properly again.

3.) Where the hack is my copy of The Chrysanthemum and the Sword? I hope to God this isn't one of those things where I Put It Away Somewhere and then Forgot Where I Put It. NOOOOOOO.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Samurai movies will cure what ails me every time. The mechanism at work is still not fully understood, but I believe it is one or more of the following:

1.) I love me some medieval and/or early modern Japan and I'm always up to lose myself in that era and culture. (Which reminds me: dude, why are there not more movies about the ancient world? Or about late tsarist/early Soviet Russia? Because I would be all over those too. Anyway.)

2.) I'm going to die (or fail, or have a bad life for a little while). But whatever happens, chanbara films remind me that I can still man up, give it my best shot, and die with both swords swinging like a samurai, preferably after having taken out my adversaries. That's the great thing about samurai flicks: you get points for trying, even if you ultimately bomb out. I guess the message I take away from all this is that I might fail, but I can choose to fail well or badly.

3.) One of King Zeus' finest creations EVAR, Toshiro Mifune, features prominently in many of these triumphs of cinematic art, sometimes with various of his body parts clearly visible. Hey, I never said I wasn't a shallow fangirl with a crush.

This is why I like samurai movies, by l33, aged twentysomething going on seventeen. :D
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Because I spent last night searching for fetish fuel on the Int0rbuttz, and it's my journal so I won't shut up about it, I found this and thought I'd share it because it made me giggle. Most pertinently, I would call your attention to the caption (scroll down).

DAMN RIGHT that is not Dennis Quaid. I have never ovulated all over the place after looking at Dennis Quaid. In fact, unlike Dennis Quaid, I could look at that all damn day.

You can all go about your business now.
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First off, a happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] momo! Yesterday, you were 21, and can now drink rhubarb wine (and also spleen wine, if spleens ferment well).

Also, I have had some very interesting conversations in the course of the past 24 hours. And that's all I'm really going to say about that.

Tomorrow: I am off, and Yojimbo should be here shortly. Yay sekrit boyfriend!
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Throne of Blood: WATCHED. I can check one off my amazing list of Chanbara I Must See Before I Die.
Cookie dough: MADE, partially EATEN.
Today: WIN.

What I Learned From This Film )

TL;DR: I hope everyone likes samurai movies! There's liable to be a lot more of the same in the near future!


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